Any Help Finding + Joining a Coven?

Hello! I have been practicing love + sex magic for some time on my own and occasionally paying for work, but I have recently gone through a period of growth and self-reflection. I realize want to expand my practice and take it more seriously. I am primarily goetic and would like to find a coven that can help me grow in this path, though I am not opposed to learning about other paths, as well. Can anyone offer any advice on how to accomplish this? Any and all help is appreciated!

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I’m not sure why taking your magick seriously requires a coven, unless you want to socialise I think magick is individual and trying to follow other people’s stuff just gets in the way really. :woman_shrugging:

You can also make a coven with anyone you’d like to talk to in the astral: :smiley:


Thank you for your quick response! While I agree that individual practice is important, I just feel that I have so much more to learn from connecting with others. My practice has largely been frowned upon by the people I know, so I always played it off as a phase or hobby- to me, branching out is showing that I am now “taking it more seriously” and giving it a more permanent place in my life!


I saw a few practicioners on instagram who do have a coven and occasionally open spots. But they test you before they let you in. I think you should look around, but be careful while you do so. Make sure someone is trustworthy before you say yes.


Thanks for the info! Do you mind if I ask what some red flags might be, besides the obvious manipulation tactics?


Well I’m not too sure about the red flags because I’m not interested in covens but ig you should see if your goals and the mindset of the coven are aligned. Sorry I don’t have much info about it :sweat_smile:


I’m going to agree with what @Onion was saying about red flags.

I’d be real wary of any kind of group with an outrageous structure of leveled fees for initiations, or a situation where money was being exchanged for “secret teachings”

This is my experience but the best orders and teachers don’t advertise, they don’t take money in exchange. Now having said that I do know of a few reputable practioners who charge students or orders that have yearly dues but only a few that are reputable anyway. I won’t name them here because it could cause problems.

Good Covens or Orders of magick are often by invitation only. This is where your networking skills come in. Sadly in our world frequently it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

@Mulberry does have a valid point about following other people’s paths and how that can stunt your growth.

If you can’t find a good group for some fellowship and experience then hell with it blaze your path and follow your own Star :sparkles:

Ps update

You might if you were interested check with occult bookstores, or with certain universities about societies that they have.


If you have already fund your patron spirit is good to have a talk with him/her regarding that. Patron spirit knows his/her magician quite well they will advice you if you are ready to join/not. If ready they will show how you shall move ahead.

Another way is to petition spirit for that, On mastering evocation EA says Lucifer helped him to join some notorious order is Vegas but he was ready for that. In BOA/KOF i think there are some demons who can help to get invitation to join a secret order/even not an order but meet people who can help on your craft.

But as other have said be alarmed on people who asks crazy amounts in exchange for some secret knowledge. I understand you because i feel the same need myself, though i receive strong NO from my patron to join any order but i just want to wide up my knowledge apart from public books.


Thank you very much for the thorough reply! You bring up a lot of points I didn’t consider in terms of being wary of hierarchical and expensive orders- this may seem naive, but I thought this may be a part of joining a coven that could be considered “normal.” :stuck_out_tongue: I have started visiting different metaphysical shops and collecting cards as well as speaking to the owners/workers. I haven’t found a mentor who speaks to my particular path just yet, but I’ve found some free opportunities to learn about different disciplines and expand my knowledge!


Thank you for your reply! While being in a solitary practice as magic often is can be so rewarding, it can be frustrating when you feel like you could learn more, right? I don’t have a Patron spirit, per say, but for now in addition to “shopping around” with the magical opportunities in my city as I said above, in the vein of what you said I’ve taken to tuning into my solar plexus so I can become more sensitive spiritually and push what I want into my reality using @Kyurick ’s method of receiving infinite power. It has reeeally helped, with both my energy and attaining my desires!


Hi, what is love+sex magic? Sorry I dont practice this so i dont know. Im guessing it involves sex? How do you do it on your own thou? Sorry for my ignorance.

By the way im also interested in joining a coven or group or something to help me with my ability gift or whatever you’d like to call it :smiley::smiley:

Hello, can you tell me a bit more on this Patron spirit? Because im trying to make my ability/gift stronger and i watched a video where a lady said you have to know and be able to communicate with your own spirit before being able to communicate with other spirits.

But im wondering. Is this spirit of ours Is Actually My spirit? Like my soul my spirit ? Or its like a spirit guide? :person_facepalming:t2: I have so much to learn but im excited about it!!

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I don’t have to, because there is a book for it. Apart from other practices that are found within, there is a section about patron spirit, who they are and how you can get them.

It’s name is, The complete book of demonolatry by S Connolly. Find it and the rest will be on your shoulders!!

Good luck :blush:


Hi @Universe, there is a great deal of information about love and or sex magick available by using the search function.

Sex magick:

Love magick:

To practice magick takes a bit of patience and discipline…and research.

Good luck.


Thanks, i will check it out :smiley: