Any anti-mosquito entities or spells?

Hate the little bastards, don’t suggest any products please.
Going berserk and slapping my shirt around on the walls every night before sleep is getting annoying.


Idk any entities or spells BUT. If you get some coconut oil and lavender essential oil and mix it in a spray bottle… they HATE the stuff. Use it as bug spray. It works better than store bought shit in my experience.
Haha if you wanna be really witchy about it make an anti mosquito sigil and put it on the bottle.


Pests infestation?
The magical Solution you need are…

For real tho, ghouls will eat anything. Sacrifice the mosquitos as an offering to them and command that they eat and destroy the infestation.
Magical Pest Control at its finest.

Used them to get rid of Bed bugs


Wear white clothing, Mosquitoes are attracted to dark spectrums and colors. White disorients them.

Tight weave will be helpful as well, Mosquitos go for thin skin areas like ankle, knee, and elbow.

So be sure to protect those areas by whatever means you can.

But other than those tips, try Cernunnos he has dominion over Animals and I assume this includes Insects.

Veles is another entity that might be able to help.

You can also do a banishing ritual.

Sigil for Cernunnos:
Cernunnos Wild God Of The Underworld

If all else fails try this.


I spray it on them not myself? A crossed mosquito burning might be a good sigil :joy:

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Didn’t hear of ghouls in a magical context before, only in games haha. Something new to explore :smile:

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They never seem to bite me but their buzzing gets me out of bed chasing them with a shirt 4-5 times every night when I lay


On yourself viktor :joy:

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Ghouls are real? Wut. You really do learn something new everyday.

OT: mosquitoes hates oranges so spread oranges peal in your bed


I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh.

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You said use it as a bug spray so that made me second guess :joy:

You spray bugspray on yourself to keep bugs away :sweat_smile:

I know but the first thing that came to mind is a spray some people will flies with hahaha

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OK are you ready for this…

There is a great spirit that is summoned it is called…


You need Skin So Soft body oil spray - no I am not joking, again NO I AM NOT JOKING - the military gave up on bug spray and ended up asking their family members to buy them bulk loads of this stuff whilst they were out in areas with flies, bugs and they evil that is the mosquito.

This dear @Viktor is what you need to cover your body with.

You could get small oranges and fire them through a blowpipe at mosquitos whilst you are waiting for it to arrive or look online to see if there are any YouTube sound frequencies that you can put on a loop that will drive them away.


The Avon lady cracked me up :joy::joy::joy:
I’ve set traps on walls so if they stand on a wall orange juice will be sprayed from tiny holes in it.
If they try escaping from the room lasers will slice them on the door.

Waiting for them…


Citronella candles or the plant itself available for you to get and keep around?


No, I am not joking apparently that foul perfumed oily concoction skin so soft is fantastic.


In all seriousness, poison.

If you must take a magickal approach, program your aura to repel insects.

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I feel your pain back when I was working in the swamps mosquitoes and Gnats were fucking everywhere it was terrible lol

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