Cernunnos Wild God Of The Underworld

Here is a sigil that I made recently for Cernunnos.

He is a Celtic god of the Underworld/Otherworld, Animals, Forests and and nature in general.

As well as possibly Magic and the Astral.

Let me know what you think about it.

The outer ring ogham is orientated to make a nine pointed star:

  • Inscribed with “Cernunnos”

The middle ring makes a six pointed star:

  • Inscribed with “Horned”

The center ring makes a triangle:

  • Inscribed with “One”


Smelled freshly turned earth, sensed a crescent Moon in a sky that had jusdt stppped raining, and that lower left 4-strike symbol at the bottom, and lower right 3-strike, appered as hooves, striking thre gound.

Powerful imagery, as strong as the many times I pored over The Dark Is Rising books as a kid, which featuured Herne the Hunter. :star_struck:

NICE!! :smiley:


It’s got a nice energy to it.


Thank you, Glad you you like it. :grin:

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I work with Cernunnos on the regular, you definitely did a weird job at capturing the dead deer energy in concentric circles. It’s not the usual when it comes to Cern, but the placement of the strikes(as lady Eva calls them) gives ghood meaning to the circles, and we are pleased by this. Thank you for communing with Cernunnos. I see that it captures the wild, untamed joy of thee insects that eat Cern’s body. There is much grounding in this sigil. We thank you deeply.


I’m in a dark forest at night, wind wipping through my hair, moon barely shining, a voice calling my name from deep in the dark…

I like it. Nicely done

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THAT is so cool. I need to learn some ogham! I know a little runes but any symbology could work like this eh? yeah. Thanks for sharing!! This is so inspired and inspiring. Love that.

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Thank you. :grin:

Yes you can use runes, though I think ogham works a little better with the concentric circle model.


Will try it! I have a strong connection to work with him but haven’t had much contact with him…just feel a presence around me when I call him!!! <3

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