Another magickal delivery 🤘

Greetings all…more magickal items were delivered today :grin::metal:

How cute are those little bottles? Haha :kissing_heart::metal:


@Mulberry…why did you edit and change to a journal topic? These haven’t been used in any ritual so there is nothing really to document. This was just a general discussion and in the same format of similar post I made two days ago.

There’s no question here for discussion?

What did you want people to say?

I love all of your stuff!! Those bottles are super cute!!

Is the book good? I have some other books about moon magick but not that one.

Oh I didn’t realise that I needed to always ask a question if I wanted to share items of interest if they are magick related. Like I said there was no ritual to report otherwise I would of used the appropriate topic heading. IMO I think that was over-padantic, no offence.

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Not had the chance to read it as yet. I have skimmed through it to see some of the contents and it looks very detailed.

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You sound upset and I don’t really get why…
It seemed to me like a useful category for it to be in. I doesn’t make a difference how it appears in the ‘New’ posts list… :woman_shrugging:

I am not upset at all…just confused…I shared a post when I received items in the mail a couple of days and shared it in general discussion and that wasn’t edited…so just wondered why a similar post would be edited…

Nice crystals

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Peridot is one of my favourites. :sparkles:

I didn’t realise how tiny the bottles were lol

What you got planned for the crystals?

They still look pretty good

I might try some little shaker jars for wealth and spirituality

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I would love having those little bottles sitting on a shelf :laughing:

Well I haven’t been on for like 5 days. If I’d seen I probably would have thought the same thing - i.e. that this looks to me like a capture of a moment in time that is Journal-worthy.

I probably won’t see it now, since my settings only show New posts 2 days old or less, and if I do, I’ll leave it alone.

You have given me an idea to make a little shelf for them :metal:

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Awww yay!! :sparkling_heart:

You have to post a pic when it’s made!

Hey I am not falling out with you @Mulberry. I was just asking why after making that observation. I wouldn’t be disrepectful to you as you have commented on my posts in the past and helped me so I consider you a friend like I do with moat of the people who I have met on here

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