Anime and the Occult


Reading some previous comments, this might be wothwhile


Someone needs to pick up Trinity Blood.
I was so sad when the original creator passed away :frowning:

Ty about the fma correction… the 2003 version was subpar compared to Brotherhood.


Guess I need to watch the first FMA but to me it seemed like that one and brotherhood were the same.


The first that came out, Fullmetal Alchemist 2003, was given some free creative license by Hiromu Arakawa while the manga was still in ongoing production so it doesnt reflect the manga story line, Brotherhood was meant to follow it throught. Both versions have great value nonetheless.


That video turned FMA on its head. Plato lol but nonetheless it answers my question that truth is god in the show.


Well I’m honestly surprised that I’d find Anime fans here of all places :joy:

I am also an Anime fan. Almost all animes have see has an occult vibe.

I watched a lot of Animes and my favorite anime on occult is Ghost Hunt. I believe it’s based on real stories. I can tell because I have been practicing magick for a long time. I have a good idea on “Paranormal Activities”. I can tell if thats a fantasy or fact :slight_smile:


Lol not anymore :cry:


Ya… wtf!
I’ll still watch it but damn, way to ruin a good anime.

Also Everything is “based on real life”, don’t expect more than 2% to be true.
For example my friend got me to start watching Supernatural. It’s fun but they take a paragraph about a creature from folklore and blow it up so much or leave other things out because “it doesn’t fit”.
How they depict witches made my eyes roll out of my head.

It doesn’t have to have any basis in “real life” to be good or though provoking.


Another anime out there is Little witch academia. Cheers


I haven’t gotten around to Ghost Hunt but the same person worked on Technolyze, Serial experiments Lain and season 2 of The Big O. All 3of the series being being very existential and a lot of deep meaning about technology, the occult and reality.


I’ve heard good and bad about Ghost Hunt but it all makes me want to watch it!


Ghost in the shell has some very serious philosophical dilemmas tied into the story. Many occultists including myself like to ponder the notion of consciousness to matter actuation. Ghost in the shell is interesting in this regard because many people in the “gits” universe have “ghosts” that house cyborg bodies that look like humans. They can also transfer their ghost to other body and download viruses into people’s brains. The main character “The Major”(whom I have a massive crush on) often hacks into people’s brain sometimes even taking control of their body!!!.. :smiling_imp::frog::octopus::wolf::alien::tophat::poop::sheep::rabbit::us::us::us:


The one eye guy haha


Batou XD


Wait that’s Saito lol
Oops sorry :wink:


Live action scarlett johanson :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


neon genesis evangelion is a masterpiece and have a lot of occult meaning, mainly from the kabbalah


Scarlett is a beauty but that film… “retching noises”
I refuse to call it a Gits movie.


2Hat come on i thought it was good or maybe shea just good haha

Has anybody said bleach yet


I may be mistakrn but isnt that anither mech anime