Anime and the Occult


Any Anime/Manga fans?
I’ve been thinking today about Anime/Manga that directly or indirectly depict occult themes.
Anyone know some?

They do a good job on the ghost theme. I’ve always enjoyed japanese ghost stories. :wink:

Some Anime I’ve watched were
Occult Academy
1st season of When They Cry
Ghost Hound
Hell Girl
High School DxD

That Moment When 2

Honestly most anime I’ve watched has at the very least a small occult vibe going on in it.


I guess your right, maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it :wink:


Haven’t watched anime in so long, but I will always love Code Geass.

Real good shit.


Full Metal Alchemist. One of the best manga/anime ever. The theme of equivalent exchange.


So true!
I liked Brotherhood over Full Metal :slight_smile:


Rias Gremory is best girl


Believe it or not avatar the last airbender has alot of kundalini references


Not anime, but still one of my all-time favorite shows.


Its japanese in origin just like naruto americanized for television. Its an anime.


Naruto is way better in Japanese.


And uncensored :smile::smile:


Full metal alchemist is legit a metaphor with what is going on with our reality!


Highschool dxd just has nice boob’s that’s my opinion. The others you listed I’ve never viewed but that’s because there’s so many different animes and hentais out there. Blue exorcist to me was good so was Satan is a part timer, inuyasha, bleach, full metal, deathnote, sin nanamatsu is actually interesting because it has Lucifer and the 7 deadly sins in it. Fairytale, dbz & dbs.
There’s probably more I can’t think of them right now though. But great to know there’s more anime fans out there :sunglasses:


Most anime I watch have alot of occult in it referring to black bible and sin nanatsu. Either drawing pentagrams with magick our playing the part of a certain entity.
They also speak of witches alot in them and the new show black clover has nothing but magick and the occult.


I keep being pleasantly suprised by High school DxD. Although the main character is a pervert he does have relationship with a demon (Grimory) and a half angel. Demons in the show have a very strong bond within their houses and families. They appreciate humans and their culture and live among them. They get jealous but come to a understanding where they share him which isn’t unlike how some romantic relationships with spirits can be.

I also like the idea of there being primordial dragons so powerful that even god, angels and demons fear them. That the dragons rest within two people and the people having to build a symbiotic relationship with their dragon.


Yes I agree but the only problem I had with the guy is his cheap arm trick power up. Once I saw that I was like alright fast forward lmao the ovas and the girls are cute so it’s a good show.
The dark hair girl second in command is my favorite I can’t recall her name though


I think Neon Genesis Evangelion has a lot to say about emotional pain and the ego.


I haven’t seen that one is it a new one?


It’s an oldie but a goodie