Anime and the Occult


There’s also the whole thing with Truth in the manga/Brotherhood. It looks like a spirit punishing a mortal for going too far or teaching them a harsh lesson.


The faceless guy in the doorway that takes his arm and leg. That “god” right? Or the All


Ooh! And if you look at Truth’s door when Ed meets him for the first time, you can see the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.


in one version that’s Rath who takes his limbs in another i don’t believe any of the homunculus have his limbs? I don’t remember.


No that gray dude cant be rath. Rath was a beast though. Im talking about the gray dude behined the door. When they try to bring the mother back.


In the 2003 anime, yes.




I think Truth is trying to teach alchemists that there is no equivalent exchange when it comes to the human soul. There is nothing that can be traded.

Its explained at the end of brotherhood anime/manga. Its a great ending I dont want to spoil it but the Elric brothers are the only ones that can truly understand this point.


I binged watched brotherhood on netflex a month ago. Yeah truth is the name. But is he god? Or is he the truth? Elric told him he trade his alchemy skills and that was the right answer.


Truth’s identity is left ambiguous on purpose. It’s one of those things where it’s up to the viewer/reader’s interpretation.


This is another thing left to the viewer/reader’s interpretation. What i got from it was experience is the true cost for real power. Doesn’t mean one must give up their experiences for power.


I guess it depends on whether you think God/All=Truth or not. If you could somehow meet the all would you experience the truth.


True he didnt exactly say hey i give you my alchemy. Btw the live movie sucked balls IMO


Don’t get me started on that abomination :skull: i skimmed through it in like 5 minutes when i noticed how mangled it was…

From the standpoint of the show the “price” he paid was the experiential knowledge he got from going through the gate which allowed him to transmute by using himself as the array. They don’t mention if he can transmute with a drawn array or show him trying. They do end it with both brothers still traveling to learn alchemy so it isn’t a far fetched idea that he still use alchemy since he still has all the knowledge gained outside of his experience in the gate. :alien: purposeful cliffhanger to end the show. :expressionless:


Its one of the few anime to me that was rebooted but I actually like both versions. Hellsing is another one.

Trigun needs a reboot. Theres a lot of great philisophical bits in there.


Fucking badass the guy took so much damage and was regenerating out of a million pieces


The theme I liked is that Alucard became a vampire unintentionally. He renounced god and as a result god cursed him as a vampire. He actually believes humans are superior to monsters like him because they can make moral choices. While he in contrast is often a slave to his own thirst for blood and violence.


Ha I missed that part. Good anime though. I never liked trigun or desert punk. Sry


Spirited Away is a classic


Yes. I like the depiction of the spirit world in the film. It fits with what my ancestors have told me their existance is like.