Anime and the Occult


Wooooooow i forgot sailor fucking moon


Oh it may look it but it’s so down the Rabbit whole of occult.
They’re also not really Mechs. I won’t spoil it :wink:


a bit.


Shit. Come here google and youtube


I’ll suggest watching the OVAs after the series. They actually end it that way.


Ova is suppose to be bonus features or whatever i think i rember that show maybe im confusing it with code geus


7 dealy sins :smiley: season 2 baby


The OVAs were made because of how the anime ends, it’s one that doesn’t really end so they decided to go back and end it with the OVA.


Monster rancher. Summoning monsters…golden


I need to watch that anime :grin:




I’d recommend Helsing Ultimate… I got so tired of Victoria whinning and crying about being a vampire in the Helsing version.

I’d also recommend Rin, daughter of Mnemosyne that’s some serious shit there lol no highschool girls or censored stuff.
(Not that highschool girls are bad but something different is nice).

Wicked City :wink:


Have you seen adventure of sinbad, how was it. I have seen first two seasons


Rate this animes too, they may have magical theme but may turn out to be shitty shows.


I’ll say Wicked City is bassass, loved it. It’s older though, if that bothers anyone.

Sinbad I’ve seen some of and it looks good but it doesn’t jump out at me as really amazing.


Wicked city i give 2 thumbs up the art work and for its age. Reminded me of demon city.


I have seen it, the show is really good. You have black sun and other occult elements and the finale is awesome.


There are so many!

A few I don’t think were mentioned: Higurashi no naku koro ni, Kuroshitsuji, Umineko no naku koro ni, Berserk.

There was a recently released one too, I think it was called ancient magus’ bride?


The weebs conquered this forum.


lol way to follow the norms and the predetermined stereotypes. This forum is about not being a sheep to trends and social clicks, have fun with your limitations.