Anime and the Occult


Are we talking about the western Netflix live action or the Japanese live action? Either way, live action adaptation of anything generally sucks.


not to sound like a pervert i love dxd




They’re making a live action movie of FMA…I’m a bit scare that it’s just gonna get fucked up.


Yeah I saw the previews for it Al looks good but that’s mainly CGI. Maybe we’ll see after Death Note and others IDK if I want to watch it or not.


What guy doesn’t like the power to snap his fingers and boobies pop out. Js and you got my vote lol


It’s out on netflix now. It doesn’t look to great and people already say it sucks plus they cut the whole scene with Chimera.


Seriously in the anime that was the most horrifying to me. I mean the guy fused his daughter with a dog


What do you all think of Serial Experiment Lain? Is she a godform, thoughtform? She shapes her own reality and at the end she reshapes everyone elses.
She also takes herself out of the world by having the world forget her original self.


I love occultist Anime/TV shows. So much hidden wisdom when you look for the deeper meaning to each episode.

On CrunchyRoll:

Black Clover - Kinda childish, great action, very relatable main characters. Magicians in this world literally receive grimoires instead of wands, a la Harry Potter style. Most recent episode incorporated the tree of life in a very comical way.

Overlord - WoW meets Matrix meets Old Testament. Watch this. Seriously one of the characters names is Demiurge…

JoJo Bizarre Adventure - Vampires vs Occultists. Gets heavy into Egyptian demons and HGA concepts.

Ancient Magus Bride - Havent gotten too deep into it. Pretty sure this is a remix of Babylonian/Sumerian myth, fall of Tiamat/Kundalini to empower man for revenge.

On Netflix:

All of the Fate series - summoning/evoking demons to battle for the Holy Grail.

Adv of Sinbad - Pyramids are dungeons, a demon rewards the Magi who ‘completes’ it.

Magicians - SyFy or Netflix
***Not anime, easily my favorite show of all time. Novels are even better, written by a hardcore Hebrew who is obviously ‘in the know’ regarding the occult teachings hidden in the Torah. Show originally aired in Canada. If you haven’t seen this show, you’re welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve started Black Clover but it’s hard to get into with the Screamer dang that kid is an occult version of Naruto! Otherwise i think it’s good so far.

I’d never thought about JoJo, i’ll have to look into that one. The Fate and Sinbad series i’ve watched some, those are cool :slight_smile: I wouldn’t call Pendragon, Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great or Jeanne D’Arc as Demons but maybe since they are already dead? Gilgamesh is an asshole but he’s amazing lol.

Bluebeard was a bad ass villian, omg that scene with the little boy… that was brutal.

I’m in love with Ancient Magus so far, but i haven’t seen Overlord yet and only a few episodes of The Magicians. I sooo want to get the books for that! It looks really good so far!


I would recommend these, except little boring episodes with Cashim in one series all are quite amusing.

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
Magi: Adventures of Sinbad


She’s coming… :wink:


Who is that?


It’s the witch, Walpurgisnacht, from Madoka Magika. I always found it funny they named her that.


Arigatou :blush: I’m guessing she’s powerful I’ll have to watch it


Ya she’s basically a destroyer. It’s a good anime. Don’t be fuller by the “Magical Girl” look, it’s dark.

It’s also got a few movies after the anime too.


Strike witches


I’m glad Fullmetal Alchemist was mentioned early in the thread. I’m pretty fucking sure one could use a lot of the sigils and circles that they designed in that show.


The Fate series and The Ancient Magus’ Bride.