Anime and the Occult


Ah I just looked it up think I’ve seen the girl in red before. The giant robot animes lost me after Gundam lol


Attack on Titan is good I mean people getting eaten :joy:


My favorite anime is Death Note. The cat and mouse between L and Light is so enthralling.


You mean beyond the kinky?.. then no


Death note was amazing but the live action movie to me was a 5 out of 10


I felt deathnote fell short by not putting more into the shinigami… I mean the author wrote a detailed book on every single one but couldn’t be bothered to give more than bear details on the two.
I was very sad.


Evengalion is a bit of an old fashioned mind fuck. Trust me it’s not really about giant mechs :wink:


Eh I’ll save my giant mechs for Pacific Rim 2 lol but maybe I’ll get around to watch that anime. And I wonder did the guy that was using the deathnote actually turn into a shinigami?


I’d have to read the Manga again but I don’t believe so, I think it was a “returned to the void” kind of ending.


Occult academy any good I’ve actually been looking for a new anime to watch because mine about to end.


This is not an anime or manga but Niel Gaiman’s The Sandman


Fate/stay night, Ghost Hunt and Rurouni Kenshin are some of my favorites though I prefer the ova’s of Kenshin. The writer of Ghost hunt actually seems to know quite a bit about the occult and psychic phenomena


I thought Occult Academy was good. It’s got a more joking side to what is supposed to be a serious plot but I think it’s a good story.

If you want weirder I’d suggest Ghost Hound but if you want folklorish and Magick check out Ancient Magus’s Bride. I’m currently watching this one and am so far loving it.


Shin Megami Tensei, Tokyo Revelation, Makai Ouiji.


Fate/stay night: unlimited blade works


Tokyo Ghoul


Madoka Magica was pretty fucking good.


Witch hunter robin is full of occult references the whole show is just that


Also witch hunter robin is one of my favorites but its sad that it was short


I don’t talk about the live action movie. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t exist in my reality. Just like the Matrix sequels and every Hellraiser movie after Bloodline (IV).