Animal Whispering

I am very curious if anyone has had success with animal whispering with any kind of animal with or without magic.

I have always been very connected to animals, and now even more so since my more recent spiritual awakening.
They seem drawn to me in a way.

I would like to know if there are any spirits that can assist one developing the human to animal psychic connections that make these conversations with animals possible.

Barbatos would be my guess.

I feel like…Artemis possibly?

It’s the same as using automatic writing or getting ideas in ritual: ask the question and wait in a relaxed way for the answer.

We have a list of entitles that help develop psychic senses in the tutorials collection for that, or try the search and use “entity spychci development” and similar keyword strings:

I can, I suggest if you can go to a local aquarium if the have animals like dolphins start with them or any, and all that uses echolocation they are more sensitive to telepathic communication.

As far as guides it depends on who you favor. I’m a vet tech by schooling and trade (working on a masters in zoology very very slowly). I prefer Archangel Ariel and Artemis. But any deity that is a protector of xyz animal will help too.

Talking to animals can be really helpful if you go into an animal field as well.

Edit to add: horses are amazing to start with too.