Angels or Demons for healing?



Someone above mentioned the Damon Brand book to show you how to do Raphael. Is there a book for Marbas? Or is a google search enough?


I’ve never used the Brand book. For both Raphael and Marbas all you need are their sigils and then follow these instructions:


thank you, im a check it out. Can i ask you something? I been in the process of trying to contact bune for financial help. Can I contact spirits for money and for healing on different days of course. Is it too much or should i focus on one at a time?


No, you can contact different spirits for different things. A money spirit will not interfere with a healing spirit and vice versa.


He is certainly the most popular. But, from experience, he’s probably one of the best.


ok, cool, good to know!


Thats what it sounds like.


I wouldn’t recommend that approach since it’s not sufficient enough to get a powerful and safe result. Meaning that you are more likely to attract another nearby entity using ea koettings method than using demons of magick by Gordon winter field. Or archangels of magick by Damon brand. I recommend those books, so it’s guaranteed that you get the most powerful, safest, and most potent result possible. Without having to worry about attracting unwanted attention


Um…no. You are very unlikely to get anything other than what you called with a sigil. And Damon Brand’s books and Gordon Winterfield’s books aren’t guaranteed to get you anything, certainly not the “safest, most powerful” results. You really talk those books up a lot on the forum and I’m glad they work so well for you, but I think it’s a bit disingenuous to claim that they “guarantee” a powerful result, because absolutely nothing in magick is guaranteed. I got very little result from working Brand’s system and I recommend EA’s method because it has by far given me the most powerful successes but I never say results are guaranteed.

And you will attract attention from spirits regardless of what magick you do because it lights you up on the astral plane.


I agree with this. The Gallery of Magick has a lot of niche titles, really I only have found Adam Blackthorne’s work most helpful for me in practice (specifically his chaos magic book)


I have wealth of magic book which as you know is a gallery of magic book. What confuses me is he says even if you dont see a demon they are still there working for you. He doesnt mention much meditation either, its like you do what he says and it will work. Im confused cause i was taught for any spirit whether angel or demon you need to go into a deep mediation to get a response whether its in person or in your dreams


i have the book wealth of magic that ive just started using


Not true


not true that you dont need meditation?


To get results you don’t meed meditation, but it helps if you want to communicate with them. You don’t need to though


That’s not technically true, evocation takes place in a trance state. If you’re not meditating, and you’re not capable of entering a trance state at will, your magic will suffer.


Evoke Archangel Michael, Gabriel (Jibrael), Uriel, and Raphael. Then evoke Yehovah Elohim. Give them a blood SACRIFICE. Manifest what you seek through accausal energies. Angels take blood. Church doesn’t know yet. This will help you get better. Incense will work too but they will be more eager to help for blood. Then your their chosen.


Yes to evoke you have to get into trance but I’m talking about daily meditations


Yes, daily meditation is a prime place to do energy work and to be able to later trigger trance states. If you’re not meditating often, your just needlessly limiting yourself.


It helps but it’s not essential. You can evoke successfully and get powerful results if you stick to the evocation methods that you have. But I’m not saying don’t meditate but it’s not something that you MUST DO to get results. I have experience from that. I’ve gotten results and I try to do meditation but I always end up procrastinating. So I don’t waste my time beating myself up anymore and just do magick.