Angels or Demons for healing?



Do you know of any good articles online i could read that explains it indepth so im not asking a thousand questions. unless you dont mind


It’s fine. But, I for example, work exclusively with angels and I’ve had a lot of success in my magic. Likewise, there are others on this forum who work exclusively with demons and have had a lot of success in their magic. My recommendation is whichever group of entities that you usually work with, to stick with them.

But, do what you want. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”


You can just use the search function of this forum. 100% they have michael sigil and evocation step guide


currently, i dont work with any. Ive been trying too but the contact hasnt been successful. They are for money matters. However, the health part is extremely important to me so I figured i can try an work on both


Ive also heard of michael is good for healing too aside from raphael, it seems raphael is on the bigger side of it


Angels surely have sigils.

Here is the procedure -

Draw the sigil on a paper. Then activate it through gazing. That is keep it at arms length and gaze at it, rather through it. After few minutes it will start to flash. That is the lines will disappear, like fading away and then reappear, or lines will seem to become 3D for a moment. That means the sigil is activated. Now call on raphael with your heart out, like screaming, shedding tears , going crazy. That’s called rapture state. After 10-15 min of this intense calling state to the archangel raphael that as God himself, as part of God himself you command/request him to heal your daughter. Say this atleast three times. Also you must have your daughter’s photo and if possible her dna signature ( hair or nail) there at that time. Tell raphael that those things are linked to your daughter, one who needs healing. After that state that as the goal has been already achieved he may leave.

Then you can keep the sigil with your daughter as it will work as a talisman for her health. ( remember, if working with demonic, or dark entities it is better to burn off the sigil)


The energies are very different.
Marbas energy makes me feel empowered and yet slightly sick while Raphael’a energy is quite powerful but has a calming effect…


But this could just be my subconscious reacting like this. Alot of us have been raised in a JCI environment so this could be a factor too. How we feel while working with demonic forces and how we feel while working with the angelic forces…


Ok, so everything I say will be vocal, not in my head. I dont need to meditate or anything? As I was told with demon sigils, a ripped piece of paper bag and sharpie works best to draw it? So, i dont need her picture or dna if she is with me right? Id be able to do it while shes sleeping. I also need healing as well, so after I ask for her healing do i got straight into mine or do i do it separately?


The archangel Raphael is the best in any and all manner of healing.


Archangels of magick by Damon brand is the best way to contact Raphael


Alright then. The Angels who prioritize healing are Raphael, of course, he can also be summoned for getting rid of unwanted demonic entities, as in the lore he was able to defeat Asmodeus, one of the nine demonic gatekeepers, who was tormenting a poor girl by eating her husbands.

Next is Suriel, who also prioritizes healing. He’s also an angel of death and it is said that he taught Rabbi Ishmael ben Elijah the secrets of hygiene, which is pretty profound, only the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Hebrews had concepts of hygiene. It also came out around the same time, we’re not certain who copied who, or if they were coincidentally simultaneous.

And Assiel also prioritizes healing. But, most angels can heal anyways without much difficulty.


Please be aware that it is not an either-or situation with demons and angels. You can work with both of them, as I and others here do. And Archangel Raphael and President Marbas work very well together for healing. In Evoking Eternity, EA describes evoking them both to help his daughter, so the combination is very powerful.


Yes, you have to say it vocally. You can ask for healing your illness/issues also, but specify the problem. Using black marker on white paper to draw the sigil is more than enough. Having your girl beside you is best provided she isn’t going to be scared seeing her father doing weird shit, specially in rapture state.


Kinda sounds like Raphael is the way too go in a sense


im going to buy the book


Would you say Raphael is the easiest or best to work with?


Ok, I need to look more into Marbas. So Id call upon them both on separate days?


You can call on Raphael and Marbas on separate days, or both in the same evocation.


So for me personally, I have 4 issues I need healing with, can you give me an idea on 2 if you think they would be healed. When I was 17 i developed an over active bladder. After years and years of diff doctors and tests, i was told i have a small bladder that cant be fixed. The other thing is i went bald at an early age, i know, i know, doesnt sound serious to you maybe but its caused stress and depression and insecurity in my life, so has my bladder with frequent peeing. My baldness cant be fixed any way besides possible surgery which i cant afford and thats not a guarantee. Those are only 2 of my 4 problems. Are those things that can be healed/fixed?