Angels or Demons for healing?



Ok, me and my daughter both need healing. We have separate issues but do have some things incurable, even things we were born with. I know its helpful to go into more detail, I just do not feel comfortable to do so and realize that may limit how you answer my question. A group on FB which is hoodoo told me a bunch of spirits that heal, dont think any demons was listed. Question is, which one can heal more and better? I know Buer is known for healing and raphael is known for healing. Any other spirits that work really good also?


Marbas is also a healing demon. He understands mechanics in general which includes the mechanics of the body (anatomy).

Ultimately you should be the judge of what is best for your situation, I don’t promote one group of entities over another but demons are probably the easiest to work with overall.


Do you think hes literally capable of healing anything? Even if its multiple things in a row to heal?


President Buer . Archangel Raphael .


those are the 2 i know of, do you think one id better than the other? Or maybe use both?


E. A. Koetting has a story where Marbas helped his dog heal from a bee sting. If he can do that I’d imagine his power can help you.


just curious, i was told when i asked someone this question before that if i ask demons to heal my daughter they will follow her for life, like there will be an attachment now, is that true? Id rather have that than her, not saying they are bad or anything but you know


Anything you evoke, will forever technically be with you.

Angels, demons, elemental spirits, doesn’t matter.

It’s just the nature of the astral.

Future, present, past, all same.

Don’t be scared of it though. It just means you’ll know their energy, and they yours.


In my experience demons don’t really want to follow anyone around unless the person is a devotee. The very few people who have an actual phobia of demons following them hallucinate visions of thier own fear and need mental help. The demons most witches/warlocks/mages/sorcerers work with just do thier job and for the most part leaves people alone.


Raphael is the best for healing


Vodun spirit, lwa can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. I would recommend working with archangel Raphael. He did miracle for me. Cured my father’s incurable illness overnight. And he is by nature benevolent. Here is his sigil



Marbas is great with healing if you wanna work with demons
But you can also work with Angel Raphael


According to my UPG, it depends on the operator whether demons or angels will work better.

Im just going to ask

Not me, I dont mind. Its my daughter. If they heal her would they be around her, she doesnt understand this stuff you know, so i dont want her to be freaked out


Ok, see Ive talked to so many people and everyone says so many things it gets confusing. They say once a demon does something for you, they will forever be around you in some sort of way. guess its not true


Thats what ive been told as well, I read if God chooses to heal you, he will send Raphael and he will show his presence through green emeralds. I need to do more research cause I dont know how exactly it works


Evoke him using his sigil


I didnt know angels had sigils. Do you mind explaining the procedure in exactly how its done? And since its for me and my daughter, do I name off everything i need healed? And I read she needs to be present when i ask


do you think theres a big difference?


gotcha, im new to all this still so wasnt sure