Angels or Demons for healing?



I was told if you dont reach your sub conscience level you cant talk to them. Thats the only way i know how to do it. Someone in here also said chant their name but I havent had much success either way


I use the methods found in demons of magick


Could you tell me how exactly you have contacted him please?


I always choose a demon.never angels.angels are weak.


Using his sigil. And also offering him incense weekly to create a strong relationship.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: This is the funniest thing I’ve read today!

They can do everything a demon can do, and some of them pack more power than a demonic king, so weak they ain’t.


You can be right.but I don’t trust them as much as demons.sorry


To each their own, my friend. I work with both :slight_smile:




Ive always been under the impression that demons can bring you money angels cant. That angels decide what they think you should have while demons will help you get what you want. And demons are more likely to manifest and talk to you. Not true?


i still need to buy that book


Nope, not true. You are confusing religious ideas of what angels do with what they actually do. They are beings of great power that predate any religion and they do not choose what you can have. That is not their job. The choice is always yours, and they will bring you what you ask but, as EA writes in Evoking Eternity, you can be sure that the money they bring to you will improve your life and that of those around you as that is their job, to bring you closer to your own divinity.

And no, demons are not more likely to manifest than angels. Just like any spirit, some angels and demons are easier to evoke than others, but they will all manifest if called. I have called and spoken with angels just as easily as demons.


Definitely not true, I work exclusively with angels and they are certainly not weak. Samael and Azrael are the two best angels for baneful workings.

This isn’t true. Recently, I did a full ritual evocation with Ambriel, an angel of communication. I asked her to help communicate my strengths beyond my resume so that I could get a job. Within a week I had a pair of interviews lined up.


Interesting. Ive been failing in contact and been trying to figure out better ways


See, I get so much misinformation I never know what to do, Not saying you, but people try giving me advice and Im so confused. Originally, I was going to do demons, had a bad experience, then was told angels are safer but they only bring what you need not what you want. That made me say no, Id rather have a demon who understands and will work with me. I guess its all about finding the right demons and angels to work with.


Really, it is all about preference. I work with both angels and demons. Some here work exclusively with demons, and others work exclusively with angels. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says; all that matters is what resonates with you personally.

There are some energies that will not agree with you and that is completely natural. Call upon some spirits and find out which you are naturally drawn to. Just remember that you will become more like the spirits and energies you surround yourself with. If you “hang out” with demons, you will become more demonic. If you surround yourself with angels, you become more like them. EA described in Evoking Eternity that, after some intense work with the demonic, he had need to call upon an angel, and the whole thing felt unnatural to him because of the difference in energies. It is important to note, however, that the angel he called still showed up and accepted the task he assigned, so being a black magician and working with angels are not mutually exclusive.


Yea, Ive heard you kinda become adapted to them in that way. Theres so many angels and demons to choose from Ive tried to stick with the ones that are more used or well known i should say. not sure of the proper word. Like for money demons, all i hear is bune, clauneck, and king paimon are the main ones. So I was aiming for them, although Im told king paimon isnt exactly for money directly but can help you get there. As far as angels. I dont know any money angels besides ones ive googled. I do have the book wealth of magic and in the process of trying it.


There are an almost infinite amount of spirits and the most well known angels and demons are barely the tip of the iceberg of all that is out there.

For healing, the archangel Raphael seems to be the most popular and acts very fast, and Marbas has a very gentle and friendly reputation as well. Personally, I have never called upon Marbas, but I have used Raphael as well as the angel Rantka from the grimoire Kingdoms of Flame.

As far as money goes, I have not used Bune, or Clauneck. I generally use the spirits from Kingdoms of Flames or the Book of Azazel for money.


Gamaliel is one of the angels of money. I recently did a ritual evocation, for the materialization of a particular amount on a specific day (not giving any specifics until it manifests so that you guys can’t unwittingly interfere). I’m confident that Gamaliel will fulfill my request, I have no doubt.

But, we’ll see whether angels can materialize money after the specific day.


I plan on using one or both of them for healing. I havent had a chance to study in depth before i do the actual ritual to make sure I do it right.

I havent bought any of EA books because they seem expensive. I realize its an investment and probably worth it, its just not in my budget. And I cant do Ebooks cause when i try an read a book online i lose total concentration. I open to using different spirits than Bune or Clauneck just gets so confusing for me. Angels too.

Another problem is, I feel like i need to speak to them in order for them to understand what i need. Example, my biggest goal right now it to get out of my rut, it would even be great if i could be in great wealth to buy a house and not have to worry about losing it. I feel like having a conversation about it is better than just asking and waiting for the spirit to bring it in some odd way. Does that make sense?