Angels of Wrath not working at all

Has anyone else had literally not a single ritual working from Angels of Wrath, and some of them even backlashing and making the initial situation worse??

I would appreciate some thought on this…

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I haven’t had backlash but I didn’t get results with that work. I tried maybe three angels.

I know there’s nothing in the process that requires you to sense a presence but as I’m used to knowing when the connection is open, not getting that knowing with these methods, makes me wonder if that’s the issue.
Not getting into the stillness fully might be the equivalent that. I haven’t tried again since to test that.

In contrast the sigils in Angels of Omnipotence use a similar technique of sigil staring and those seemed to bring a feeling of success missing from AoW.

I’ll probably go back to it having spiraled around other methods and learned some more to see what else I think later.


I absolutely agree. I never sensed any presence or connection

In general, do you find gallery of Magick’s book successful or not?

go read the reviews on amazon and the blog comments at the gallery of magick site. that’s your answer.

no such thing as backlash with magick. that’s in your head. Only way to make it worse with magick is intention wrong when cursing.


For me, i get results from GoM books but not all the time. I’ve never used angels of wrath but I’ve had people says good things about it. But other GoM books work pretty well for me if. I know a lot of people who went into using them and didn’t have high or any hopes and didn’t get anything. I went in with an open mind and I’ve gotten more results than I have with most of the stuff I find on this site. I think it can just differ for people based on their mindset


what do you mean by that? most of the reviews are amazing… that’s what I don’t understand…

Maybe try a different approach or customizing it a bit. Personalizing can help magick from time to time.

so that’s your answer to your question if anyone is successful. you dont’ need to hear from us about it,

if many others getting results and your not. then the issue isn’t the book. so many variable to how the caster cast., play around with it.

I know my answer is going to be annoying but, read the book all over again and make notes on what’s really important and when you’ve completed making notes, read the notes over and over again until you get the point , even if you think you’ve read it carefully. If it still doesn’t work, I don’t think it’s the books or authors fault , simply just take notes because there are things you might forget even if you think you’ve read it all


Most likely you getting the 4th step wrong. the emotion transmutation. it requires one being able to shift emotional states. Majority of people can’t do that.


I liked Gordon WInterfield’s Magickal Attack and found that effective, but haven’t worked with any other of GoMs books.
I used it on workings that involved myself and I could feel the effects before they were seen in the world, and that kind of sign in turn helps manifestation through confidence in your workings, so it fits how I work and think. I’m not really one to just trust entities to do things without my direct involvement.

There are positive reviews of AoW on Amazon if that counts.


well, I think I do it correctly but I don’t know. it seems it is not working

if it’s not working your not doing something that allow magick to happen or your desperate or doubts got in way. Or you dont give it time. results isn’t instant. like isaid lots of variable. another suggested its mindset issue.

the fact that you posted that it’s not working or there being backlash is already proof of doubt and thoughts not congruent.

many people find out later that they missing one little tweak after months of trying.

magick isn’t just about during the casting. it’s after attitudes as well.


I didn’t doubt initially but a really log time has passed since I performed the ritual… and many “minor“ backlashes happened…

you keep saying it’s backlash. there are no backlash. that’s your own excuse.


what’s you suggestion? what shall I improve in doing my magick?

as @S_vi_Britannia suggest. read book over and over until you really understand the steps properly. doing it may be different story as knowing and doing is two different thing.

how many times you tried the spell? if it’s once then it’s obvious why it didn’t work. no one can learn a skill after a few tries.

than there is the fact that the spell working but you dont see it. you just don’t have objective eyes. As your too involved.

most magick don’t work for people cuz they just going through the motion. no oomnph or emotion in it. also not being present. they are like robot going through routine. Example is singing. you see people sing in the show’ america’s got talent’. they sing but it’s not singing. they jus saying the words. not present. no feelings to it. many just say the words when doing magick. they got no feeling to it.

if the process don’t vibe with you. there are always other books. or you lack info on magick to make it work. the other book suggested ’ magical attack’ is often the one used for many folks.


Somewhat… their success magick book had like 100 5 star reviews on day one because their fans are fanatical. the book takes a year to complete.


but you can get results with the first magick. And one can review the book base on structure, information and organization process.