Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

Do you know how to contact mivahiah?

You can call the archangel Raziel. In the presence of Raziel, ask the archangel to bring the spirit of your request… Wait for it, he will come.


You could just type “angelic mantras” into the search bar lol


Yep, that’s the one I used. I’ve quit before, just went through a stressful breakup and picked it back up 2 months back and now im removing the habit again because I don’t like how it effects my mind.

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Thanks a lot, but it would be perfect to upload a video on youtube with the pronunciation, and then put the link

maybe a strange question, but how do you actually pronounce that mantra?
AY - EEM - MA - TA - AH
english is not my native language

AY is pronounced like the a in the word “blade.”

EEM is pronounced like the word “cream” without the first two letter.

MA is pronounced like the word “mom” without the last m.

TA is pronounced like the word “tom” without the m.

AH is pronounced like “maw” without the m.

i hope that helps.


thank you

I just realized something dude, is this enochian?

Honestly, they could be Enochian, I don’t know for sure. To me, the mantras don’t have quite the same resonance, but I only heard them pronounced through my clairaudience and just wrote them down phonetically. They weren’t presented to me visually in the Enochian alphabet so I never considered if they were or not.

Interesting, I’ve been trying to learn enochian, but can’t find a source that makes any kind of sense, so don’t even know where to start.

Still ur mantras are very different than anything else I’ve seen, and almost seem more like frequency noises if u think about it.

I have the impression that they’re some sort of sonic keys and that’s why when they’re vibrated, there seems to be a general “click” once you hit just the right pitch, which will vary among individuals. For some, it is a deep pitch, with the mantra flowing down through the chest and groin, and for others, it’s mainly in the throat and head.

Yeah, there is no definitive guide to Enochian and no one agrees on the exact pronunciation because it’s so versatile that all of them work. I’ve used both Damon Brand’s version of the Calls and Bill Duvendack’s with success, for example. Even John Dee’s original journal notes are not very helpful in finding the “correct” way to speak it.

If you would, you couldn’t tell me the enochian words/phrases/etc

To say the words

Immortal, Invincible, and Power could you?

Mind if I ask you something?

What is the difference between connecting to innate divinity and unlocking magickal potential.

You’d think they’d be more or less the same thing no? Do you know or?

Was Raziel detailed on the specifics of what they do?

No, Raziel was not specific on them.

Unlocking magical potential basically brings up energy reserves for a power up, while connecting to your inner divinity is more of a change of inner perspective. You see things from an expanded point of view. I’ve found the inner divinity mantra useful more for mediation than active ritual compared with the one for magical potential.

Gotcha, so innate divinity is like expanded senses, astral sight/travel/projection helper basically?

Cool, cause I was about to do the magickal one for that instead, glad I asked.

Is LUM well Lum?

Or loom, like looming? Just to be sure.

I pronounce it as LUM, like in the word LUCK, but I suggest going with whichever pronunciation your intuition guides you to.

Nice just making sure, I’ll go by what you were told, fuck my intuition lol.