Angelic Words of Power and Mantras

I have been reading the the 72 angels of magick book by Damon B, hope you familiar with. In the book Yeyizel has a power with improve psychic abilities and it look like this mantra are on the same side that all concerns about this abilities

I am a beginner and am learning

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I think what DarkestNight is aiming at is to use a standalone mantra that can be memorised and used anywhere, as opposed to doing a ritual from a book sitting in a room.

A lot of book rituals could be memorised and used anywhere but often those rituals contain a lot of details that need to be done as written and in order and they also require sigil gazing, whereas a straightforward mantra committed to memory can be used almost anywhere much more easily.

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How can i chant or vibrate this mantra cause in the book i know how it is but here i need you assist in how to vibrate this .

Based on beginner knowledge

We are all comparatively beginners and learning.

For any mantra, first get used to how each syllable sounds one at a time, then string them together in a rhythm that is comfortable for you to keep repeating. Getting used to that rhythm helps commit it all to memory.

While learning it and if you want to recite it quietly then you can lightly press your finger/s in your ears. When you do this and hum or whisper or even just breathe the words you will notice the sound fills your whole head, which also blocks out any other noise around you.

To vibrate it, you can make the sounds more pronounced with a lower tone that rumbles and you feel the vibrations in your chest and throat and you elongate each of the sounds keeping with the rhythm.

There is a thing called ‘the great voice’, which, I interpret as pretending to call out at great volume, intensity and depth, even though you are near silent.

It might take some practice but you can pretend to hear your voice as a deep rumble that vibrates out of you because it is the intention that is the important part.


I started on Tues 2/16/21the magical potential mantra. on Thurs I went looking for fried chicken and drove past a local cemetary. I pass by it once or twice/month to food places over there. I havent ever felt anything passing by it in the car daytime or late at night. Thurs I felt some serious coldness while driving by it. Haven’t felt cold like that since I walked past a cemetary on Halloween night in 2013. I also seem to have more energy the last few days.
[from my experience…maybe 7 days - 108 times is all you need for this]

I started on Wed the mantra for divinity. so far besides the rhythm getting “Pokerface” stuck in my head, I haven’t noticed anything from the mantra.

After following DarkestKnight journal I found Mash ka Rel on the forum. and tried it on Wed and Thurs. The other mantra Bi??? have to still look it up. I suppose Mash ka Rel and the divinity mantra work together but haven’t noticed anything yet.

I haven’t done anything with the parasite mantra yet.

can the mantra for physical needs be directed at other people?

btw: I got the dvd here in a box. must have watched the “Darkest Knight” movie about 8x already😏

You are like Santa and you always carry a big bag of goodies with you :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:
One day if you happen to channel a mantra or word of power for increasing intelligence :wink:
Wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Tried the two mantras out today.

I started with
To unlock one’s magical potential:
HEH - EE - LAH - AH - EE - EH
(I don’t know how many times I repeated it but it was more than 20 times I’m sure… felt a bit light at my chest area)

After that I did the:
To manifest material needs:
AH - AH - TEM - EE - EH - LU - THOTH
(Repeated this also more than 20 times even more than the previous mantra and visualized what I actually really needed…got a slight headache after this mantra. Will provide feedback on whether it worked or not.)

Thank you DK :+1:t4:


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