Angelic Current vs. Demonic Current

How would you guys describe how each current feels?
I can describe the angelic current pretty well. To me it feels very fiery and electric but entwined with love. Other times it’s so overwhelming electric I don’t even feel the love part. But I always have had a hard time putting the demonic current into words.
Somebody on the forums had mentioned it feels magnetic and that definitely resonates but doesn’t paint the full picture at all.


Depends Ma’ati angels current won’t feel the same as judeo (Michael, Gabriel, etc) current. The origins of their energies differ.


You’ve enlightened me on a lot of topics today. Thank you.

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You’ve enlightened me on a lot of topics today. Thank you very much!

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I can only give generalities. If the spirit of Lust is strong in the evocation, that is NoT the angelic current IMHO. The experience of the angels is that it is very uplifting, as if the world is meant to serve you because you will now be at the right place at the right time. There is a spirit of hopefulness and ascent.

The Demonic current tends to feel like you are in an atmosphere that is ‘thick’. Although it can feel a bit suffocating depending on what the interaction is, there is a sense of freedom and liberation that comes with it, like you are breaking the chains that held you back and are free to claim what is rightfully yours to own…as you cross into the forbidden with a sense of confidence.

However…these are JusT generalities and should be taken as such. The black magician is free to evoke either without fear.


Love these questions. The word “current” explains these so well, especially angels.

Angels feel very …present. Like their essence fills the room. Demons are as if they’re not even there most the time. They have a personality for sure but angels feel like a river of energy that pulses, ebbs, and flows.

Demons are so damn subtle. Very very subtle. Yet they act with great precision and they can still turn your world upside down. Angels feel expansive, demons feel concentrated and much more like people. Celebrity personalities (better ones)


I can definitely resonate with the angelic side, but I’ve had mixed responses from demons. Sometimes very subtle like you said and also sometimes very thick as mentioned above.
I noticed you’re here in Utah too. How you like being surrounded by these Mormons 24/7😂

It’s not too bad most the time, the girls pendulum hard and all think they’re unique for having a sexual side. The annoying thing is how everyone turns everything political immediately haha, I sort of just do my own thing as the mormons mostly mind their own business unless it’s their family. Even mine doesn’t give me any flak outside of “You’ll wake up and marry a nice girl someday.”

I drank a beer in front of all of them on Christmas Eve while they were talking about going to the temple this week. It’s pretty great compared to how people talk about christians online. I’ve never really seen what the deal is about but the doctrine is fun as hell to make fun of from this side of things. (Coming from a former missionary who had a terrible time)

Any time I talk to missionaries I tell them I call on demons in my living room and they move on. “We’ll pray for you…” “And I’ll evoke for you! Have a good one!”

I did recognize Raziel in the salt lake temple. The veil is very thin there, intense occult operations go on in there. People just don’t see the portals that they leave open. Intense energy is an understatement. Paradoxically still

Had no idea about the temple. That’s interesting and crazy as fuck bro. Do only the higher ups know they evoke those angels or is it pretty well known?
I get what you mean about the girls😂. Also that’s funny as hell, I oughta try that with the next missionary I come across. Hahahah
I never had much problems with them here either, other than their ignorance at times. But you never need to be anxious about being jumped by a Mormon ya know? Laid back doing their own shit.

Also what other occult operations do you know of that go on inside the temple? And how well known is this across the church?

Quick reply from my own experiences of invocations/partial-possession, etc:

Demons feel like caffiene, ECA stack, or (not from personal experience) amphetamines, with loss of appetite, mind working faster, little to no sleep which gets more intense over time. Extremes result in loss of empathy and human emotion, though not a marked desire to harm others or do “bad” things, more an utter indifference to what “bad” may even be.

Angels feel like opiates (limited personal experience), total lack of any pain or stress, or even normal caution and concerns, everything is absolutely dandy, and as it should be, and total love and bliss for the office of that angel. Some effects on eating and sleeping but not as intense, feels unlikely to cross over into harmful amounts (like not sleeping for 40+ hours etc).

Angelic energy is more debilitating to operate under the influence, and harder to normalise from.

Demonic energy eventually kind of merges back into normal selfhood a lot easier.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. I love the comparison to drugs because it makes so much sense. I recently talked about how the Druid current feels a lot like opiates.
I’ve noticed the lack of empathy as well. Thanks for sharing!

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Also what do you mean by the angelic energy is debilitating to operate under the influence?

It feels like getting a load of opiates straight into the brain, when it gets intense NOTHING matters, everything is awesome, there are no problems or worries or anything that need doing, just focus on the sublime being-ness of the angel’s office.

These are my experiences:

That’s the closest I got to angelic energy and it kind of takes me out of life, even just talking about it too much spaces me out so only replying this quickly to get it off my to-do list! :+1:

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I can relate to that. Sorry if that was semi-triggering but I appreciate the info.

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Alright, experiencing yet another wave of power from Asmodai and Belial and it’s as close to the clinical definition of Hypomania as you can get without any downsides.

I just sleep a lot between the lines but damn… Fucking demonic :metal:

When it hits you won’t have to guess if the magick worked

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