And this is why Magick, parasites and shadow people are no joke

I hope that it was random lol.

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It could be in my case I pulled it to me to banish it to keep it away from others that might not be able to protect themselves.


If that include me i want to thank you for your help.

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It was everyone that was in the first chat. It came out when I took the lead and it was a tough one @Enchantingstar helped a ton with moving everyone out into a clean Chat while I stayed to deal with it.


Thank you Angelb!
I am so glad that you and your son are safe now.

I dont know if you remember, when you had posted being a lil unwell/ feeling low couple of weeks back. I had asked you if it was in anyway connected to the parasite/ old group.
My intution strongly pointed me towards that.

Nevertheless, I am glad that its gone!
You are such a kind soul, you have helped everyone when in need. Nothing bad could ever happen to you.

Take care, my dear!


Yea it was really sneaking in how it acted. It hid really good until it couldn’t get into the apartment anymore. It was literally showing up in my glass door and windows. I was like how Hollywood horror movie of you.

I don’t think I could make this stuff up and it be Anthony like what has happening.


Or that the entity just has a weak attachment to you.

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I dont think so. I have asked Micheal to get rid of them and currently using Luna. Plus i banish when i feel like it. If it was attached to someone maybe it was the guy i was with.

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Imagine comparing struggles :zipper_mouth_face:


No I wouldn’t say that. This thing was out to kill, myself, my son or both. I just had enough good sense to ask for help when all my tactics didn’t work.

Others are out to drive the target mad or to be fearful so they can feed off of the fear.

No experience is lesser or greater then the other they are just different.

If I didn’t act the way I did I could not be here now. It was at that level of malicious.

It was for eh point it was mimicking my son’s voice to try to get me to let my guard down.

No experience is an experience a person has.

Your starting to free your self or have you freed yourself? That is what is important is to get away with your life and a sound mind.


You really can’t equate experiences, especially when the person may be young, inexperienced or immature when they happen. When I met the Hat Man at 5 or 6 was a very different experience than in my 40s.


This is true the shadow people in the fog when I was 5 weren’t anywhere as terrifying as what happen this past month.

Also my normal spirits are scary either but they have haunted me since birth.


This has been an interesting read to end my night. Dont know how I didnt catch it this morning on my reads.

In part the thing that sticks out is exactly what you, @Angelb1083 mentioned about it not mattering how experienced or even if you do cleanse, remove etc. Sometimes it will try its hardest to break through which in part tied into another thread I stumbled on the other day about “only weak can be consumed by parasites or bad energy” and that if it happens its bc the individual isnt strong or well experienced. Took me some time to resist from responding to a very misleading piece of information.

I am glad all has been simmering and sending out positivity that it remains that way. Especially with retrograde coming to an end in about a week


I’m sorry you had to go through all that.

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I consider myself free. It makes me think of everything differently.

I can see reality shifting and nothing making sense in our world. Sometimes I find it hard to understand people, i.e., the reasons for some of the actions they take. I don’t judge; I am doing the same as them in accordance with another’s perspective.

Angelb1083, I’m glad your family made it out okay.

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I was about 20 years old, but very immature and spiritually weak, though I suppose not much weaker than the average human.
@Angelb1083, sorry if I derailed your topic a bit.


I did not know you had to deal w/spiritual attacks since birth. Do you mind elaborating?

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Yes it was a little more of a wild ride then I like. This is the first time I had something break every I had up and got to my kid. I pretty actively do Magick and workings and such. So I have a really good defense and protection around here. But I never felt with shadow people so I didn’t know what I was working with.

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I just wanted to link this here because there is a ton of great information int the topic and the comments.