Ancestor Veneration

I decided to write this because ancestor veneration is both the most important and least practiced aspects of magic. People are too content to jump into spirit work without having, or knowing, the proper constitution to do so. They can neither interact with the spirit nor do they have spiritual protection on case they are attacked. Then, when the spirit doesn’t work they don’t understand what they did wrong. This is especially true when it comes to demons and other dark entities that people want to work. It is imperative that you have balance when you call upon dark entities because they can easily unbalance you. The darkness can, and WILL, consume without light.
By working regularly with one’s ancestors, you will develop the ability to hear spirits naturally. This might happen quickly, or may take a longer period of time. Patience is key here. Furthermore, you will also have them there to cleanse you of execess darkness/negativity, to heal, protect, etc. They can do ANYTHING for you. A relationship with one’s ancestors can immensely beneficial.
Now, to actually Venerate one’s ancestors, you’ll need a table or space to call them. In some traditions, you dedicate a piece of the floor to them. The reason for this is because the earth is where our ancestors are. They are our roots. You can also make an elevated space, such as a shelf or table. The traditions that do this believe that by placing the ancestors on an elevated surface, they are elevated out of spiritual darkness. Either way is fine and perfectly acceptable. If you choose a table, a white cloth is used to represent purity and light.
Whichever you choose, it is cleaned with water mixed with Florida water or Siete Machos cologne. Then, you will burn frankincense, allowing its cleansing smoke to clean the space for your ancestors.
Gather any items or momentos your ancestors adored for your altar. Pictures are especially recommended. Items will be left on the altar itself, while pictures are hung on the wall behind the altar. These items are not required, but help to collect you to your ancestors. Next, get yourself several clear cups. Anywhere from one to nine cups are necessary. These should be washed and cleaned of all dirt. You’ll also need a separate cup for your Guardian Angel, who is served alongside the ancestors. Finally, you need a white candle. A single white candle will be burnt all the way down in honor of the ancestors on a weekly basis to give them light, heat, and energy.

The formula for calling one’s ancestors are many, but this is what I do:
Fill each cup with cool drinking water and place them on the altar. Remember to wash them each week before putting more water in them. Arrange the cups in a circle in the center of the altar. In the middle of the cups, place the list of names and put the white candle on top of it (don’t light it yet!). Place the cup for the guardian angel next to the ancestral cups but not part of the circle. You can also place a censer of incense next to the white candle. Begin the rite by crossing yourself three times and reciting 3 Our Father’s. This can, of course, be changed according to the primary religion of one’s ancestors (or yourself), so don’t be feel restricted.
Pray :

O Almighty God, Creator of the universe who endowed us with our immortal souls. Who formed Spirit that we may ask for their aid, to intercede on your behalf. Extend over me your spiritual light through the protection of my Guardian Spirit that you have appointed over me on the first day of creation. Unknowable, All Powerful, True Creating Being, ever keep spirits propitious to me and help to elevate my soul. Amen.

Pray, three times, offering water to the guardian angel:
Angel of God’s light, whom God appointed to guide me for the days of my life, protect me from all evil and negative spirits and help me to walk in the pathways leading to spiritual evolution. Angel of the True Creator, whose perfect knowledge serves what is true, protect me from deceits and temptations. Help me to know the truth and always live the truth. Angel of the Creator’s Light, sustain me as I walk besides my ancestors of blood and spirit. Thank you, my companion from Heaven, for your watchful care. Shield me, guide me, elevate me! Amen.

Prayer to the ancestors, recited 3 times, (prayer is borrowed from The Conjure Workbook by Momma Starr)

Almighty God, Grant me access to my ancestors!
Blessings to all my ancestors, especially: (here, say the names of ancestors 3 times)
As well as all those whose names I do not know, but whose blood runs through my veins. Please accept the coolness of this water so that you may be cool and comfortable. Please accept the light and energy so that you have brightness and strength. I miss your presence on earth but gather strength and wisdom from your continued energy and guidance. May that guidance continue to open my paths and roads and the paths and roads of those I love. May your wisdom bring love and prosperity into my home. May you place a wall of protection around me and those I love that no harm or anything negative will be able to breach. Amen.

Light the candle and burn frankincense in the name of your ancestors. Sit down on front of the altar and just relax. Allow your mind to wander as it may. Ask for your ancestors to speak to you. Do this for thirty minutes, then thank your ancestors and close the session.
Repeat this once a week.

In time, you will hear your ancestors speaking clearly. You can check that through obi divination.

Thank you for reading! I hope more newbies will start with their ancestors first and be enlightened by this thread!


Euoi, thanks for posting this, as you have mentioned a number of time that you venerate your Ancestors I was hoping you would post your mathod.

I have a few questions.

What if one in an orphan, or for whatever reason cannot get info like names or photos of your ancestors, would you still proceed as per your outline but not have the names on paper under the candle, or just write ‘My Ancestors’ on the paper, make contact and then get the info from the Ancestors directly?

Thanks in Advance

Also, do you think this works the same if one omits the Ancestors and just venerates ones Guardian Angel? Do you think you would get the same level of communication with that being, in around the same time frame?

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Amazing post Euoi! But could you please show us a pic of your Ancestor altar/How you made it ?

Thank you very much.

Alpha, yes, that’s precisely what I did when I didn’t know any of my ancestors. Im adopted, but Ihave contact with my bio mom and herfamily. I asked my ancestors to let me find out their names and my bio mom revealed they had ask account and I got a bunch of names from there. I have zero knowledge of my father and his family, but one of Mr ancestors can’t forward and claimed to be of his line. So I call on her to connect to that side of my family.
I only call on the Guardian Angel for protection, so I don’t know.

Ruben, if my ancestors grant me permission, sure. :slight_smile:

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How does one know whether these are really one’s own ancestors or just spirits masquerading as them?

So much of this game is done on instinct and intuition. Most of the magicians I have spoken to simply “know” when a spirit is trying to hoodwink them. Once a red flag is raised, you simply test them. You ask them various questions designed to trap any spirit who doesn’t smell right. For vetting a possible ancestor spirit, I might ask, “What are the lesson themes in my immediate and extended family?” A true ancestor can tell you great detail about the themes in ones family and how they came to be, and how they can be resolved. An imposter will stumble and fail.

This is why good bullshit detectors are a mandatory prerequisite for being an accomplished magician, imo.


To add to what Creed said start with your known ancestors first, people you knew well in life, they will allow the ones further back to come forward.

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you can also work with psychopomps, as I did.

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do the prayers have to be repeated weekly or is it a one time thing?

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You pray every single time you are going to sit down with your ancestors.

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Oh thanks, I wonder why I procradtinated with that calming rite.

And interesting that not all of my ancestors aprove my occult practice, as I heard.

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Thank you for the post Euoi, this is the alter I made for my family
following your post.

I used a housing for the candles b/c the place is small and
when I tried it burned the shelf above.

It turned out to be very pretty with candle lighted that it makes me want to
light all the time. For now it’s just once a week for the budget.

If I follow traditional style it has to be expensive & tacky
buddist style. I grew up without any traditional practice so
no nostalgia attached to the buddist style either.

I realized the ‘tackyness’ had been one of the big reason I never
really felt like offer my ancestor especially far away from
family home.

Since I started this a couple of weeks ago, I feel strengthened.
So thank you Euoi.

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Beautifully put - I have my ancestors alter and I try to light a tea candle daily and keep water for them. I just got more ancestor dirt- my great great grandfather who would ride with me before I knew who he was now has his dirt by his photo.

Your post is most interesting. Question: since I work mainly with demons can I substitute the guardian angel offering with an offering to my guides?

Thanks :pray:

Just a heads up, the OP hasn’t been on the forum for 6 months so may not respond to your question.

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Appreciate the friendly warning.:slightly_smiling_face:thank you.

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