Mma questions

So. I finally have my own private coach that wants to help me up the ladder in mma. Big dream of mine as a kid. I’m going to use two spirits to help me in my endeavors:

Belial to help me advance up the ladder like have more people notice me ect

And asmodeus to help me train a bit better perhaps🤔

Anyone else you have in mind? Or any goetia spirits I should replace these two with or?

Thank you guys!


Allah or GAU, I’m also watching and influencing this fights.
(Habiib, Conor, AB)
Find your native power God. Thor, perun, Santa Muerte, You have to have the clearest Intention.

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I would evoke Leraje to help with your fitness. I have had good results from this demon in this regard.

I know next to nothing about the mma world, but from what I do know, if you are training regularly, being challenged, working on a mix of fundamental techniques and sparring while taking your fitness just as seriously, that should do you pretty good.

I often find that there is some limiting factor that is the focal point which if focused on opens the way to progress. It’s like when first starting cardio, you are limited by your anaerobic function. You can be strong but if you can’t breath it doesn’t matter.

I’d consider looking for those spots in your fighting where you feel limited in your options or subpar in your execution. If you know what to do, but can’t do it, then you have that to train. If you don’t know what to do in a situation, then you know what to study - that situation and what leads into it.

I would respect that (presumably) your coach is more skilled than you, but I would never come to completely hand over the reigns. If you are really doing this, then you probably know your fighting much better than anyone else and so can give your trainer guidance as to how to most effectively assist you in your endeavor.

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I forgot to also mention I have a rlly fast metabolism. Now my question for this is I used marbas before for a natural testosterone pick up. Could he or someone else theoretically slow down one’s metabolism :eyes: probably not a good idea tho​:eyes::eyes::eyes:

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Asmodai. Listen to his enn when you are training if you can.

Buer, or perhaps Raphael if you are not opposed to working with angels. :+1:

Personally I would treat this as a war if you are going to be serious about MMA.

Find your ancestral spirits and your ancestors God’s and once you find the strength of family draw on that every morning as if your going to war.

War with the nay sayers, war with that little voice in your head, and most importantly war against yourself and how you might stop yourself from completing your goals.

Ancestral magic or whatever runs deepest so when your opponent kicks your a$$ (not saying they will but eventually happens to everyone) you can turn it around and draw on inner strength to push just one more step further than you thought u could go.


Athena, due to her office on tactics.


Thank u

Wait wdym tactics

All martial arts include a tactic component. All fights should. Well, Athena rules over strategy, tactics, wisdom, all the noble aspects of war.

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How does one find there ancestors or who they are exactly I never quite understood how to do that

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S.rob has a book in fighting,and v.k jehanunh has spirts for tat just scroll his blog. Mart is a Greek god of wark, tey are so the book blog spirt I mentioned are solid to try.

Strategy is your overarching plan, or set of goals. Tactics are the actions you take to get there.

For example, trying to cripple your opponent is a strategy. Repeatedly kicking him in the left ribs because you realized he is weakest on that side is a tactic.

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Well there’s generally a historical value you could find from your culture or surroundings

But if your like me and surrounded by one that’s not your ancestors it will require research.
I was surrounded by Christianity so those roots were to shallow for my liking and found deeper grounding in what my pagan roots were.
Turns out I’m mostly anglo Saxon and Scandinavian so my roots go to Woden.

The trick though if you don’t have access to family DNA or trees or research like that just look at the history of your people as a whole unless it doesn’t chive with you.

But the best way really is what are you going to call on when your “in the shit” so to speak

For example if I was dying and needed to fight till the end and thought “this is it so how do I want go out???”
I have many working relationships with things

Hecate, the Qliphoth, Hellenistic fields or Egyptian deities and their love and scales after death

But in all honesty, and if I was dying and had the adrenaline and really was put metal to metal
You reflex or auto reaction would show your true colors, what really grounds you and what is strongest foundation for your spiritual roots?

What would you call on if you were dying? Literally? And that’s your strongest playing card. It’s very personal and individualistic to… But strong. Stronger than any other connection :wink: