Do ancestors work the fastest to obtain goals

She says ancestors work fastest and also non tranquil spirits.

Is this true? Anyone have any experience working with another well-known spirit and ancestors?

I don’t now, but it seems clear that your own relatives will be more interested in your success and general well being.

As for the video… sigh, really? No image at ALL? That’s kind of weird to me. From any point of view.


They work faster for her, but it might not be true for another. This is pretty much heavily subjective per individual and entity.


How do you call the ancestors spirit? I have a very protective one with me since birth , I don’t want to just open the portal without knowing who I’m calling!


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In the Palo Monte, Palo Mayombe, Palo congo, Brillumba and Kimbisa developed by slaves from Central Africa and in the practice of the Tata or Father Nganga this line of work is a foundation which worships the dead and the spirits of nature . Mayombe is the intimate relationship of the spirit of a dead man who, together with animals, water, minerals, earth, sticks and herbs, make up the universe worshiped by the Cuban descendants of men and women brought from the kingdom of Manikongo . In the Cross Spiritism it is also a bastion since by the bloodline excellent protection is received in the integral area and its auspices in practice are countless.

What is alleged in that video is 100 percent true, it is real and extremely powerful, since disembodied spirits are more attached to this dimension and therefore their work is faster I certify it!


Oh shit @anon84896414 Thank you! You saved me time! Lol! I didn’t even know there was a guide on here I’ve been searching but couldn’t find any threads until I ran into this…I don’t know why but I sometimes have a hard time using the search function. :+1:

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