Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


2 heads and 2 tails


Ok . He heard but needs more focus and energy( and confidence)


Thank you so much, I’m very happy to have made connection. I had actually woken up from my sleep at around 3:30am, still feeling the tingling in my hands and introduced myself to Amon and asked if he would like to help me with my situation. I didn’t get a clear answer though I assume that the continuous tingling is my answer =) I’m going to make contact today, ask him for his help with my situation and keep you posted. Thanks so much for your help and for sharing =) If anything positive has come from this heartbreak, it has certainly been that I have been drawn to this path that I wish to continue as a life long commitment. So much more sensitive to energy now, signs, sychronicities, it’s truly amazing.


Yes that’s what I thought. I’ll do it again at night. Right now people at my home are awake.

Thank you!!! :heart::heart: Also it’s okay to use the same picture with the Sigil drawn on his face right?

Also, I just noticed I know it’s a little odd to say but I wasn’t turned on or anything while evoking Amon but I’m really wet out of no where! Does it have anything to do with summoning Amon? This has never happened to me


Hello dear folks, so I completed a ritual today and asked Lucifer and Amon for help with my situation. I focused on their sigil while visualizing my intent and it felt almost effortless. Like it was very smooth, it’s hard to explain but I felt so good afterwards. I’ve done spells before and they have shown me progress but this felt different, I think before I was HOPING my result would come to fruition whereas this time I KNEW it is going to happen. I don’t know how but something just told me deep down that this was going to happen and it will be done. It really does feel different so now I wait. :blush: No more obsession over the outcome, no more tarot reading after tarot reading and no more worrying. Just patiently waiting for Lucifer and Amon to bring me my intent I pay them in return with public recognition and I even offered them to feel free to feed off my sexual energy. Well, Have a beautiful evening everyone!


perfect! but don’t tell them to feed on your sexual energy because there is nothing more frustrating that feeling the orgasme coming and not having it because they took it form source ( just saying :wink: )


Hahaha oh gosh no way! I didn’t even think of that! Thanks for the helpful hint! :wink:That would be frustrating indeed haha


Good afternoon friends, so my candle has almost burned down completely. I started this ritual on Friday and Saturday was my love interests birthday. I had sent him a happy birthday message and he said thank you with a hug emoji. For me this is major progress to begin with because I hadn’t received one of those since we were actually together. Then, yesterday, I went out for the day to release the spell a bit and I saw his name everywhere! On books, on price tags, etc. Each time, I thanked Amon and Lucifer because again, I KNEW this time was different. I am in a state of knowing versus hoping. So now that the candle is nearly completely burnt down, two flames have appeared. One is on the wick, the other on intention that I had burned on the candle at the beginning of the spell. Do any of you lovely folks know what two flames appearing could possibly mean? Additionally, the flames are going toward one another and even joining at certain times. I get the feeling deep down that this is a good sign and the first work that came to my mind was, twin flame, but I could be wrong. Just wondering is anyone else has experienced this. =)


Dear Elle, I just noticed you were in Paris, France. I’m so sorry to hear about the fire happening. :cry: I Just wanted to send a message to check on you to make sure all is well and send you much love and light. I tried to send a pm but I’m still trying to find my way around the site so I figured I’d post a reply to the thread. Please be safe out there!


Wow, congrats :+1:t2:

Is first time I hear Amon, I don’t know many demon yet, but is cool to know the ability of Amon : )


@Dlight333 thank you very much. this is very nice of you. the french people and the parisian are very sad .


Oh you are so welcome! =) I’m glad to hear you’re safe! I could imagine, it must be a sad time over there right now. I felt such a great sense of great belonging here since I’ve started posting on this forum and it’s been such a great help to guide me on my new path and purpose. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been led this way. =)


What a naughty dream I had last night about my love interest! Last night, I asked Amon and Lucifer to show me, in a dream, what the future holds for me and my beloved and in the dream, he came back to me, apologized and things got crazy. Hail Amon! Hail Lucifer! <3 =)


I made the sigil of Amon and put it in my phone case, which was very stupid of me, as things keep falling out of there.
The sigil fell out and got lost. Should I do another one and store it securely this time


Approximately 20 minutes after I sent you my e-mail about losing Amon’s sigil, I got a beautiful smell of lillies.


Is Amon a demon of the Goetia?


First time I ever contacted Amon, I got results that same day. Second time I didn’t get results. A girl from the forum told me Amon wanted me do put more effort. I believe he showed me his power the first time so now I have to build a better relation with him so I can get definitive results.


do another one


Amon even if connected to the Goetia is the Egyptian god Amon Ra/greek Jupiter
the egregor connected to Amon is really powerful. actually we contact him for reconciliation or love or break ups but he can do everything, as long as you are willing to see your own truth.


Is it mean, need to use meditation to communicate with Amon first then go for your less than 5min method at your second reply of the thread? If someone never communicate with any demon before, do you have any suggestions before doing it?