Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


doesn’t matter


wait :slight_smile:


Sorry to bombard you with the questions!! I know I am getting annoying but this was my first successful calling to Amon and I am really really excited.

Can you please help me understand what is the best way to bring offering to him? How should I do it? If I want to give anything like drink or food, what is the procedure? During my first request I had an image of croissant and juice. I think this is what he wants?


I tried again last night but nothing heard or felt. Could you perhaps pm me so that I can check with you directly please?


Did you open the sigil and then put it under your pillow?


I don’t think a closed sigil would do anything so yeah. You open the sigil then put it under the pillow


I am not sure if I “opened” the sigil but I drew the sigil on my left palm like what ebdr said, chanted his enn and called out his name many times. I was holding the picture with the sigil drawn on the target’s face in my right hand as well. although I did not hear or sense anything, I made the request and slept holding the sigil and photo in my hands.

is that okay?


This just happened! For the past couple of days I’ve been so tired that I’ve just fallen asleep like I could be sitting at the dinner table and with a click of a finger I’m out dead cold and I’m still waking at 11:34 and in case you didn’t know what that is, it’s hell upside down on a calculator anyway! My boy has been kinda quiet (work) but I kid you not, I’m sitting on my bed just relaxing watching some YouTube and I am fully awake btw! I see a white tiny orb out of the corner of my eye I watched it manifest and then it disappeared prior to this me and Amon had a chat and I asked him last night to manifest in front of me if he could he never did and I’m beginning to think this was him today I am SHOCKED! I have NEVER experienced this


Well, I evoked Amon the same night when I said I would. I had evoked Belial a bit earlier (couple of days?) to try and remove any mental blockages my ex would have about me. So there’s that.

Things have been improving, fingers crossed I don’t want to jinx it by writing too much about it.
We’ve been exchanging messages and calls with my ex. We’ve actually met and spent the night together last weekend. Today he messaged me to tell me we could meet again on Sunday if I wanted to. He even apologized for some things.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


Hello Ebdr, thank you so much for the tip! I’m about to go to bed and I have been researching Amon today in the hopes of my love coming back to me. We have so much in common, such a connection that I’ve never felt before and he admitted the same but he has gone back to an old ex wife where the relationship was toxic because he thought it might benefit his child, but the relationship is not a good one so it’s not a nice situation. Anyway, I was thinking of working with Amon hearing of such great results he gives and I just took your advice and drew his sigil on my left hand and tonight as I fall asleep with it on my face, I hope he comes to me and can help me. I’ll keep you posted tomorrow. The wild thing is, my left hand is really tingling a lot! I wonder if its a sign! Thank you for the advice :blush: just trying to get the love of my life back.


My ex sent me a text after nine days. Just want to thank Amon for his help. More work to be done, I’ll remain positive and patient. Thank you very much :slight_smile:


tingling hand is connexion made :wink:


Hey good to hear :slight_smile:

My work is still in process, but it’s only couple of days passed.

Share with us what did you do to request Amon for his help? Sigil under the pillow or on the hand?


I did use the sigil under the pillow just to have some prophetic dreams.
I can talk to him directly so I don’t “need” to do specific things. The sigil drawn in the hands is also to connect effortlessly and have his energy around because he is soothing


Hi! Sorry if I confused. I replied to listlove :slight_smile:
I know that you talk to him directly, you were the one who assured me he took my case)

How did you reach such level of, trust let’s say, that you can talk to Amon directly?


When I dedicated myself to Lucifer, the same night Belzebulb came to see me. One week later he opened a book in front of me and wrote de name “AMON”.
When I called Amon weeks later he appeared in front of me within minutes. And since, the connexion is here.


hello, can you ask Amon how my issue is going on?how aree the energies working and does he keep working for me towards my goal? thank you


i did it on the hand for two nights but tbh, i did not feel or hear him. i listened to his enn and song the whole night as well. i am not sure if i did things correctly or not but i just thought that i should have faith in amon and thank him since i said that i will do that when there is any movement.


@ebdr Hello and greeting! Right now was the first time I evoked a spirit to help me with reconciling with my ex.
I did the same steps as you.

I am a beginner however I don’t know if Amon heard me. Penny divination gave me mixed answers. not sure if i did it right or if i should do it again.

Can you ask Amon for me if its okay with you? Thank you :slight_smile:


What was the first answer of the divination?