Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


Still no results. How often would you redo this?


@ebdr would you ask Amon if my request is still possible? I mucked up his work a little and I’m worried he’s done with me for now


Same here. I envy those who can communicate with spirits.


thank you for sharing this with us ! Should i also light a candle when doing this ritual with Amon ? If yes,which color ? Red for love ? Or black because its satanic?


I did a spell with Amon and used a purple candle as this is his candle color. However the most important thing is your intention behind the spell. White is universal so you can also use a white candle, and yes even red is good for love and pink as well. I wouldn’t do a black candle to bring love your way. Generally I see that as more and pushing something away or breaking something up rather than drawing. I read that Amon is most active from April 20-24th so the spell I’m doing is over those four days using a combination of a purple candle for him and a red candle for the heartogram spell.


Hello from Melbourne!


Could you please let me know which spell you used?


I couldn’t find a purple candle anywhere so I bought a red one and it worked just fine.


Hey mate it’s dean here if you have some free time and you’re up for it I would like to see if you could give me some help


Its Monday morning. Wednesday morning I can do working again. We can talk then


does it also matter how you put the photo into the phone case? I did it too today,and his face (and sigil) are facing the phone battery because you spoke about charging the phone.Thanks


As mentioned earlier (btw I had the same question) no it doesn’t matter if pic is facing the back of the phone or opposite direction.


i did the ritual an hour ago…i did not feel Amon’s presence or anything flashing…Lets hope i get results soon.


I don’t know if it’s fine, but you can do same way I did: do the ritual, open the sigil, then put it under your pillow once you go to sleep. I did it 2 times and both times I woke up close to the sunrise, with a massive energy in the room, and I felt his presence. I know he was there. Also, topic starter has a direct link to Amon, she can ask him if she will be kind enough, if Amon heard you or not (but I am most certain he did, since he was there even for newbie like me)


ok now i have done the ritual already…hmm i wonder because when i did draw the sigil, the circle wasnt really round.I hope he still accepts it…

In which country do you live?

Have you had any results?


I don’t think that’s the problem. My sigil was not ideal circle either, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Next time, once you draw a new sigil, do it with the pencil first, to make sure you can edit the parts you don’t like, then just draw the pencil over with the black permanent marker.


thank you


Good evening all :blush: just wondering, the candle I’ve had lit for my lovespell work to Amon, I noticed today has a dead fly stuck to the right inside of glass. Does this mean anything? An omen of some kind? Wondering if this had happened with anyone else or if it means anything particularly. Thanks friends :blush:


Hello Vampirella, sure thing, I actually did the heartogram spell. You can find it if you just search “heartogram” in the search bar and it will come up. I followed the foundation of the ritual but felt guided to add my own flair that just seemed to come naturally and I recommend the same or you. Keep your intention focused and strong and push your energy into the candle.


Thank you.