Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


Ok i won’t send him energy or anything, and i shouldn’t text him either?


text him in one week (minimum) not before, let his body be cleared from your energies first, and let him miss you, if he does not miss you how is he supposed to need you?


Sorry again, as I am very very new with all this.

So what I need to do now is print a photo of my loved one, draw a sigil on the face, blow air on it couple of times, and then put my intention into it and put the pic in the case under my phone? Is that correct?

Sorry for bothering as I am really just started working on it.

I can draw sigil with pen? Red or black, does it make any difference?


I love how easy this is. What a great example of sympathetic magick; simple really is better.

I am definitely going to do this one. As a matter of fact, let me do it right now.


DONE. With contact while reciting Amon’s enn along with this video.

Will keep you all posted on how it went.


Ok I’ll wait at least a week, thank you so much Elodie and say thanks to Ammon too :slight_smile:


Hi I tried this last night but didn’t manage to feel his presence at said time. Do I need to light candles or burn incense? What other things can I do?


So I did the sigil method under the pillow and I think it worked!!! First time in my life!!

I woke up at around 6am and after couple of minutes I felt something that is hard to describe. Like strong tickling in my whole body. I didn’t verbally say anything, i communicated the intention in my mind. After it finished, I felt small pain in my back and ringing in my ears.

Now Ellie, sorry again to bother you, can you please see with Amon if he accepted my request? Please?

Also, do I need to do the photo method now since I did the sigil under the pillow?


draw the sigil and open it/ call the demon. blowing air on it is giving life to the person on the picture. the colour" does not matter"


call him over and over, and relax to feel his presence, candle and incense is just for the “mood”


he was there, you can do the picture in your phone case so that the energy is " better" unless it will take a few more days, you have to push a bit more energy in your request


I am shocked!!

Thank you a million :slight_smile:
These are a great news!!

So he accepted my request, right?:slight_smile:




Did he accept my request or I should connect with him one more time? Will he be annoyed if I keep bugging him?


does your mind ever rest?

he heard you, you can call whenever you want , your are not bothering him but have more confidence in yourself.


It’s true that my mind does not rest ever since my love abandoned me, I’m too afraid to sleep. I wish I can talk to him like how you do. thanks a lot for your help, I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:


Did it last night with Amon’s enn playing .
I’ll tell you how it went.
Although, I did call him today and he didn’t return my call.
Am still hoping.


Had a chat with Ammon today just sat down with my pendulum and asked him some questions he’s really happy at the moment so happy that in fact about 2 hours after me speaking to him I began to feel sleepy despite having an 8 hour sleep so I laid down and had a dream about my ex where we got back together such an amazing feeling cannot wait for it to come true I’ll keep everyone updated :heart:


I tried this 2 weeks ago. Nothing but mine is rather complicated. Thank you for sharing this!!


Does it make any difference if picture with sigil is facing the back of the phone, or opposite direction?