Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation


Yes Sir!!! Human nature!!


Aaha I know exactly who you are you yes I am very glad and you gave me some great advice and I am much appreciatedeven though I haven’t had results with my problem yet and over the weekend we’ve been arguing like cats and dogs you gave me some great advice and I appreciate that and I didn’t want to bug you as you said you had other things to do I will let it go for a little bit longer but I might have to ask you for your help again and you’re right it doesn’t matter what you do in life you find negative people but the fact that I have found such great people on this site and no negative ones yet is just a good indicator that I’ve done the right thing cheers mate I thank you once again


Nice to see a fellow Aussie on here, mate! I’m in Sydney.


If it comes to that sure Ill message you. Im giving myself a casting rest for the next 3 days or so, in that time let Amon do his work and be patient and you should have results


Sounds good mate I hope you enjoy your rest


Yeah mate I’m from Toronto so I’m about an hour and a half away from you roughlynew to this site but it seems to be the best thing I’ve done in a very long time I wish I joined at years ago


ok then , left hand is “meant” to be the hand that “receives” energy
another technique is to sleep on the sigil, some people put the paper with the open sigil under their pillow, but i would advise you to draw it on a piece of clothing, or printless pillow case , and you directly sleep on the drawn sigil , it is very powerful and lots of prophetic visions


Thank you I will definitely give it a go and give you some feedback thanks for the information greatly appreciated


Hello, I tried to contact him twice, the first night i draw the sigil on the photo of the person i want to reconcile and I tried to open the sigil and put my desire on it.i didn’t know if i did it properly and i masturbate on it so i was sure it was charged…last night i took the photo again and i gave it another try to open the sigil… I used his enn, I lighted a candle too and I listened to his song …i think i was able to do it properly but I’m not sure if Amon listened to me, can you ask him if he got my desire and if he has anything to say?the guy i want is called Christos, he keeps ignoring me for a week now because he was feeling pressed and stressed about our situation but I really want him to talk to me again because i love him so much and i really want Amon to help me get back with him :slight_smile:


You seem to be able to connect/speak with him. Is he working for me?


Amon, got the message, though he says that you are “tensed” and that you are so eager for this to work that you are on the verge of anger and that even without the spell, your target feels threatened by you .
calm down, try to disconnect from the guy a bit, let him come to you, or you may make a big mess just with your energy. you are very powerful with telepathy and sending energy so the guy feels trapped . that’s not good. relax. even Amon won’t be able to help you if you are not letting go.



are you crying on the situation? if you do stop ! not helping
realise that Amon is transfering you energy to the person, and this vibe you are sending out is “creepy” -be happy, and confidente the person is in your pocket.

imagine the person does that to you? the whole spell and shit- you’d like to run away from the person asap, got me?



Do you know if Amon is working on my situation? Sorry- I know everyone is asking you now but if you have a connection better than mine I would love to know. Thanks


Yes he is right, I’m so tensed and attached that i made him feel trapped, he was afraid of my feelings. And am i really powerful with telepathy? I didn’t know that, i was trying to send him energy but because i haven’t any results i thought that i wasn’t so strong. If i relax and let the things calm down will he come to me eventually? What Amon believes? Is there a chance I’ll get him back?



the energies you sent worked, but against you, he can’t breath, to him all this is illogical, he does not want to think about you but you are always in his mind. this is counter productive. you are giving him energies of desperation, you should have sent him energies of pure love and peace if that is what you are feeling for him. he has to feel peaceful when he thinks about you, not desparate


Bless your heart for doing this for everyone❤️


I am only serving Amon :pray:


Just curious if you don’t mind me asking, is he happy with the pact I made?:heart:


I really tried to send him the love feelings because he is really important to me, but i was desperate that I’ll lose him. What can i do now? Is there anything I can do to make him feel better and not so stressed? If i text him after 10days that we don’t talk will make him feel better or he is gonna get more stressed? Or is there anything I can do telepathically? To send him positive vibes maybe?


don’t move . and don’t send energy. at least until 7-15 days give him air