Amon ALWAYS deliver fast! Ex-return /reconciliation

More than likely he heard you. Amon has always come to me with a quiet and calm energy.

This is so great to hear. Thank you.
But what I’m now stuck about is whether to leave it or to continue to listen to his enn and look at his sigil. Or summon him?

You can keep meditating on him if you want, and you can also call him just to talk, but you shouldn’t ask him the same thing over and over

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Great to know. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

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I will do this tonight :grin: Reading all the positive things about Amon has really encouraged me to try working with him. This will be my first time to Work with Amon. I am going through a very tough period of my life. My husband has since moved away frm the house we share with his family leaving me and my son. We barely talk. He blocked me. He is listening to his family meddling in our issue hence causing strain in our marriage. I am so torn and its hell living with his parents with him not here. Woulld really appreciate any help or encouragement as this would be my 1st time working with Amon. I have so much faith he will come through for me.


I did this last night please could u tell if Amon listened to my petition?

The easiest way to tell is to wait and see if what you petitioned for manifests. It requires patience, but that’s the best way to tell.

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He did

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Aside from working with Amon, I would:

  1. Call on Dantalion to change hubby’s mind about leaving you, to unblock you, remember the positive moments between you and influence him to come home.

  2. Use this method to send him love, positive energy & implant thoughts into his mind.

  3. Whatever was done on your end to contribute to the breakdown of the marriage, work on yourself to make it right. I’m by no means accusing you of anything, just saying if you were insecure, work on building self confidence, things of that nature. We always focus on what the other person did to leave us, but we don’t always look inward and analyze what we may have done to push the person away. Again, not accusing.

Good luck.


I tried DOM and sigil gazing with Dantalion for the same thing, but without any result. Which method do you use to work with the Duke?

I don’t use any particular methods when I call him. I just light a green candle, and meditate until I feel I connected with him. If I’m calling him for a ritual, I either print a pic of the person and draw Dantalion’s seal over their face, or draw his seal if for another reason, and offer tea, chocolates or whatever he likes.


Avage Secore Amon Ninan

hello @ebdr I would like to ask a question. I see on some sites saying moon and violet candle for Amon, others Sun and red or golden candle. I was slightly confused.

candle is just a tool; the colour is to give the frequency of a particular energy
i would go for gold and red definitly

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