Am I evil?

you are not good , you are not evil, you are the everything.
you are the beginning, you are the end - you are the creator and the destructor

one creates harm against you and you creates harm against him, and so what? it’s only a question of moral according to the society and the social believes that we’ve been fed off since we are kids.


This tbh. Just look at animals; they’re absolutely ruthless and “evil” by modern society’s standards. To be “evil” is to be natural. But one could argue that animals don’t count because they don’t know any better. Still, I stand by what I said “evil” = natural.

That being said, I think the words “good” and “evil” are just pointless human abstractions. Animals, psychopaths, monsters, regardless of the species merely act in accordance with their own nature.


Good and evil are abstractions and hard to define or quantify.

I much prefer to use malevolent and benevolent as a suitable alternative to good and evil, because intent is more easily quantified.


Evil is a mere human conception, the concept of evil doesn’t truly exist, darkness is not evil and light is not good.

If becoming a living god is your goal, then as a god you should do away with, the human concept of good and evil, be the darkness, be the light, be the god of all heavens and the devil of hell’s unholy might.


Pretty much everything is conceptual, merely by the words we create when communicate with eachother. We describe our actions and others actions, but it’s easier to dismiss the “good” and “bad” as long as it doesn’t affect us personally, right? Does that make people indifferent, maybe a bit disconnected, immoral and unethical?

Good and evil is, as good and evil does. Because both of these words has some kind of meaning to those who experience life. Sure, it can mean different things for different people, but it’s still there to be embraced or despised.


So many like minded individuals.

For the record I completely agree things are subjective, no I wasn’t calling myself such, I wanted this level of conversation. Its nice to rally everyone under a banner with all the bs that has been going on.

If anything the only thing that made me question the person I am is having people give me looks and say “But thats your (insert family member title), you shouldn’t do that”

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I’m somewhat simple minded about evil, in the sense that for me it includes accidents, quarrels, murders… but indeed it’s likely that doesn’t “absolutely” exists.
Harming in response to an original harm may be all of the three options: in itself is normal, if excessive is temperemental and, although subject to choice, sometimes may be necessary as an act of justice.

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“Evil” might be a dogmatic construct, but when the debate is mostly about the choices we make through action and reaction, making the consequence justifiable, we forget the issue where victims is involved. What about the victim perspective?

Maybe we should change the word to “bad” or the events to “unfortunate events”?


Its not as though I’m going to death curse one of my kin because they said something I didnt like. One of my family member’s attitudes towards myself and every other person around them has been devolving continually to where they will begin yelling and guilting and berating over the simplest things, and then proceed to tell whoever has an issue with it that they are over sensitive.

For them, life may be about to become chaotic just so they remove their head from their ass.

Ha, thats my response to this type of question. More alike than we figure, brother.

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i think you should think very much before taking this kind of act against someone, even more if its someone from your family


Very true… I think its funny that I’m being reminded of animal nature at this point… Working with my darker side and such… It reminds me of when I got my spirit animal read by that shaman… Told me to take the animal into myself, visualize it with me constantly and act in accordance with it…

I’ve seen animals turn on their young and vice versa in the face of harm and danger… Nature is to survive…


Exactly. Nature itself is “evil” and sinister. New Agers, and fluff-bunnies need to let go of the romanticism of nature.


Evil is very subjective to each individual. Is it evil to defend yourself by all means necessary? No. Is it evil to stop negativity and harm in its tracks? No.
Now to me, someone like a rapist or a pedo or an animal abuser - THAT’S evil.

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I know there are similar threads, I had a follow up question which is the reason I posted…

Just compiling the most recent one. Joining the opinions together.

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Well, I’m going to challenge some views here. I’m not singling anyone out; this is for everybody to consider. I usually don’t touch on the topic of evil, since it is subjective and open for interpretation.

You have the people who murder for fun, destroy lives for fun, sacrifice animals and people, pedos, and abusers of all sorts. There are also some demons who partake these activities and get enjoyment from it. Everyone seems to agree that these people/beings are all “evil”. It’s a societal standard to hate and attack such individuals. To wipe them from existence, since they are a “blight on society”. I have difficulty seeing how they are evil and we’re not.

Because they don’t have a “reason”? Because they are “harming” and “oppressing” people/animals for no “good cause” or “justifiable reason”? Because they are “demented”, “warped”, and “wrong”? Because their attraction is “wrong”?

Do not misinterpret; I am not defending them. I wish to understand the reasoning behind what constitutes as “good or evil” ; “right or wrong”. Is it truly your own viewpoints or something that you have been conditioned to learn from society?

I for one have accepted the very real possibility that I am evil. Does that mean I hate myself? Hell no. I accept and embrace this part of myself. It’s not simple carnal pleasures I speak of. It’s the part of me that revels in seeing and inflicting the suffering of others. Seeing them torn apart, both literal and metaphorical. Unprovoked, just for the hell of it.


These are my view points. I’ve seen and felt the damage rape and abuse can do. I have formed my opinions thusly.

As for the animal sacrifice, I haven’t seen anyone against it, not on balg at least. Some of us have to in our practices. It isn’t fun, it isn’t to be enjoyed, but it is done. It is called a sacrifice for a reason. It is meant to be hard.


Well now, it all depends.
I don’t necessarily believe in evil nor good, it’s basically a matter of perspective.

In your particular case, one may consider you a good person, because you will only attack the ones that bring harm to you, so it’s self-defense. On the other hand someone else may consider you a bad person, justifying its argument with things like “If you hurt your own family then you are a creature deprived of morality”.

It all comes down to you.
You are eternal, everyone else is temporary.
You decide what is good and what is bad

Now, there are some exceptions to this case. You see, everything I said now applies only in the case in which you are a normal, healthy human being. Sociopaths and psychopaths - or simply people that are diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder have a poor inner sense of right and wrong, so they might be killing tens of innocent men and women without feeling a thing - HOWEVER - Does that make them a bad person? Nope. They think that they aren’t doing anything bad but in reality they are…

…or are they?
That’s for you to decide



Evil is Live spelt backwards.