Am I a Demon?

I have been going through some things, and kinda know where this answer is going, and what the answer is, but I want to throw it our there to hear from wizer more experianced people than I.
Even though i spent 40 years of my life as a Christian Priest Theologian, and had many many unbelievable experiances, i always felt like i was wearing the wrong uniform and faking myself to ‘fit in’ almost all the time.
Without asking for the thoughts to come, during my efforts to reconnect with Abigor Eligos, i kept getting “answers to not vocalised questions” one of which is basically, “Why me”? Why do spirits from all kinds, but especially Demons want my attention?" Why do I get better results in my life when i am “Living unrighteously according to churchianity” and when struggling to ‘Keep all the rules’ and all but totally rejected by the “Righteous guys, angels and stuff”. i have now been having "You were a demon before your ‘mortal experiances’ and the reason certain demons always seem to attentive to me, is because i am a “War Demon”, Hence the reason Abigor Eligos came to get me and pull me over to the Demonic plain and make contact with me… then something about " I am His [A particular Demons brother].
Even though i am planning on diving in hard for answers to this and more details, is there anyone out there who knows abit about this "Being a Demon/War Demon during my non mortal periods?
My last 4 past lives, have always ended with me killed in combat, except for this one- unless there is something in the future I yet do not know about, I do know that should there be some form of warfare on the continent I will likely pick a side, and ride my golfcart blazing into battle [kinda kidding about the golf cart- it may be an up-Armoured Rascal !] i cannot fathom an old man peaceful death— i am sure it would have many many lives ago if that ever happened.
Anyone who knows something I am happy to recieve data to take with me into my Workings this season.
FDM James Staples V


No, you aren’t a demon.

Nobody is a demon, except for a demon.

People who think they are ‘part-demon’ or anything of that nature are usually delusional. The rest have some pretty strong pacts/invocations that give them ‘demonic’ traits.


You could be. I’ll leave it at that.


Agreed. You could be. Not say you 100% are. But there are things that are possible.


My advice read @AdamThoth experience and see how you feel about it.


Nothing is impossible only improbable.

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sounds like temptation to me.

let me be honest, I had questions myself as a boy…I grew out of it but…by what logic would you assume such things? As a Catholic I never run into any of those issues save from people. which is why ikeep my shit secret.

so first thing, why to you think this?

I feel like I could reply to this with a multitude of different perspectives. Since you mentioned the church I will give it from sort of that direction. According to church and the ancient books…demons are the disembodied spirits of the anunnaki, the offspring of the fallen angels aka Azazel and friends. The anunnaki populated the earth and now many people believe the bloodline, though watered down, still lives on. Many people in the church even believe this because a close study reveals that the bloodline did indeed pass on through the generations. Meaning that you could very well have anunnaki blood within you. As far as the church… if this is where you’re truly longing to be, then I would recommend leaving the church. You shouldn’t betray yourself, and them this way. They see you as something you’re not, and you are forced to behave as something you’re not. At least step down from the ministry or take some time away… just suggestions…


PM sent.

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I know this is the first time I have heard the term annunaki but at the same time it’s very familiar

Basically all of the book of Genesis is about them. And the book of Enoch. And actually a lot of other things too. They’re the offspring of the fallen angels. Demons came from them basically. People say that people with the rh- blood type are probably the ones with anunnaki blood but idk how much of that is true.


Calling someone delusional on a magickal forum? Please. Disagreeing and explaining why someone is wrong is good, but giving them a label is counterproductive. Calling someone delusional makes you look like those angsty fedora atheists that lurk in the youtube comment section shudder

@Frater_Dark_Matter , here are my two cents on this: A demon is either:

  1. a spirit

  2. divine intelligence, as defined by S. Connolly

If you think a demon is inherently a spirit, then, no, you’re not a demon. Yet! But you will be.

If you subscribe to the idea number 2, then, yeah, you are. But so are the other people who are in tune with their ‘divine spark’. S. Connolly herself says humans are demonic



When I say usually delusional, I mean things like ‘otherkin’ and other such sillyness. The information that I am basing this statement on is from several spirits of knowledge who were asked about otherkin and the like.


Still, though, I think it would be much better if you were to give people a proper criticism instead of slapping a label onto them. That does nothing. It’s just shaming language which only pisses people off instead of showing them and making them realize why they’re wrong.

But, hey, if you enjoy pissing people off without caring to prove them wrong, you do you, man.


Lol I read that then scrolled down to “Hissing Hornets Nests”


@Frater_Dark_Matter There are light workers, earth angels. So it’s not strange you feel that you don’t exactly fit in. Always wondering your different than others. I think many people on this forum are different, they are sensitive enough to sense other vibrations. And why is that? Do we have another goal? Left or right? Follow your gut and heart in this awakening.


I think it all just depends where your own personal belief lies. You test until you find something that feels right. A lot of people disagree with my view that everyone is bisexual and it just depends where in the spectrum you are. Taking the first step on a site that openly refutes mainstream religions and judeo-christian ideaology is the biggest part of finding something that fits.


Well I think it’s not considered cool to have a partly come out. In my experience with people especially after alcohol strange things happen when you don’t expect it from a person. On the other hand some people I cannot consider bi-sexual in any way, maybe I’m mistaking. Or maybe is this they way they are at the moment.

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Then I would say those people are at one end of the spectrum. I have seen people go from all one way to all the other


Look man, I’ll keep it brief because it is a huge thing:

  1. You get better results because demons actually care and are closer to whatever other religious figure.

  2. Christianity started as a good thing all about abolishing bloody sacrifice, making religion accessible and simple, but mainly about caring about each other. Some sort of universal fraternity beyond race and class. Sorry to preach to a priest none the less, what I mean to say is that all what came after, the idea that you’re nothing without joining Jesus’ book club? Bullcrap to ensure the flow of tithes.

  3. There are people who ARE demons but not in the way of fiction. Basically, time does not exist in the atral so you got a demon (you could call it your Godhead as per kabbalistic definitions more or less) who projects into the physical realm by becoming incarnate, to experience a life that is actually not unfettered and static as it is in his own side of the Creation. So, you might well be this.

Does it make you any better than the rest of us? Cannot tell, but what I can assure you is that you should indulge in that thought. Will make you a much secure person in the long run.

  1. Rather than a War Demon as you put it, I’d say we’re cut from the same cloth or we belong to a same archetype. I’ve also croaked it in combat for the last two lives, and one was ended by the Black Plague nonetheless! I’ve noticed that this forms a tendency as my work is mainly baneful. Did the experience shape me like that? Was it in my nature all along? No idea. These are questions you ought to ask spirits and yourself. I also cannot fathom a tranquil death too, haha.

So yeah, you are, but far away from here. That is why you ought to spend this life mired in the arcane and discovery, less caring about the cosmogony and where do you fit in respect of an alleged God (per Christian definition) and what not. The answer to that might come later, after this life, for it is like being a nine years old kid already looking up car insurance options. Yer going too fast.

BOTTOM LINE: Aye you are a demon but that is “merely” outside your mortal shell. The reason we incarnate is because we are in some sort of nightmarish highschool and our species is merely the uniform. And even if you’re not and this is simply the delusions of an old Christian washout (as you might catch yourself thinking at times), delve in it shamelessly my comrade! It will shape your soul and path into reaching apotheosis; at least in the sense that you will be better than you are now, not guaranteeing you’ll be able to call down lightening at will.

And remember, as you well know already, the path of the magician is that of an eternal cycle between the utter despair of the cynic and the high hopes of the gullible. Why? Because they are useful forces. You will break down and rebuild yourself many times. Otherwise? It wouldn’t be fair nor entertaining!

PD: Hope that this life ends peacefully, you’ve earnt it. And if not? More reasons to become a prepper. I am getting in better shape thinking there might be a hard rest by 2020 and though I like not needing a gunfight to buy my groceries, does not mean I should slack.