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I sent payment, and re-sent the description. Please let me know if still not received. Thanks

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I’ve blurred out our personal messages but here is a screenshot showing I’ve answered as well as time

Just awaiting for you to message brother

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Hello, how do I message you to look into a ritual for hire ?

You have to reach the level in membership that allows you to dm someone, if you have not reached it then they would have to dm you.


Hey could you message me please

Tell him to message you since you dont have the option yet

It is past the 30 day mark. Op says sale would last for 30 days from 8/20.

Can you please contact me - I have an urgent matter i hope you can fix

I took up the ritual for hire out of curiosity, usually I wouldn’t do these but I wanted to see what would happen and I’d have to say the 1st ritual helped along with Eva’s shamanism method, then the 2nd ritual really brought it together and the image I was sent of the ritual was amazing especially seeing the green energy/luminescent energy on my sigil.

I’d honestly say I’m very impressed with his work.

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Is Envocation different than Invocation?

Yes there’s a number of threads about it that can be reached through the search function.

Evocation is the art of summoning spirits to a tangible form, possession is when that spirit then will enter you and take over you and eventually become one with you.

Envocation is reverse possession using specific methods of alchemical stabilisation through evocation and soul travel, so instead of the spirit possessing you. You leave your body and you possess the spirit, at that moment you see through its eye, you have access to all its knowledge and memories and any abilities or powers that spirit has you can now control as the spirit has now merely become the vehicle for you to control and wield


Alright, that sounds like it’s the hypest.

Thank u for explaining that

Can I get a message about your prices/rates?

Hello, can you pm me? Thanks

Can you PM me please. ( I can’t pm yet.)

Hey, can you PM me the rates as well? Thanks