All My Services Are Now 50% Off

Hi :slight_smile: i’m not able to PM you because I’m a new member (i’ve been stalking the forum for a long time but i finally decided to become active lol) could you please message me? xx

Hey there, Im interested in your services. Would you mind messaging me. :blush:

hey, im very interested in this. can u send me a reply and let me know the cost.

Hey, Im interested in the mentorship program. Can you message me? Thanks

I am interested in some spellwork. Can you please message me? Thank you in advance.

Hi I can’t message you because I’m new can you message me I’m interested :slight_smile:

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Hi Connor, I’m interested in your services…Please PM me. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Connor,

I m new here. Can’t send you a message. Can you please message me.


Hi Connor, I’m interested in your services, can we get in touch? :alien:

you have to make an introduction

how so?

Just make aneew topic that talks about your experience with magic. it is a rule

Oh, I see! Thanks (:

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Please message me if you can, I am interested in ritual for hire. Thank you!

Wow just in time. 30 days is almost over.

Can you please message me your rates?

I sent you a PM of a description for ritual for hire. Would like to go ahead and pay for services, but don’t know your PayPal information. Thanks.

I did message you back my friend, you must not have seen it

Yes, I did. I then sent you a description, but did you then send something further with the payment details?

Yes I did and I’m still waiting to hear from you