All My Services Are Now 50% Off

All My Services Are Now 50% Off.

From today for a whole month all my magickal services will be 50% off.

  1. Month Trial Mentorship - As many of you know my mentorship program is probably one of my most purchased service. I normally only do a 12 month mentorship, however I am now offering a month trial. Pay me a small fee to learn any and all magickal arts for a whole month.
    Have my undivided attention and work on developing your astral senses, baneful magick, love magick, money magick, soul travel, evocation, sympathetic magick and loads more.

  2. 12 Month Mentorship Program - In this service which I offer, I will guide and mentor you in your own becoming. Teaching you everything I have learnt over a decade, secrets past onto me by other mentors I’ve had, from my family and from the ancient god’s themselves. Evocation, Invocation, Soul Travel, Energy Work, Idolatry, Baneful Magick, Love Magick, Sympathetic Magick, Glamour Magick, Healing, Scrying, Envocation and loads more.

  3. Ritual For Hire - Do you have a certain goal in mind, maybe you aren’t confident in yourself to perform these rituals. Maybe you have and you are still in need of developing, so as you develop you need another to perform this ritual on your behalf. Nothing is off the table with my ritual for hire service, from love spells to curses, from empowerment rites, to protections. Whatever your working towards we can achieve it.
    You get a hour free consultation with this to discuss and analyse the goal at hand.
    I then send you photographic evidence of the ritual being performed on your behalf.

  4. Consultation Service - In my consultation services you can ask me anything you want nothing is off limits. I’ll advice you in all aspects that you speak on, as well as live channeling over the chat contacting entities, guides, demons and even deceased loved ones.

  5. Consecrated Magickal Items Of Power - Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that is consecrated to bring you love, sex, wealth etc.
    Are you looking for beads, talisman’s, mandala’s, rings etc which are empowered with a specific entity or force which you wish to work with.
    What about idols, vessels, houses which I construct and then bind a spirit to the vessel for you. Which I also send detailed instructions with channeled prayers, litanies and chants to rouse the entity from the vessel for you.
    The list is endless on the items of power I create for you. I’ll show you photographic evidence of the rituals done on them, showing my in-depth and detailed process of making such magickal devices.

  6. Customised Request - Is there something else your looking for ?. Something you’ve never seen magicians offer in their services, something you want tailored specifically to you. Let’s talk about it and allow me to do it on your behalf.

All requests and inquiries should be done over private message. Please if you have a request message me, if you haven’t gained the ability to message forum members simply comment beneath and request me to message you and we can begin.




May your business forever give you what you want from it.

Dark blessings my brother.


Thank you brother, business is going great.

Dark blessings to you, too my brother.


Well I’m sure you are doing a great job.
Will definitely try one of these mentorships out in the future (ugh when I won’t be so damn busy :unamused: )
Toodles :upside_down_face:


Hey there, Im interested in your services. Would you mind messaging me? :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think that’s one of the difficult things when you first start out, trying to organise time for both your mundane life and magickal life. Sooner or later though they merge and blend and eventually are one in the same.


I’ve just messaged you :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you message me the rates with the discounts applied? im looking to invest more in my practice :slight_smile:

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Of course man

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Thank you so much :hugs:

Hi, Connor,
New here, and wasnt able to PM you and was wondering if you might be kind enough to PM me.

hi i’m interested in your services if you would like to pm me! :blush:

I’m interested in the mentorship… are you still accepting people? Can you message me the rates?

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Hoping business takes off in a hurry so I can take advantage of this! Unfortunately, I’m in an emergency situation and too broke for services. Oh well.

Still developing and praying to Santa Muerte and writing petitions in the meantime. Santa Muerte, thankfully, doesn’t need rituals and stuff to come to our aid.

Kendall I’m interested in learn , the mentorship, send me, more details for the rates? Maybe can reach your cost ?
Thank You

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I always wanted to ask you if you have menfested an entity in physical form can you teach that

Sent you a pm :slight_smile:


I sent you a PM

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I sent you a message

I sent you a message also, SIR.