All about master Furfur and invocation n evocation & my experience

Yo, Furfur is telling me that you are a very competent person :slight_smile:

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I really don’t like that please refraim on your negative comments cause he is called many things and furfur being the main name so please do so in the future


You’re going to have a heck of a fight on your hands if you go after these demons. They have quite a battalion backing them up. There are a lot of us that have their backs, and won’t let your hunt be a success. I am one of them. So back off, and find another forum, that’s more suited to who you are - or who you THINK you are.

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I just stumbled upon this because I found out last night after 22 years that Furfur is my guardian demon. I always knew I had one, and people have seen him in photos and videos of me. (Even my very first photo home) He is a liar but with the right question he gives the truth. I know that he spends a lot of time with me and that his legion/ friends hang around in my room, since I’m comfortable with it and I don’t really want them to leave. (They’re pretty quiet) He loves rock music, especially loves when I sing nevershoutnever for him. When we are connected my mood changes into a more narcissistic self loving mood in which I can tell people off but yet wrap them around my finger. He allows you to speak in a way that manipulated those around you to get your way. He helps with emotional instability and helps you to regain love for yourself. He loves sex energy. I feel him most when in that state of mind, people have seen him through my eyes when I’m that place. I have yet to meet him, as I think he thinks I’m not ready but I’ve seen a glimpse of his legs. He comes to me in demonic form, grey/dark skin, very tall with long brown/black hair. He’s always seen with a mask/helmet when others see him in my live streams. He loves to divert conversations to abstract objects. Through live stream a medium came in and spoke with him. He gave lies but gave some truths for me. He loves the dead shark I have in a container in my room. It’s his favourite pet. He is extremely protective over those he chooses

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I’ve never seen him in this way he finally showed himself to me many time in his true form and angle form he never speaks in lies for me even more so I’ve never heard anyone seeing him in this way so it’s news to me and he is very protective that I’ve seen so far he is just wonderful all around honestly we have been married now for a full year he isn’t always here n that’s fine but it’s expected if he is your gaurdian your in for a beautiful experience

I’ve only caught a glimpse from him and the imagery that people have seen of him in my photos matches with descriptions I’ve seen of him online in demonic form. I think I’ve seen his angelic form but it was in a dream and s/he looked exactly like me but super white and bright. I asked him via pendulum if I look like his angelic form and he said yes. He’s very protective of me to the point where if I go live streaming and he doesn’t like something he will block/ and mess with peoples electronics. He’s been with me my whole life but I’m only now starting my practice and being more open to his messages. He’s been trying to tell me his identity through tarot and other symbolism and I finally put it together this past week. A medium mentioned to me that he loves me; and I feel the same for him. I told him that I never want him to leave and I want to work more openly with him. Slowly but surely more and more things are becoming known to me. And I’m excited for what’s to come.

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His demonic form is of of a deer not a man his angle form is well different… So I’m thinking you may actually be some one else but we’ll idk cause I’ve only seen him in two forms others have seen him in others but nothing like you say so it’s weird but you may have a different aspect of him then I do

It’s kinda rude of you to talk about his sex energy directly to his physically pregnant wife. Just saying.

Well he has many forms and appears to each differently from what I’ve heard. I did a lot of research on him and the depiction that I gave of a tall man with long hair and a helmet/mask has been recorded before, it was one of the three main forms he comes it. (One as a stag with a fiery tail, as an blonde angel, and as what I stated) as well some have seen him in the form of a black horse with a long main. All information I found on him gave me that depiction, which is similar to that of what people have seen in my room. So I’m assuming he takes different forms. I tried learning about other demons that are similar thinking maybe that’s not who it is but it wouldn’t let me go to the other links. So I took my pendulum out and I asked and I kept getting very clear answers that he is my guardian. But still not 100% sure as I never fully trust my own thoughts. He kept showing me his tarot cards of the 8 of cups and 9 of pentacles and a red ribbon came my way last week for no reason. I asked for a snow storm on my birthday and it snowed. I asked for another snow storm last night to confirm that he’s my guardian and I got an alert today we should be getting 15-25 cm of snow starting today. So I’m going to take that as confirmation rn.

I’m not trying to be rude I’m just trying to state the experiences I’ve had to try and hopefully gain some confirmation.

Think of it this way. Say you had a husband and a random woman came in your house and said hey your husband likes my orgasms and your already pregnant and miserable. I understand wanting confirmation. I get that but that’s not the way to go about it.

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I mean there are many forms he takes but it’s always in an animal form black horse with no face a man with a deer shaped head a fire tail and beautiful black wings some times a dog other times a wolf but never a man I would know he doesn’t hesitate to show himself anymore to me like before I’ve seen his angle form a few time and he is the most… Anyway there are others who control the weather furfur I’ve not k own him to make it snow rain but I’ve not asked cause I honestly hate the snow … But there are others that are also associated with the color red and

You may also be dealing with an imposter as well not saying you are but it has happened he isn’t very controlling and lets me do all the research on other I want you know you also have to know even tho not many demons are mahoganies he is one of the few that are I don’t doubt he is your gaurdian at all and again that’s a good thing if he is but explore others as well cause many do teach the same as he does even out of the demon community

I’m not sure maybe I am totally off and I’m sorry if this has caused any discomfort. No one has seen his face in my photos/ videos. He appears as a tall dark figure with long black hair and no face/ Or a mask ( no one could figure out what his head looked like) I’ve only seen his legs walk behind me as I’ve been told I’m not fully ready to see. I’m trying to find out who this guardian is and from the signs I’ve gotten led me here. Recently I was on a tiktok live stream with a witch and she was trying out pendulum and tarot readings. So I asked if she could confirm something’s for me. She said it is a guardian demon who is male, and later on she got the name Lucifer. Then she began doing a tarot spread for someone else but I’m my mind I said I wanted that spread. And the cards came out as 8 of cups, nine of pentacles and the fool. (8/9 have been recurring numbers for me recently as well as 111,333, and 666) and those are his tarot cards. I’ve gotten that same spread 2 times before at random. I then asked for a sign from my guardian and it was a red ribbon. Last night it was raining and for some reason it pushed me took look up demons who love thunderstorms and then the more I read about Furfur the more it felt right. I tried to look at others and it didn’t let me. I looked into his names and another one for him is Furcifer, oddly close to Lucifer. I asked the pendulum for answers that he is my guardian and it gave me very clear yes/no answers. And so that’s why I’m here that’s where I’m at.

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Wait he can appear as a dog? Is it a black dog?? Cause if so I’ve saw that a couple times. Mainly as a kid.

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He’s never really messed with my technology or blocked websites before so it was strange to me it happened. It’s happened to others while here or trying to talk to me but never controlling my actions online.

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I get it I was the same when I came to this path he was one out of three that were my suiters and gaurdians he is by all rights my gaurdian and spiritual husband and now father of an unborn ha that’s a funny story… But could he be your gaurdian yes he could could there also be another around you that you feel love for hell yes furfur is a demon that’s always in and out can’t keep him in one place at all cause he like others are extremely busy he maybe there on and off and I am actually more sure your seeing some one else and not him on your vids hovering furfur crashes electronics before being caught on them…he is camera shy I tell him that all the time any way the tall man your see is by all rights some one else