All about master Furfur and invocation n evocation & my experience

ok i searched on here for info on him when i first started but couldnt find a damn thing soooo…here you go for anyone who want to work with him ill start off with what you know…

Names: Furtur, Furfur
Sacred Numbers: 13, 29, 28, 12, 11, 1
Colors: Red, Silver, Pink, Black
Rank: Earl
Date: Feb 19-29; Sept 8-12; March 30-April 12
Zodiac: Virgo 15-20; Pisces 0-10; Aries 10-14
Tarot: 9 of Pentacles/Disks; 8 of Cups
Element: Fire; Water; Earth
Enn: Ganen Menach Tasa Furfur
D/N: Diurnal
Legions: 26
Gematria: 572
Primary Attributed Qliphas: Thagirion; Satariel
Secondary Qliphothic Attribution: Samael
Lesser Qliphothic Attributions: Golachab; Gamaliel; Ghagiel
Trans-Sephirothic Veil: Spirit is Attributed to All 3
Primary Planetary Attributions: Mars; Saturn
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Uranus; Earth; the Black Moon
Specialties in Non-Qliphothic Sphereworkings: Bapki; Falak Al-Aflak
Compass (From Most to Least Attributed): Southeast; Southwest; East; West
Attributed Substances: Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Dragon’s Blood, Cypress

i just found out he likes sex energy and he is very picky with who gives it you gotta be with him for awhile before he accept it off the bat.
he just now disconnected my lap top (made it malfuction and turn off) i was going to use th evp app i found to talk to him but i dont think he like that idea our session went from me apologizing to us making up to us MAKING up…it was a first for me so yeah .anyway his voice is horse rough and or cold some times he reminds me of levi from aot ho he speaks. he is a lier so you gotta remind him to speak truthfully he hates being threaten and being put in shapes he finds it disrespctful and will and can lead you down the wrong road if you dotrust him he is friendly.
all n all he is a dear i havent actually seen him in person he says im not ready yet how ever he comes to me in dreams as a tall man with long brown hair
he loooooovvvvvveeeeessss shiny things idk y but he does n things that are red ribbins rocks coins food lik cake ice cream broccli lettuce carrots bread chocolate sweets n gnral he also likes books and poams and music rock music i think

depending on the person he will show up as what you see him as if you feel like he is a female h will show up as one but he is always male for me.

if h shows up as a woman he would look like he had white silkly wings, blonde curley hair and large blue eyes.

While the traditional lore claims that Furfur appears as a deer with a fiery tail, Goetic demons don’t adopt their traditional appearances unless the magickian expects them to. Demons choose their appearance in order to communicate something to you about themselves, some times he can show up as a black faceless horse with a flaming mane if he so pleases.

Furfur can destroy electronic devices in rooms what vr room he is called in i expreianced this twice now my laptop will survive but he destroyed my light in my bathroom cause i had it on not sur by purpose the.

Furfur can teach

the art of astral shapeshifting and grant the witch protection from predators.

Furfur makes the witch smooth and skillful in spewing heresy as well as in delineating whatever else does not want to be heard.

Furfur teaches the witch to seduce and mislead other people

he gives assistance in the pursuit of monetary gain to the point of wealth.

He can wreak havoc on one’s introspection and thus help destroy the ego.

Furfur rules over introspection, transformation, attraction, the carnal ego, and aggressive behavior. Furfur is the lord of storms and he incites romantic affection. Sometimes he inspires sexual deviancy amongst his victims for his own pleasure. He teaches the witch concerning matters of divinity and esotericism and he can aid in the dissolution of the ego. He helps raise energy and aids in fire skrying. He reveals the secret thoughts of others. He brings about all forms of storms and imparts a love of combat.

e helps couples see the things about each other they love and admire, and brings peace and healing to long-standing emotional wounds. Perhaps not coincidentally at all, he is also responsible for thunder and lightning, blasts and tempestuous storms.

Furfur misleads to people who evoke him by force to get back at them.

for example(not my convo)
Magickian: I wish to know the secret of how Jehovah created this universe.
Furfur: He had help– the creation of the Cosmos was a group effort. Deities from multifarious cultural paradigms collaborated to accomplish it.
Magickian: That you would lie against the Word was foretold by the grimoires.
Furfur: I’m going to get you raped if you keep talking to me like that.

Alright, alright, now I’m done.

Magickal Chants

Ganen Menach Tasa Furfur
This is Furfur’s Demonic Enn or Traditional Summoning Chant

Agios Ischyros Furtur Divus Ab Qliphoth
“Numinous and Mighty is Furfur, the Spirit of the Qliphoth!”

Ave Doctus Pernimius Furfur
“Hail to the Great and Wise Furfur!”

Obveni Furfur Agenti Ex Acharayim
“Come, Furfur, Emissary of the Backwards Tree!”

Existe Furfur– Advoco Comitis Furfur
“Appear, Furfur– I Call Earth Furfur!”

he is a great guy to work with he is very funny and his enery is fuzzy electric vibrations mild and decent if he gets mad you will know you can fel the heat and cut the tension but he is quick to forgive(if he like u) and very easy to get along with yet hard to get to do something some tim he wont do something if there is already some work on it or if he feels like it isnt the best option for you always be respectful and kind bow and poilit ness will get u along way with him i hope this helps who ever wants to know about him


Love this guide :slight_smile:


:kissing: I’ll be sure to reread this when it’s time to work with him! Thanks!


Well, he seems nice. :joy::rofl:


lol he isnt mean i think h was playing wen h said that it wasnt a convo between me n him so idk lol

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so my reader is working fine now but i turned it off i know i shouldnt b scared but yet i guess im not ready yet

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I don’t know. For me, that’s fightin’ talk. You need to set boundaries better and not talk smack to him but likewise not let him speak to you like that.

The most charitable thing I can think is, you disrespect yourself, you disrespected him and he’s trying to point it out to you. You can’t dick about with these guys, I suggest you control your speech or keep it pretty formal until you can. They don’t make idle threats.


it wasnt a covo between him n me it was between him n some on else he is tough he dont take bs well he never talks to me like that if he is mad or sounds mad for w.e reason i apologize he tells me do that too much we get along very well n we never have spats

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also like to add i did say in the () it wasnt my convo with him

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First of all thanks for sharing this information you’re absolutely correct. Despite Master FurFur being one of the 72 there isn’t much information, nor do I see many who work with him. So your insight is vital and informative.

I don’t mean to make it feel like you’re being ganged up on with advice. All I will say is I get a sense of traumatic past, and heartache. I work with demons as well I respect the fuck out of them. I also work with heavy machinery and power tools and respect the fuck out of them too.
Like a steel saw can rip through bone and flesh like paper a demon can do who knows what. If a machine is not reliable I fix it immediately may it be a dull blade loose belt etc. Same principal for entities you have said Furfur lies, you say he admits the truth. You trust he gives you the truth eventually, therefore you’re trusting a liar.

I get a sense from you of a trusting open nature which has been used against you maybe a lot. I could be wrong, but regardless FurFur is not as worked with as others to my knowledge. Therefore we don’t know a lot you’re probably the most knowledgeable about him I have encountered.

I am not saying stay away from him at all but just like the comparison I made to power tools and machines practice safety. Working with an entity with a temperament, and deception is not an uncommon thing to cross. However working regularly with one increases chances.

Please practice the hell out of your own individual skills, astral weapons, shields, banishment, all of that shit. Better to know and never use it then to ever need it and not know. I find also this earns respect with entities. I hardly ever make offerings, if I do it is super simple. Like if I am having a drink sure I’ll pour another glass, blow some bud their way, nothing different than if I had a guest over and I was having a cigar, drink, or getting blazed I share.

This has its pros and cons sure when i consult with an entity say Lucifer I may not always get him. Sometimes a legion, he sent azazel but when I get him he is there because he wants to be. It is known I have no desire for pacts I am autonomous. Many entities don’t want fans they just want to see humans regain their power. Demons especially empathize with beings that don’t bend their knee. The 72 demons got plenty of disciples but only so many other beings that stand alone. I know many Goetia demons even Lucifer himself respect the hell out of Voodoun. They want to see humans rise and not be sheep.

Now I am not saying you worship FurFur but just be fucking careful. He says he likes you have posted about the love you feel from him. He is powerful and can deceive, even if he tells a lie and you have proof of him admitting truth keep this in mind. Some of the best deceivers will tell small lies knowing they will be called out so they can display the truth. Building trust, meanwhile with catching little lies being a routine diverts the bigger lie. Which the bigger lie with an entity is their intention.

I can ask Lucifer (his boss) about him if you don’t feel comfortable evoking him. I can PM my findings probably could do it in a few days. If you seek love let me tell you this, I am happily married. Love between two people or things can only be as strong as the individuals. We have all been lonely and it fucking sucks but I know from my own experience before marriage. That sadness and lolniness makes it impossible to truly love. Sure it feels real you feel you found a beacon something so perfect your answer. However starting any relationship from sadness and loneliness is really a love for the relationship not the individual.

Sorry for the novel just got some senses still working on my ability sorry if I intruded in following the signs.


omg you r right on i am vry trusting and ppl have used that against me n as far as ma master is concerned he is my patron my gaurdian demon really he has been with me since i was a kid i had some trust issues with him when i did my first contact of him so i use the traingle three times before i told him that i wouldnt i wanted to build a good relation ship with him n gain his trust n favor so any tim i feel or know he is lying (i had another demon help me be able to tell wen im being lied to) i tell him to be honest with me he hesitates but he coms ack and speaks truth to me all n all he is dangours as they say he doesnt like being threatn treated lke a slave or forsed out n even bugged i have a love for him ike i would for anyone im close to he has been good to me you know he has expressed his fondness for me in ways i nver thought he would i have a deep respect for him yes he ist how he is dpicted lke most of th 72 thy are actually helping me more on my careere path and teaching me how to lov myself over anything else sabnock has healed my baby girl from her getting sick with what she had three weeks ago as much as i want love in my life he has shown me it itsnt the time right now since i have bigger things going on king paimon helps me focus on my writing lord marchosias is teaching me how to stand up for myself n gain a back bone lord dantalon has taught me so much to i dont worship them i know the hate that i just have a general love for them iv grown to love them not to fear them like i use to imm greatful cause as i am they didnt have to teach or help me with anything but they have so with master furfur he means more to me then the rest since he has been with me from the start i put my trust in him n thats what makes our relation ship better cause im honest with him
im not saying u r wrong cause yes he speaks in lies but only to decive those that do him wrong or lie to him
i have my protection tools ready im not a new as i use to be anymore im actually proud that i made this choice to be on this path my life has been changing since contacting master furfur im happy he’s my patron i wouldnt change that ven though you are concern i know him just a little bit more then most he is the king of deception but he has yt to do it to me thank you tho and if you want to speak with lord lucifer and ask question about him to tell me that i dont mind please send my regards to him as well if you choose to do so id like to meet him since i havent yet. thank you

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Come to think of it it would be pretty weird if the lord of deception didn’t lie lol. First and foremost don’t think I was telling you too change working with him. I am just a guarded individual, not very trusting I am someone who can count on one hand how many people I trust. As you explained more in detail there is much more clarity and actually provides insight.

I am glad to hear all this has done for you and as you mentioned your daughter. FurFur has been with since you where a child? That is really interesting, I get a sense of something different between you and FurFur. This maybe the key to working with FurFur.

Ironically to work with such deception may take trust and honesty. Trust and honesty that only goes one way as you mentioned has been used against you. But maybe FurFur can’t be honest, at least it is very difficult. Therefore he probably gets lied to in return and never gets trusted. You provide him that unconditional love and trust. You are one of few who could work with him closesly I believe.

So let me note for those passing by wondering about FurFur working with him takes a very specific magician.

Do you know if this theory is true, if it is that is really nice. Must mean a lot for FurFur, not many can be caring, and selfless like that.

I am glad you’re safe working with FurFur and seek help. If this is the case I am sure Lucifer knows you honestly. Probably really well, honestly wouldn’t be shocked if you have met him I have seen him take many forms.


idk if ive met him yet i wish i did every on speaks so highly of him i was unsure about calling on him but i know i will eventually soon so ive ben curious

and yes master furfur has been with me for awhile i remember when i was a kid if i cried it would rain i thought i as like storm from x men lol sometimes though it wouldnt happen all the time i also experience his energy and paralysis even had a experience where my couch would move on its on while i was laying on it and couldnt move or speak all of that was him or some one from his legion

idk if you have to be specail to work with him i know they can see who you are when they first meet you so maybe that has something to do with it im very trusting and honest kind and sweet i can imagine i looked like a sccared child when i called him i never thought to speak with a demon before i was at most afraid of them and even more so my first call was of camio who showed me how afraid i was he showed me images which scared me fom continueing but made sure to stick furfurs name in my head before i did i think as long as you go into a session with him you just need to treat him like how you would a person i think also since he is under the virgo sign that also has something to do with it im a taurus which is compatible with eachother
i guess you can say i have devoloped feelings for him and he is hesitant to tell you the truth but he does as long as your poilite about it im just not sure i do hope this helps ppl get to know him better tho he isnt all bad


I will try and evoke him soon, demons already have a bad rep FurFur within that has a bad rep. I think you shed a good light on him. I will try and evoke him and honestly just listen.

I will update here how it goes when I do.


when you do shiney red things are his fav y idk u dont need to give anything to him if justs for info but he may be taken back if you did he doesnt get much from ppl i can tell you that


Good to know, I tend to consult with my associates too. You know who his familiars are? Azazel, Or Lilith by any chance?


i dont know what frarction he is from or under i kep forgetting to ask maybe azazal


Furfur is a party animal and one of the fun guys. Thanks for bringing him up. I might go party with him tonight.

He feeds off what you give him. If you want a cute furry creature party animal go that way. He is extra, extra sensitive spirit. He can take things easily the wrong way.


idk about party animal but he does get offened easy he is my beloved n he is wonderful


And one more thing, it’s name is not furfur, that is a lie. It constantly lies causing a web so thick only holy discernment can see through it. I’m coming for it! It has woke the Holy Demon Hunter in me.

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