All About Lilith-Prayers, Devotions, Chants

Here are several prayers I use daily for my three personal Goddesses whom I worship above all. These prayers are adaptations of some Catholic prayers, and I usually say them with a burning candle, incense and any offerings.

Evocation Prayer to Lilith to empower your magic:
“Blessed bride of Samael, First Wife of Adam, Queen of Hell, Lilith, great Goddess whom I worship above all, she who dwells within my heart and home. I your Priest, I your child, request your presence at my side in this sacred space dedicated to you”
“Mother of demons, who brought forth a feared brood to plague mankind, first of the succubai, who feasts on male flesh, Lady of Beasts, who roams where the wild cats meet with hyena’s and where the satrys call to each other, my chosen help mate, you are all of these and more!.”
“Goddess, demon, rebel, spirit, teacher, mother, sister, friend…dark lady Lilith, Princess of screeching, I call you by your ancient names, Lilith, Layil, Ardat-Lili, Laylah, come to my sacred rite, join me Queen of Illusions and of Night, you know my designs & come to strengthen my spells and magical workings; I welcome you, Lady Lilith”

Protection chant while envisioning the Goddesses illuminating your surroundings with their protective, loving light:
“Lamastu, Lilith, Naamah, I am protected by your might, I am protected by this light, thrice around the circles bound, evil sink into the ground”

Cleansing Prayer with a white candle and incence:
“Lilith, heal my body, mind and soul,
Lamastu, banish illness and allow me to take control, no sickness dares stay in me, I speak these words to make it flee, as I will, so mote it be”

Prayer of Love and Devotion to Lilith:
“My dark mother Lilith, hear me; oh how I love you, Lilith, I meditate on your message all day long & you grant me your strength, courage and rebellious spirit, allowing me to feel confident and to love myself once again”
“I look to your glorious face, which is bright on the right side and dark on the left, i find comfort and feel safe, knowing you are watching over me”
“I listen for your enchanting voice which is as soft and smooth as oil, in the whistling breeze and the bellowing wind, & you teach me ancient wisdom and divine secrets”
“I smell the fragrance of your seductive spirit and taste your honey-sweet name, whenever I smile, as i overflow with gratitude for all you have done for me”
“Lilith, Woman of Harlotry, Queen of the Desert, Ancient Goddess, oh how I love you and I love others for your sake all day long”

Prayer to bless a freshly cleansed altar to say while waving burning incense in the space :
“Come Goddesses of fire and air, of war and desire, of lust and darkness! Feared and revered Divine Mistresses of the Night, Ladies of the Wild Beasts, I call upon you! Lamastu, Queen of Queens, who is furious, raging and untamed! Lilith, Queen of the Dead, the tortuous serpent called the Woman of Harlotry, End of All Flesh, End of Days! Naamah, consort of the beast, first among the daughters of man to willingly walk the path of Satan! Come forth my beloved three Goddesses, give your blessing to this altar and give a listen to my prayers, blessed be”

More shall follow when I find the time. :slight_smile:


Feel free to add any simple prayers/invocations and evocations that you use for any of these three Goddesses.


Beautiful, thank you for that.


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Quick Protection Prayer to Lilith:
“Most unholy Lilith, harlot mother of demons, clad in purple with crimson lips, cover me with your mantle and guard me from all that wish me harm. Divine Goddess, I call to you for protection”


You are a Goddess for humans and commander for thousands of demons.
You are the light of the night, the red in my blood.
You are the energy behind my pleasure,the craving for sex, the lust inside of me.
You are Lilith, the lion, the owl, the snake, the woman in my dreams.
You are the one who wakes me up at night, the voice in my head, the shapes I see in darkness.
I love you my Goddess for you love me as your child, I serve you, I live for you and I know you will protect me, nurture me, make me feel your power everyday of my human life.


I did a small ritual to Goddess Lilith yesterday, asking for Her gnosis and guidance. I read those prayers to Her that you shared. They really struck a chord with me. Well, needless to say, She answered a question for me just a few hours later. She truly is amazing and loves Her children. Long story short, I truly believe those prayers did help. Thank you for sharing them.


Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m very happy that they helped and I’m pleased to know that you got your answer. I have more prayers to follow soon, I just haven’t been able to post them due to time constraints. May great mother Lilith, always be within you and around you, as she is with me.


Prayer of Praise to Lilith, thanking her for protection:
“Oh Bride of Melikra, Queen of the Desert, I praise you, Lady Lilith! Thank you for casting your shadow over me to protect and comfort me. Kind protective mother of those souls that remain faithful to her, my Goddess Lilith, I give thanks to thee, may you continue to watch over my heart, soul and mind. Oh Dark Queen Lilith, I praise you”

Lilith altar blessing:
“Come Lilith, scretching queen of the night, come, great goddess of fire and air, give your blessings to this altar and may you listen to my prayers”

Anointing and blessing a candle to make sacred for Lilith/ or in Lilith’s name:
“In the name of Lilith, may my magical arts be strong. In the name of Lilith, may my purpose be blessed. In the name of Lilith, the female of Samael, called Serpent, Woman of Harlotry, End of Days, End of All Flesh, may my purpose be accomplished”.


Simple Morning Invocation Prayer for Children of Lilith:
“Arise, Goddess Lilith, from the deepest depths of the ocean, I ask of thee! Come forth from the cave you dwell by the red Sea, O’ screeching Queen of Hell, who clutches a sword that spits bitter venom, hear me! Lilith, Mother of Demons, wed to the The Destroyer by the Blind Dragon, I, your child & high priestess, call to you; descend from the desert that you rule, where wild cats meet with hyenas, so we may unite as one…my Goddess, my Mother, Lilith, I invoke thee, I invoke thee, I invoke thee…we are one”.


Start your day with this simple prayer to Lilith:

“Lilith, Mistress of Shadows, Mother to those that bloom in the darkness, forgive me for my weaknesses, may you grant me strength to overcome them.
Guide me, Dark Lady, so I may know the secrets of the darkness and the pleasures of the light.
Protect me and those I love, my great mother, from any one or anything that wishes to do us harm.
Continue to Bless me, my Goddess, with your wisdom, courage, power and unconditional love. Thank you, Lilith, blessed be”

Another morning prayer to show gratitude and devotion:
“Lilith, great mother, you have enlightened my mind with truth. Inflamed my heart with love and passion. Inspired my will with courage and strength. You have pardoned what I have been, sanctified what I am and ordered what I shall be. I am a child of Lilith, I am a high priestess of Lilith and may you, Goddess Lilith, continue to enrich my life with service to you. Thank you”.


A simple tarot spread for priest/esses & children of Lilith, to do weekly or daily after morning prayers and/or invocations.

  1. Lilith’s Presence within and around me.
    2.what she is helping me with at the present moment.
  2. What she wants me to know, right now (a message for you from the Goddess).
  3. How to further strengthen our bond and communication.

There’s so much energy in this thread, I love what you have going on.


Thank you, very much


“I am the female of Samael, called Serpent, Woman of Harlotry, End of All Flesh, End of Days”


Lovely depiction of Naamah, that I found online.


Prayer to Naamah- to be accompanied with offerings of wine and incense.
“Mistress of Enchantments, first among the daughters of man to willingly kneel at the throne of Satan, Naamah, I ask you hear my prayer. Princess of Seduction, Grand Succubus, Mesmerising Siren, who led all creatures astray, I praise you! Accept this wine that i poured in your honour, accept this humble offering of incense i burn in rememberance of your divine beauty that made God’s favourites fall from grace. Naamah, Glorious lover of sins of the flesh, loyal and devout soldier of Satan, i ask that you pour out your passionate love at Satan’s feet on my behalf…blessed be”.



Both Lamastu (in the babylonian tarot deck) and Lilith (in the Universal Goddess tarot deck) are depicted in card 15, known as the devil card. These images or the actual cards themselves if you have the decks, can be used as another powerful link to the two Goddesses, to enhance meditations, the power of invocations or the presence of them. I thought i would share a few simple keywords linked to the Devil card:
Natural generative force, material force, possessions, sensuality, sexual force, reproduction, hedonism, material temptation, excess of luxuries, self-deception, bondage, lust for power, insatiable appetites, over-indulgence, explosive power, dark magic, destructive behaviour, obsession, uncontrollable lust, domination, magnetic and dark forces/energies.


Morning appreciation prayer i adapted for children and priest/esses of Lilith:
“I open my eyes to a new day, I ask that Lilith be within and around me in every way. I hold the spirit of Lilith within my heart, may today be blessed from the very start. May you open my eyes to all little things, & keep me safe beneath your black-feathered wings. Goddess Lilith, thank you for today, you are always within and around me in every way. Joyous and free, so mote it be”


Your love and devotion for your Goddesses is so beautiful. The energy here is strong and my head picked up on the update by blasting the lyrics to “Say a little prayer for you.”