All About Lilith-Prayers, Devotions, Chants

Thank you so much for your kind words, it is a lovely, heart-warming thing to read such a positive feedback/reaction to my posts. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing, just as strong as any spell, if you have faith in the Goddesses. Thank you also for taking the time to enjoy them and respond :slight_smile:


A novena to Lilith for her children to do if they have a petition for her:
“O magnificent Lilith, the beautiful flower that blooms in the darkness, the stunning bird that cascades elegantly across the sky at night, i ask you assist me, your child and priest/ess, in my time of need”
(Pause and mention petition)
“In you, great mother Lilith, the matriarch of the dark infernal womb, i find consolation when afflicted, protection when persecuted, strength when burdened with trials and comfort when I am lost in the shadows”
“Goddess Lilith, I firmly believe you can grant me grace, i implore you, proud Mistress of Satan, be pleased to accept this, my act of perfect resignation to the decrees of your loving heart, which I sincerely desire to be fulfulled in and by me & all your children, thank you Lilith, blessed be”


Possible Titles to use in prayer or magical work, to address Lilith:
Blessed Mother of Demonkind
Blood-thirsty Madonna
Our Dark Lady
The Pearl of The Red Sea
Queen of Sin
Mother of Suffering and Sorrow
The First High Priestess of Satan
She who was exiled and found a home in hell
Spouse of Venom
The She-Viper
Most impure mistress
The cause of their Destruction, The Bringer of the Satanists Joy and Salvation
She who has faith in Darkness
She who shows the way among Shadows
Our Beloved Lady who sits beside Bechira on the throne of Hell
Mother of the End
Queen/Guide/Mother of those who walk the LHP
Concubine/mistress/wife of Satan
Seducer of Fools
Our UnHoly Harlot
Mistress of Lust and Desire.


The altar of Lilith, Lamastu and Naamah


I tried some prayers. Let’s just say when i unpack my B.O.S I’m going to add some of those.

Also love the altar.


I am very happy to hear that and thank you


My altar after my Full Moon ritual


Wax in water divinition chant:
“Goddess Lilith, she who scowers dark skies, let the shapes materialize, show clearly what I wish to see, as I will, so mote it be”


I am a beginner, and I am a man can I make these prayers without danger?


You should be fine as long as you’re respectful.


Highly recommended book, a masterpiece!


Based on the Litany of The Virgin Mary, I have wrote one for children of Lilith, to use in the same way in whatever way they see fit. Whether it is used as a prayer of devotion/gratitude/love, to call her forth or as part of a larger invocation, feel free to use it during meditation and worship. These titles and names of the great goddess are both formal and informal, they can be sung, changed around, ones you prefer added to it or repeated in an act of devotion like the catholic rosary.

The Litany of The Goddess Lilith:

“Great Mother of All Demonkind, who formed me in her image, who brought me into being, Lilith, hear me!”
“Lady of Wild Beasts, who rests where the wild cats meet with hyenas, she who protects, loves and guides me, Lilith, hear me”
“First Wife of Adam, who pardoned what I have been, sanctified what I am and who has ordered what I shall be. Lilith, my life is enriched by your presence, hear me”
“My Goddess, who seeded the world with her creation and who spoke the forbidden name of The Creator, Lilith, I am your child and I am your high priest/ess, I praise thee, I thank thee, I love thee…hear me!”

*now state your purpose if you have one, for example- “Come forth and join me in this sacred space” or “give an ear to this prayer of devotion, love and gratitude”

“Beloved Matriarch Of The Dark Infernal Womb, You Are She Who Brought Forth The Vampyric Succubai To Plague Mankind”
“Unholy Mother of Demons, Mother Of Shadows, Mother of Perversions and Dark Desires, Mother of Wrathful Chaos, Mother of Suffering, Mother of Sorrow”
“Loving Mother of The Souls Unwanted By Society; the exiled, the persecuted, the frowned upon, the rebellious, the wronged and the unavenged”
“Revered Mother of the Satanist, the Luciferian and the Witch. Hail to thee!”
“Leviathan The Tortous Serpent, called the Woman of Harlotry, The End of Days, The End of All Flesh…the Divine Queen of Hell, The Bride of Samael, Lilith, Layil, Ardat-Lili, Laylah! The Queen of Sin, The Queen of Sorcery, The Queen of Seduction”
“Mighty Goddess of Sitra Ahra, Beautiful Goddess of the Darkest Depths, Screeching Goddess of Raging Winds, Ruler of Insatiable Lust and uncontrollable Desire. I praise thee!”
“Proud Concubine Of Satan, First Priestess of The Devil, The She-viper, The She-wolf, The Unmerciful Lash Of God, The Blood-Thirsty Madonna; who feasts of male flesh and strangles the little ones for the sins of their parents, Our Most Impure Mistress, the Guiding Light along the Path of Darkness, Our Sensual Lady of Vice and Virtue; who see’s and knows all. Hail to thee!”
“Great Goddess Lilith, my Devoted Mother, my wise Teacher, my fierce Protector and my nurturing Guide. You are whom I worship above all!”
“Hail Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama-Lilith!”

The End…

Shorten it, add to it, change it to fit your own purpose/need. Say the prayer out loud, sing it as a hymn, let it inspire you and connect you to our mother in every way.
One idea is to say the prayer, along with whatever other worship/magical work you have planned, then the titles that you are drawn to, select them to meditate on and allow Lilith to reveal what she wishes to show you.

Another way is to choose as many of them as you wish, or a particular verse, then find a nice rhythm repeating it as you focus on Lilith’s sigil/image or candleflame…allowing yourself to be enveloped in the Great Mother’s embrace while your mind drifts from this mundane earthly realm.

Blessings to All x


Prayer of Praise to honor Naamah, to be said accompanied with offerings:

“Your dazzling eyes ignite a raging, all-consuming fire of uncontrollable desire within the hearts of all…Your luscious, bewitching lips are alluring and inviting, they spread to form the smile of seduction, they part to release a heart-haunting, mystical and tantalising tune that is an elixir for the soul…Your body gracefully curves, like a snake wrapping itself tightly around its prey, as you become lost in the sensual dance that you mastered long-ago.
You are Naamah, the Devil’s Siren, seductive yet deadly, feared yet longed for. You are every Angels worst nightmare, who comes in the disguise of their most heavenly daydream. I send blessings and worship to thee, Goddess Naamah, she who stole the shine and twinkle from God’s favourite stars. Hail Naamah!”


Prayer To Lilith For Protection/Power:

“The divine light of my dark mother, Lilith, surounds me.
The unconditional love of the Goddess Lilith, whom I worship above all, enfolds me.
The power of Lilith protects my family, those who I love and also myself.
The presence of Lilith, Queen of Darkness, Queen of Hell, watches over me.
The wise mind of Lilith, the first High Priestess of Satan, guides me.
The life of Lilith freely flows through me.
The laws of Lilith direct me.
The power of Lilith, Layil, Ardat-lili, Laylah, abides within me.
The joy and freedom of Lilith, the rebellious first wife of Adam, uplifts me.
The mighty strength of Lilith renews me.
The beauty of Lilith, the seducer of fools and the destroyer of the pious, inspires me.
Where ever I am, Lilith is! We are one! he the great Goddess Lilith is me, I am the great Goddess Lilith. So be it”


Although I don’t do much in the way of worship, working with Lilith has been a true inspiration to the point that I named one of my daughters after her.

She is the goddess of the storm, and my little girl really fits the bill.


Lilith is divine, magnificent, the Goddess I worship above all. She is my reason of existance.

Awh that is lovely, the gift of creating a life with another is an amazing thing and naming after Lilith is a lovely way to honor the Goddess. Yes, Goddess of the storms, but also the winds as well, so if you think its calm, you have to be weary of a whirlwind haha.

Welcome to the forum as well, I just read your introduction and seen that you are new here :slight_smile:


What’s neat is way back when, it was believed that the name of the child would affect them energetically, so it’ll be interesting to see how it manifests itself :slight_smile: , because the name is a form of vibration which is a language of the universe and is connected to energy.


She is a Tiny Terror. She commands respect.

Just like I tell all of my children, if something is wrong, speak up, never be quiet simply because somebody else doesn’t want to hear it.

It’s going to be fun watching her grow.


Yep speak truth and answer truly, if that is done then you can always stand by your word.


Prayers to Lilith/Ishet Zenunim/The Whore of Babylon