Agrat Bat Mahlat


What is she like? I’m very interested. Hoping someone has spoken to her already.


You are pretty much on your own with her. I’ve looked high and low, and there just isn’t much out there about her. What little I’ve come across has been positive, though. Here’s your opportunity to be a trail blazer.


When you tap into lilith’s current, your bound to tap into her other personas. Maybe try the temple of asceding flame and check out their pdf’s they have one on the four angels of prostitution.


I love that site tbh


I have this big project to do this year, which includes evocation of Agrat Bat Mahlat, Naamah and Eisheth Zenunim. It’s pretty much inevitable, in my case, since I have Lilith in my life on a 24/7 relationship. Working with, or having a relationship with any of these Queens, makes it easier to tap into any of the others currents. In my case, a deeper conversation about Naamah, as an example, makes my ladies very preparatory towards me. They dress me up, makes me formal, and they put a crown on my head as well as other things happening to my astral body. That’s how strong their connection is.

So, why not make this a project of mine to evoke Lilith’s sisters? Just for acquaintance, of course. I might even do an article about it at the end of this year.


I know Eisheth is working her way to something big, shes very angry that people have forgotten what part of lilith crystalisation goddess aspects she is connected too. Agrat is ready for teaching some magick and healing techniques. Naamah & Lilith are tag teaming to aid in transformational magick. :slight_smile:


So I’m assuming you’ve spoken to them all? Is that all they had to say?


At least she’s spoken to them. What kind of answers did you expect? Asking for information about specific deities is one thing. Assuming answers on specific topics regarding a certain deity is not. You could ask questions yourself, once you established a connection with either of these four Queens, though.


Well i’ve given you a starting point, she will teach you magick & healing at the moment. Like all deities you need to establish a connection.


Thank you. I have good news. I just don’t know when to say it.


I have had intimate moments with her while I was dreaming where she was a blonde haired woman with a most magnificent ass and in bed with me.

Also astrally where she came into my bed with me and was holding me.

I “woke up” this way as she was holding me astrally and thought about floating up because it was so shocking to me and she caught me and pushed me back down to keep holding me.

She felt very physical in that state like a real person holding me and she has given me a no hands ejaculation when I gave her permission :wink:

I have asked her to give me erotic dreams before and every time it worked that night for me.

One of the first moments I had with her, I was dreaming and felt her holding my head in her lap as she was behind me. Her breasts on the back of my head felt so comforting, and I was also around a few other females as well as this was happening.


nice, any more stories about her? if you don´t mind telling of course


I initially contacted her when I found out about summoning a succubus lover by writing a letter to Lilith, but in that same article the guy mentioned that it might be advisable to contact Agrat for this as well if you were a begginner, because in his experience, she was more friendly and less fierce and easy to piss off than Lilith was.

So I called upon Agrat to ask for her help in this and I saw in my mind a beautiful woman with a very decorative headdress on, scantily clad in what looked like golden trimming. She impressed into my mind, that she wanted me to get to know her, instead of what I was told by religion.

I had asked her for a spirit lover that was compatible with me, beautiful and loving that would not be jealous of other lovers if I wound up having them later as I was single. Also that she would be protective of me and my family. I had never has a long term relationship w/ anyone before and I said that I wasn’t sure if I wanted something long term yet, but we could see if we were a good fit and go from there if both parties were comfortable with the arrangement.

Agrat still said that she wanted me to get to know her better, but she would help me in this.

The next night, I felt a presence come into my room, a figure slowly crawl onto my bed, pick me up and take me to another room astrally that was heavily warded with sigils.

She also tatooed(didn’t hurt tho at all) me with some markings that glowed a golden color on my astral body. I’m guessing it was either protective and or marking me as hers while we were together or both :stuck_out_tongue:

It was hard to see her(my lover) because of the intensity and lack of being in control, but she looked like she had dark purple skin and black hair. She also had similar markings on her as well.

There was another time Agrat flew (I even heard wings flapping) into my room and started tasting me vampirically for a bit until I woke up. That freaked me out a bit, but it was after I hadn’t called upon her in a while and she might have been upset with me.

I feel bad because she really wanted me to work with her, but it was just too much for me at the time and I chickened out. I could barely see anything astrally when I was taken out of my body and there was a lot of dark energy around me and her during all of this that I wasn’t use to and didn’t feel very comfortable in.


I wouldn’t pass her up. I asked Lilith The Lady first for one of her daughters, and then I asked Agerath for one of hers after I thought Lilith had rejected my request. Then I ended up meeting both from each of them.

I chose to stay with Lilith’s daughter but there’s no way I’m going to lose contact with Agerath’s daughter. It’s just a little difficult to bond with both of them at the same time.


I’ve just finished a working with all four Queens, and Machaloth, Abrahel, Gyllou, and Meridiana. A month a peice for every lady, to connect with everyone of of their energies, see what they could do, what they want, and try to understand the different aspects of desire and dark love. They have all bestowed an gift astrally to me as a token of appreciation, and if feels great.

Out of them all Agrat Bat Mahlat is seemingly the one I am most drawn to, or at least she likes to work and play with me the most out of all of them, like finding me in dreams.

I would not say she is the easiest to work with, nor is she the “best tempered” but she has great power and rewarding to work with. According to some her, Lilith, and Machaloth have a friendly rivalry going. She has made some brazen claims, like being the Mother of Asmodeus.

She offered to be my initiator into to the Dark and Infernal mysteries and I could not but accept her offer, highly rated, 5 stars, no regrets.


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