Afterlife. Where to immigrate?

I want to know where I can immigrate and find job after death of my physical body. Infernal kingdom is bad choice for me because of my attitude towards demons. I don’t think that any “heaven” is good place for me either, because only heavens that I know is belong to Yahweh.

For example, can I get a job at Apollo’s realm? If this even possible. I will glad to hear any your advices, your experience especially what kingdoms and realms exist and have you visited any of them?

You won’t go anywhere until you’re spiritually advanced enough. You’ll still be stuck in the cycle of rebirth.

Buddhism has something like 8 different heavens you could choose from so… :man_shrugging:

Im my opinion Buddhism is the worst religion in the world. Buddhism means to completely abandon the material side of life and die with a bowl of rice in the grave. People should learn this world while they are on Earth, and not isolate themselves from the whole world. Even Islam will be more fun. In this religion, at least you can kill the apostates of God.

In addition, in the mythology of Buddhism there is a huge number of very bloodthirsty and cruel demons. In my opinion, Buddhism is an egregor created by terrible parasites that eats the vitality of a person.

Are you sure that you will be stuck in the cycle of rebirth? Who will force you to fall back into this cycle? Do you know how this system works?

Yep, because it is the natural cycle of the material universe.

Some of those who have had near-death experiences have reported back that there is some sort of universal force that initiates it.

LOL No, it doesn’t. You have some very bizarre ideas about things.

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The Self is a result of the chemistry in the body, so when the body cease to function the Self will be destroyed and this is why you are in “stuck” within the cycle of rebirth as it requires immortality of the Self to be liberated from it.

Personally, I don’t subscribe to this worldview. If you read Near Death Experience (NDE) reports, you hear of beings that meet you, show you a history of all the things you regrets in life, and tell you yo have to go back" to fix it and lean better. These are sometimes called “Archons”.

It is my opinion that this is a trick, a falsehood, because you don’t have to incarnate here against your will, so you basically get guilt tripped into agreeing to it. At that point these beings supervise you having your memory wiped (again) so you can’t really learn anything and you get to randomly repeat whatever “mistakes” you have been blamed for.

If you refuse, you may be more forcefully made to reincarnate. So the trick, if you want to not reincarnate, is to avoid these controlling beings while transitioning. It is my UPG that will probably never be verifiable that the entities we know can help us with his: but we must ask. One in particular made the overt offer to me that anyone can call him and ask for help getting off planet.


I hope your UPG is wrong because we all made mistakes and the important is how you finished your end of your life (ofc it wouldn’t applied for Hitler that let’s say became a buddhist in a island or jungle for his last 10 years instead of dying, but for minor shit that most people have ok, you name it :slight_smile: )
Like if at 50 yo, you are still full of addiction, this and that, ok for sure

They know we are not perfect, it would be dumb to present shit like that to us for me

But come on, if they expect us to have a extraordinary impact on this earth like Einstein, Newton and so on, to let us alone once we are out there, we are mostly fucked lol, I didn’t got this type of brain at my birth

Just the thought of imagining a good magician being tricked and finished in another reincarnation, finding himself weighting 400 pounds, looking reality show and just live like a headless chicken, just because bad circunstances happened in his early years, it would be sad, a big waste
So I hope it’s not that