Afterlife of our pets

My cat just passed awa yesterday, we all felt his missing.
My dad went to work crying, and I was at school when I knew he had animal’s AIDS.
This morning I woke up full of scrathces, my face and my right arm.
The first and last thing I did yesterday hen I came back from college was to sleep.
I don’t say they are related things but it’s a curious thing.

I’d like to create this thread to talk about our pets afterlife, if you ever felt their presence even when they weren’t with us, or if some poltergeist type of experience has occurred.

Thank you all


I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I feel your pain.

My dog died recently, raised her since she was a puppy. After she passed, I asked Hecate to look after her. She has since communicated to me that my old girl was with her now, and at peace. I can’t speak for the afterlife (being alive, no near death experiences), but if Hecate speaks the truth, you could maybe influence their afterlife.

Regardless, my heart goes out to you.

Rest in peace old girl. You earned it.


Im really sorry for your loss. The scratches do seem odd too. A message maybe?
I once did a ritual to summon dead family members, and two German Shepherds we’d had when I was child appeared. No humans, no ancestors, but two beautiful and faithful dogs I hadn’t seen in twenty years. Only time I ever broke down in tears during a ritual.


Both of my cats passed within the last decade. I’ve seen them on occasion during dreamtime, but also clairvoyantly on a couple of occasions. They do stick around ime. :slight_smile:


I once woke up with what I first assumed was my cat sleeping on my stomach, I was somewhat surprised to see him staring from my altar, though I was right about it being my cat, just not the living one. My current one also randomly chases something I can only somewhat see when I’m very tired, right after meditation or in my altar room. Occasionally there are also vivid dreams of me playing with her that don’t fade like normal. My german shepherd manifested once to wake me up in the form of barking when someone was trying to break in. I don’t actually know for certain whether these are actually spirits of my long dead companions or manifestations of my own energy based on the feelings I had and still have for them.
Also condolences for your loss


“I don’t actually know for certain whether these are actually spirits of my long dead companions or manifestations of my own energy”
That’s a great delineation. I have a hard time being objective about these things too sometimes.


I really hope there is something.
I am sorry for your loss. I lost my 2 Dogs last year I had since 8 weeks old. They were both elderly.
Soon after the girl was put to sleep as she had Pneumonia and was suffering I heard her once just soon after.
My Boy stuck around longer and I heard him whining downstair at what would have been dinnertime for him. Everyone there heard it too and it was comforting.
I really hope to see them again some day and my condolences to you and your family.


I had to have a loved pony shot a while back, it was her time & she was ready. Her spirit stayed where she fell for 3 days. I left a handfull of food for her untill she crossed over.


About a month ago my cat Olivia passed away. Our animals are our family, our children and a part of us. So when they pass on it hurts, I know how your dad felt. I don’t know if there is an after life for animals but at least they are not suffering anymore.


Me and my father kept a cockatiel 2-3 years for a Russian friend. After its death I had some psychological impressions, partially due to simple habit but also when I tried to summon the bird’s soul, albeit those impressions were subtle.
Moreover it happened that a glass did slide on a wooden table without being touched; at that moment two possible entities involved were the cockatiel and another one that I don’t remember, perhaps a demon. Who knows, it’s possible that a bit of water was under the glass, and I moved the PC mouse at the same time the glass slided.


Oh, also, where i live the prior owner & his dog still linger (for reference they died about 40 years ago)

But all the time my family have been there when we don’t have a (living) dog his old one appears. We have only had mostly white jack russels, and his dog was a long tail black labrador. Its comforting to know the dog likes to still guard the house, and also that he is content that our dog is “good enough” to look after his house


After death they live their desired version of heaven, ( may be ur bedroom ) for some time and then take birth into another species. climbing the evolutionary ladder.


No past life on any living thing. One makes the most of this life and reach immortality or dies. There is no third option.


It makes me sad to think my babies will be reborn and not have me to protect them :frowning: I am sure my current Dog has been here before though, I always joke he is really a human with a furry jacket on as he is so clever.


U can help him/her by helping his astral body, doesn’t matter where, in which form he/she is. Offering water gives them peace, food a sense of fulfillment and strength. Incense can be offered too. If U wanna give him/ her protection them infuse water or food with energy of any warrior diety, angel and then offer it the the dead animal. YOU NEVER EAT IT LATER. they will absorb the energy with the offered item.


Sorry for your loss. :heart:

In my experience cats and dogs have the exact same kind of afterlife as humans, insofar as it is complex: some will pass right on through seeking their next incarnations, some will move onto different and higher spiritual planes, some will remain in spirit form for a while.

They also have the same “architecture” of the soul as humans, when approached using basic core shamanic journeying: an incarnated self (your normal pet), and a Higher Self that has knowledge and power, for example.

I mentioned making a link with the HS of your pets in this post: Dogs and energies.

I am as certain pets have an afterlife as I am certain of anything, physical or spiritual, in this world. :+1:

And I don’t have time to tutor people in the core shamanism method right now but if a group of people on this topic want to learn it together to contact pet’s Higher Selves (alive or passed on) shout me up and i’ll set up a group PM with the tutorials where you can swap notes?

I know exactly what you mean, again making contact with their HS may help, and often pets seem to get some kind of boost to their own ascent by helping us, so not all will come back - but some want to, I had this experience with a pet a while ago. :heart_decoration:


Robert Bruce shares his personal experiential knowledge and understanding as it relates to the pet afterlife in one of his courses.
He spoke of astral projection experiences involving a pet. Both the observation of pets astral adventures while sleeping as well as after passing.
My understanding of what I listened to in the kundalini course seemed to indicate that his cat had constructed a personal heaven like astral kingdom involving all his favorite things, such as foods and past times. It was a very positive perspective on such matters.


About a year ago, I fell asleep on my couch after a long day at work. I was dreaming, and somehow I ended up running into my dog that had passed away 3 years prior. I saw him and was immediately overcome with joy. I ran up to him and he was so excited to see me. He was yelping and crying while jumping on me, and just vividly happy. I stepped back and looked at him, and said “wait a minute…your dead…which means, im dreaming”. I went lucid, looked at him and smiled and flew away. He looked sad when I left…so much so that it still bothers me to this day that I didnt stay with him longer. I regret that my excitement to go lucid was stronger in that moment, than was my desire to see an old friend.

I really believe it was him.

You’re a good boy Saco…


Thank you and sorry for your loss. I loved my 2 Babies so much in life I found it hard to let go. I will look not his, thanks again


Thanks everyone for the condolences.
I’m also sorry for each of your losses.
I hope all of this gives hope to everyone who is through this stage of life, or is going to.

I guess most of cats version of heaven is a simple box, or at least, mine are.
Also, the offering ritual for protection, is a very interesting thing.

It makes me think that we may have been animals in some of our past lives.
Animals as bugs, or just for the believers of souled trees, into trees.