[Aeons Shadowlog]

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:left_speech_bubble: There are things so deep and complex that only intuition can reach it in our stage of development as human beings. — John Astin

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I had the most enlightening journey last night.
I came back to being devoured by Nidhogg as my last adventure left off.

But something unsuspected happened.
I felt as though after being eaten and swallowed by the dark I transcended space and time to where what values and ideas I had about existence had little meaning. I turned to the gatekeepers, Hecate, Woden even my guides I hold most dear, and they dissolved into vibrations of what I can only call a river.

It was as if every name we’ve assigned to “God” or anything “other”, was a current in a stream and although some moved in unison with each other others moved against each other untill they found equilibrium but they were always in motion.

This stream of “existence” for lack of a better term was one of many and some were light or higher in vibrations and some were darker or lower. some were simply lesser versions of light and dark and some were in between.

But I felt once these deities and spirits joined with these rivers they developed a sense of being that made them alien to what we think they are. It was like every vibration of a name we’ve attached to gods/demons/spirits and our thoughts about them was child’s play.

These streams met at a pool of light swirling mass like a lake in the shape of a galaxy and although it was alive it was less like and individual thinking entity and more like an energy beyond comprehension and although singular in nature was made up of everything comprehendible including us.

I wished to communicate or commune with it like I would a god or spirit but I felt my effort would be futile as it had lost all resemblance of an individual deity and more or less was the essence of existence itself. Both light and dark and chaos and life.

Subconsciously I tried to make all the sense of this in my head as why it would manifest in so many lesser forms like gods or ideologies or anything really.

And as soon as the thought hit my head I heard a loud yet comforting response.


as I looked up startled I was back in front of Nidhogg as the words seemed to come from him.

Then I awoke.

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Well Ive made an offering to Khnum as I have been accepted into the Temple of Ascending Flame. However my sleep paralysis has stopped and I haven’t experienced anything divine for a bit.

Just having dreams right now which is fine. Long consecutive dreams I haven’t experienced in awhile. Deep sleep and waking up renewed may be worth the trade. Sometimes sleep paralysis takes a break for a bit. The longest stride was quit a few years so we’ll see how long this peace lasts.

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