[Æons Shadowlog]

And here we are. Hence forth adding to Khnums Altar…


Update on Khnum
This was NOT a sleep paralysis episode
But more of a Lucid dreaming conversation.

The dream started out with Halloween and I was at a street race gathering with my dead cousin(but for some reason he was alive and never died idk)
We were doing short one vs one drags down a strip of city road and he loaned me his Dodge Challenger to try out and I loaned him my Honda 2000 (loads of trust lolz)
As I was waiting in line next to my opponent, time stopped or moved slowly to the point of freezing.
I felt the air move in the passenger seat and saw Khnum sitting next to me as an Egyptian like baphomet.
Then the conversation went sortv like this

Khnum in a low raspy voice: having fun?

Me screaming: aaaaahhhhh!!! don’t sneak up on people like that!!!

Khnum: Apologies, but this couldn’t wait.

Me: what are you doing here? Arnt you afraid the crowd will see you?

Khnum: lolz. only the witch’s can see me and so far they think I’m a damn good Halloween costume.

Me: oh ok, I guess that makes sense.

Khnum: anyways to the point. Your slacking

Me: in what? How? I’m attempting microbiology like we talked about remember? Not an easy passion.

Khnum: do… Th… The what? NO!!! Your MAGICK Aeon, your MAGICK!!!

Me: oh… I mean I cast on my freetime but schools taking up alot…

KHNUM: Then… Make time. I’m going to take you somewhere now.

Me: wait wha…

Wooosh. Sand envelopes the Dodge Challenger and we’re tornado teleported in front of a black pyramid surrounded by miles of sand

Me: where are we?

Khnum: Your head. Or more likely the mental projection of your mind on what the temple of ascending flame would look like.

Me: ok?.. Sooooooo?

Khnum: You need them Aeon. You need them to keep you on your path of ascension.
You were separated from your coven to attend school. That’s ok, we both know they were to fluffy bunny for you anyways.
Here you’ll find more… Like minded individuals. Those who share your draconian current.

Me: how do I find them? Or how do I seek them out?

Khnum: come on baby witch, you follow their channel.

Me: oh

Go now Aeon, but remember what I said. Have fun with your cousin now, he won’t be there in the morning and he cherishes these short moments with you.

Me: wait wuh? (Now sitting alone next in line to drag race, the opponent backs out as my cousin takes his place as the racer next to me)…
The rest is private as my cousins been dead for a few years and sharing our fun would distract from what I wanted to write here which is my conversation with Khnum. I think setting up a magic regiment would bring me back to the fold and being solitary works for alot of people but it gets lonely. Also everyone “muggle” related doesn’t get that I set time aside because they don’t understand how important magick is to me. They believe they’re more important.

I emailed the Temple this morning. Wish me luck🤞


Ooh good luck!

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So something special has happened and I hope it lasts but after my communion with Khnum and my email to the temple, I came down with a fever and flu like symptoms. As I’m recovering I feel a sort of pinch in my pineal gland or third eye like it’s constantly releasing endorphins. I’ve entered a flow state and wrote an annotated bibliography, completed two labs in calculus and finished a chemistry test which I did very well on covelent bonds, ionic compounds, elemental charges, acids and bases, and pages upon pages of nomenclature.
I hope this side effect lasts and I keep focused because honestly if I keep this up I could move mountains. It’s like the reward center in my brain is craving it.

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So sleep paralysis update

Had another episode last night and random shadow person encounter. Pretty bland and I’ve gotten used to the average ones Loong before now. But this one was continually poking me like TRYING to get a response -_-
Never new they could be this persistent lol. Didn’t even give it the time of day though. Still wondering though if it was motivated by something or just curious.


An idea crossed my mind: if you’re trying to stop these nighttime attacks, have you considered carving a thurs or algir rune into your bedroom doorway? As well as one on your bed frame?


Question about that.
So as much as I hate torturous shadow people, I do find sleep paralysis to be my gateway to the mystic and one of the few things truly magical and REAL in this life. it’s like in magicians once you find out magick and these other worlds truly exist you don’t want to ever loose it and you fight for it like a crazed drug addict because it gives you something “more” than a mundane life. I hate myself and I’ve gone back and forth from casting to rid myself of it to fighting to get it back.
If I were to do sigil magick to inhibit these malevolent beings what would it spell for my abilities? And would it keep away familiars I have developed relationships with?


I’m with you on that, since we are kind of similar when it come to this. Had a lot of visits everytime I would go sleep, it was sometimes positive and sometimes negative, but since I’ve done the Master Protection Ritual (Magickal Protection by Damon Brand), I haven’t got a single negative visit since then. I don’t know if it’s because of this honestly, or because of something else, but either way, it works lol.
Maybe you could give it a try ?

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Well; (and this is my opinion, so please do not take anything personally, it’s not meant to be) it’s kind of like saying you need a spoon to empty a salsa jar when you can just dump and shimmy it out. Or that you can only use a knife a certain way. Or that you need an athame or you can’t do ritual.

If you ask me, the paralysis is a gateway. However, it can’t be the only way you can do things.

Do you have trouble getting into trance? I might have a suggestion or two for that.

I would stick to runes vs sigil magick though. From personal experience shadow people are like bed bugs when it comes to getting rid of them. You’ll want the best of the best.

Also, the magick would be aimed at keeping things out. I (personally) don’t think it will stop paralysis per se.

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I’m actually looking into this on the forum search. Unless you’d recommend an official source. But I’d love to give it a try and post my results overtime :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Lol have no fear I have no ego. Mainly it’s the full physical manifestations of something on the physical plane giving me clear evidence that I crave.
When I trance or try by some other means it’s like a hit or miss or trying to induce a sneeze. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t sometimes I need outside influence or tools and sometimes everything is right and for whatever reason it doesn’t work.
But seeing something in the real is so much more gratifying then seeing something in the astral or lucid dreaming for me. And if you know any trance inducing mechanisms to get that result I’m very down and will love it.

The Temple of Ascending Flame initiation.

After beginning this working I started the initial rituals and I have to say I’ve come to the conclusion that the black doberman comforting me in the post a few months ago is a definite Lucifer. After starting these initiations I’ve found him guarding me and watching me as I progress day to day and I feel I may not be troubled to much by sleep paralysis in this transit either as Lucifer’s protection seems to be all over me.

The first and initial ritual I performed on this past new moon. The hound morphed into a hooded figure whom inspected me silently. I was able to see through a black mirror and after what seemed like a confirmation of acceptance it left.

What intrigued me was the 4th day when I had the full manifestation of Lucifer in the astral and it carried over to the natural giving a silhouette with glowing eyes. After imprinting his finger on my third eye a burning sensation inbued my body and I became like a dragon able to see through planes all existing at the same time with each other. The only thing keeping me from switching the lense or seeing other planes of existence at any given time was my awareness.

After this Lucifer explained to me that seeing shadow people on the shadow plane during sleep paralysis was because I was aware of them yet they existed even when I wasn’t. He then lowered my vibration and peering through a veil of fear I found myself surrounded by shadow people because fear was the awareness, fear was the gateway. Then he brought me back but I still had the sensation of knowing they were right outside my magick circle.

After this Lucifer stepped through his dark triangular gateway and ushered me to follow him in my dragon form. We entered and stood upon a ledge over a night sky. He opened his black demonic wings and dove and I followed. It was a windy/noisy dive but then he ushered me to open my wings and everything became quiet and calm as we glided.

We dove again and the he asked me to hover and glide but this time without using my wings. Confused I asked how and he said by manifesting it, by identifying with it.
First you must release the fear that it won’t work so you can identify with your ability to do it. In other words drop mind and don’t care.
After a second I calmed and accomplished this by not valuing whether I would fail or not. This allowed me to clear my fear and step into the manifestation of just naturally hovering or levitating without the use of wings.

We then glided down to a black pyramid in the desert with a red interior lit by a giant bonfire. Figures were all around it, interacting with the fire and magically dancing.

I noticed Lucifer had disappeared and after calling out he answered, as he was the bonfire itself. He asked me to notice how as I approached him(ie the bonfire) my shadow grew larger. He metaphorically represented this as the closer I got to his vibration or the more knowledge I obtained from him the more my shadows would grow. (Ie loosing friends, gaining knowledge of the harsh reality of the world or trading ignorant safety for harsh truth)

But as I moved closer to the flame of knowledge, I would have the choice to let the shadows consume me or just focus on the fire and come to terms with the growing shadow regardless of it’s size.

After this lesson I inquired on how to return to my magick circle in my ritual room and Lucifer replied with “use what I taught you, don’t use your wings, just become aware of it”. And the reality of my ritual room grew around me as I found myself in the circle again in my room.

I asked Lucifer if I could see him in my room one last time as a full physical manifestation in the real world and to my surprise he said yes, but I would have to put out my candle.
I was also aware of the shadows outside the circle, and quickly contemplated whether I should risk the fear of them storming me but Lucifer told me the only fear I would have would be by identifying with it.
Instead he said, “remember you are a dragon, identify with the dragon” and the shadows ran in fear.

After extinguishing the candle to much of my surprise the silhouette of Lucifer’s shadow changed to a physical body just as quickly as the candle changed to an extinguished flame.

Frightened by the reality I just manifested I closed my eyes in fear but he leaned down and left me with these words.

“The only way to shine your light is in the dark”
And once he whispered in my ear I opened my eyes to find him gone.

Anyway thanks if you read this far, this has been one of the most cherished and utmost important rituals I’ve conducted for myself to date and I am anxious thrilled and eager to see my path with Lucifer unfold.

Hail and welcome


Went to Lucifers throne last night in meditative trance for an initiation rite. It involves a few more steps and there’s many rites which would take time to fully explain but I’m just fast forwarding to this particular session.
After he led me there. Once we arrived Lucifer disappeared or went invis but still observing (not sure which but still felt his presence). We were up in the clouds at a fiery golden throne on white marvel floor with Greek columns. The fires billowed and billowed around like in the room of the scorpion king in the mummy returns lol (right before the poor chi makup of Dwayne Johnson came out xD but you know 90s)
Anyways Lucifer’s throne sounded like a singing bowl. Literally echoing a ring that was very auditory and Alien in performance. But it stayed with me long enough to memorize it’s tone.
Once I woke up it was matching the G note. Mabye something in accordance with the throat chakra. But I’m still dissecting what it means.

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Lastnight was very interesting…

I dreamed I woke up from my bed and was in the center of a force fielded house with my 2 familiars from Asmodeus and my Sister weaver from Arachne. We had other spiritual friends and the like there and it was storming outside.
A beggar came to the door demanding money and then was stabbed in the back by a ring wraith /dementor like character that frantically began looking for a way inside.
After a moment 3 more of these dark hooded baddies showed up and each time they pressed their faceless heads to a window I got a disturbing sensation that this was more then just a dream.

I began to come to lucidity and control but when my ears would ring and I’d start to fall into paralysis I simply would focus on the dream aspect of it and refuse to wake up.

Me and my small spiritual family then began to laugh and mock these things as we sipped champagne and they kept trying frantically to get into an indestructible forcefield lololol


Wow had the utmost profound experience last night. Woke up in sleep paralysis. And Its been awhile but I f**ing mind fudged my self out of my body. It was like I had a lead blanket over me but I finally stopped trying to lift myself and came up with the idea of imagining/self imaging my way out and slowly with concentration was levitated out.
My boyfriend would not react to my and I would pass right through him as he slept.

I began looking around my house wondering how to break the bedroom reality and start seeing other places but as I spun I was in a dark reality and out of my room. Nothing in sight but darkness and a low ring to my ears like a vibration stretching across aeons.

I saw mist creep in and I became lost. In a place beyond astral that time and space seemed warped. Then the mist swirled in front of me and a dark mass appeared in my face.
It was featureless and simply imposing and announced in a husky undertone that made me question it’s intentions, “I SEE YOU!!!”

Kinda hard not to defend myself I raised my hand in a Benedict fashion and shouted Alash Tad Alash Talashtu in a commanding voice and then I was zapped to a dark beach with roots and rocks all over it under a red sky.
Literally lost now.
Just so hard to walk between these roost without tripping along the shore…

With nothing to do I fell asleep on the beach because I couldn’t mindf*** my way out and I returned to my body in sleep state.

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I usually try to roll around on the side, or just sit up directly (a bit harder). What is working the best for you ?

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Basically I’ve given up trying to physically move my way out of it and instead just imagine I’m floating out of it.
The most effective way I do this is by reverse psychology :rofl: I get psyched and scared about the idea of floating out of my body and thus manifest it and loose the fear once it’s happening.

Funny how the universe works.

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Indeed ! Never tried floating out of my body yet, I should maybe do it at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Back to the Beach again last night.
Didn’t have an episode of sleep paralysis though :thinking:
Just a dreamscape so sadly it was less real and more visionary but it was the exact same ocean with the red sky and roots everywhere I walked.

No entities or presences
though I’m not sure if it was because this time it was a dream instead of what I believe to be astral projection. But I was alone and the dream was unchanging. Just me on this beach. Quite the interesting pattern though.

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Last night I had another visit to the beach. This time the roots were crunching and crackling behind me. I turned around to see a large tree of what I’ve decided to be a representation Yggdrasil because of it’s immense size.
The gnawing, crunching sound was soon replaced by a low gnarly growl. Low and behold peering through the roots was a dark serpent like dragon (I’m guessing Nidhogg).
He announced to me that he’s been waiting for me and we have much work to do. Then he said something like, “come now, apprentice the darkness” and he opened his mouth lunging his tongue at me and devouring me like a frog that just caught a fly.