So I’ve been into the topic of necromancy since I bought my first ouija board at age 10 (I know this technically isn’t necromancy now but at the time I thought it did). Anyways is there any advice you can give me before practicing death magick or necromancy ?

What do you see as necromancy ?

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I’ve spent some time researching books and grimoires about necromancy. It has many, many aspects. Which one are you most drawn to?

I’m most drawn to summoning the dead

In necromancy you summon the dead correct?

well, yea i would take that “summoning” the dead is part of necromantic practices, spending time with timeless beings, fixing their and yours energetic needs, becoming immortal in that sense…

About contacting the dead you may use the ouija board, or go for other types of evocation: either “meditative” or ritual (in fact some occult authors were critical of medianism/spiritualism)… In any case, incense is helpful and a good one may be composed of frankincense, cloves and lighting a stick of Opium or “spring poppies”. Then a few candles or, if possible, illuminating the place with a green light.
If you adopt a seance/automatic writing approach, theoretically the ideal would be a round 3-legged wood table; sit with your back towards North or north-west and having a leg of the table pointing at yourself.

Yes that is what I meant.

this bothered me a bit so i had to say something…summoning the dead? not a good idea, and useless imo.

not to mention im sure the departed souls would rather be left in peace

Why useless though? People in the past used it to uncover lost treasures and future events. I guess it’s the oh well I made a zombie that’s useless lmao

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I mean…I get what youre saying, but theres other ways to go about it that are easier and safer, and imo just overall more respectful

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Yea you can always pick the easy way out, but god sees everything

Well , I wouldn’t call necromancy the easy way out ,but okay.

Hear that guys? Time to get nakey and film some unholy movies.


Okay , yeah I get your point. :+1:t2:


Could you expand on this? I’m assuming it is something more than fear-mongering.

@norse900 They are either trolling or bipolar.
This is a past post of theirs:

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Well if you do shit you lose acceptance of god and his councils…

You know, if you are not cabable of surviving without things liek askin lotto numbers from fuckin ghost, god MAY NOT WANT YOU…

and it seems to be disatrous to many…
how the fuck would i know what it feels like, to not be wanted or accepted …

they say, hell is where god is not… think about it…

I have multiple deities, who have died in past 10 years, living around me, i have understanding of this topic, they decided to stay as human, to upkeep human skills in communication etc… not start acting like some fuckin homonoid like some do… they are calm adult people like they were in life

Good to know. I know I’ve seen some “off” posts in the past. Markov Generator? Markov chain - Wikipedia

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Good observation :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Necromancy is both a very powerful and a very dangerous practice.
It can potentially harm you and those around you.
Many people have had extremely bad experiences with it.
When performing necromancy, it’s a good idea to have an entity watching over the rite as it is undertook.
The YouTube channel, Araignee Arcane Services, has some great videos on necromancy. And they also sell the book “Gospel of the Ghouls” which is said to be one of the better necromantic books.

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