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If a demone 1 has power (To influence or change the thoughts or emotions of somebody you know.) can I ask him to make my specific person my girlfriend or I should aks other another demon 2 who has power (To make another person feel passionate love for you) which demon to choose?

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There are many love demons Dantalion, Sitri, Rosier etc.

This thread lists a number of love demons : Which love demon best?

Without knowing more of the person you want to make your girlfriend it’s impossible to know which demon would be suited to you.

Do you know the woman or is she some rando passerby / a stranger?

Is there some bad blood between the two of you, in which case forgiveness may be required

In any event both scenarios are the same scenario 1 you proposed is to change the emotions of the woman and scenario 2 is making her feel passionate love for you which from the sound of things will also be changing her emotions.

Belial although predominantly used for legal matters can be used for changing mindsets. Belial does tend to have a somewhat shifting personality the first time I met him he refused to work with me, subsequently we have worked together but I only have a 50% success rate with the work I do with Belial.

Zagan is amazing at changing minds probably the closest demon I have a relationship with. He is continually working in the background to change my partner and continues to do so even though the summoning was over a year ago.

In any event keep in mind love magic is a battle of wills and is probably the most unpredictable area of magic


You can also layer your approach.
You can design a ritual in which you petition demon 1 to have your target think and feel kindly and positively about you.

And you can design a second ritual in which you petition demon 2 to have your target feel passionate love for you, maybe in combination with a love spell.

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Asking the Demon Spirits to help with your romantic life is like asking your Mother-in-law to come along with you and your new bride on your honey moon.

There is nothing wrong with your Mother-in law, but you do not want to invite her to your honey moon. Same with the Spirits. There is nothing wrong with the Demon Spirits but the last thing you want is to try to get them involved with your romances.

Your romances need to depend on your own personal attributes and on the human relationship you can develop with your target.