Which love demon best?

i found this list at the blackwitchcoven.com site.
I’m curious to which one of these are the best to work with in terms of love/soulmate/romance? Tell me your inputs. I’m new to these demon stuff. I guess one can try them all and see which of the demons will work with you. I rather have input from you folks who’s more experience. which is the best of the best demons for attracting love lust romance soulmate connection? So which demon is the king of the king in terms of attracting love/lust from someone you interested in or even make them obsess over you?

Romantic Love & Lust

  • Sargatanas [Bestows skill at lovemaking]
  • Beleth [Works well for bringing love to women]
  • Dantalian
  • Eligor [aka Abigor]
  • Furfur
  • Gaap [Causes love or hate]
  • Gomory [Works well for bringing love to men]
  • Raum [Incites love and passion]
  • Saleos [Encourages fidelity]
  • Sytry
  • Vual
  • Zepar

Causing Issues in Relationships

  • Amon – “He procureth feuds and reconcileth controversies between friends.
  • Asmodeus [Breaks up relationships/marriages]**
  • Gaap [Causes love or hate]
  • Lerajie [Breaks up relationships/marriages, gets rid of rivals]

Note: All these Demons below can also create issues in relationships

From Testament of Solomon , F. C. Conybeare edition:


“I am called Asmodeus among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they may not know one another. And I sever them utterly by many calamities, and I waste away the beauty of virgin women, and estrange their hearts.”


These demons have been known to assist with pursuits of non-romantic love, but also to assist with having better friendships.

  • Astaroth [Obtains of those in power]
  • Amon – “He procureth feuds and reconcileth controversies between friends.”
  • Barbatos
  • Botis
  • Gusion
  • Ipos [aka Anubis]
  • Volac

Hmm. In my experience Lilith can also aid in love matters. Strange I dont see her on there.

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I really shouldn’t speak cause my answer is furfur
And it’s not really fair cause well he is my companion for life and after soook yeah

Sallos is good as well

If you use a combination of them to help u in love then you will get results you are looking for


First, the point of view of “love/soul mate/romance” varies pretty greatly from people to people, there isn’t a thing like a “general” point of view on those matters.

If you’re looking exclusively for demons, and for a long lasting relationship, Sallos is the best by far if you aren’t dating anyone, because he’ll improve greatly your chances to find a partner that wants to share a long-lasting relationship.

If you’re focusing on getting a specific girl, then you can call Dantalion to change the girl’s mind, Gaap to cause love, and Sallos to develop it into a long-lasting relationship.

If you want specific traits, then is said that Ladilok will help you to find a girl with the specific traits you want. Still, here Zepar can help you also, but it works better for a male than a female caster.

From my experience among many others, Sallos is the best by far for a long lasting relationship. He deals with the romantic love as the duke he is. People are usually working with Sallos to mend relationships, with some success, but he is best when you’re searching for someone or you are already in a relationship and want to develop it, so the guy will skyrocket it.

Now, as you can see, each demon deals with an aspect of love/lust. Let’s suppose that you are in a complicated moment of your relationship, but you want to repair it. Then it’s a good idea to call on Dantalion to ease the partner’s mind, then Beleth to improve sex between the couple, then Sallos to develop it to a whole new level, being Amon the cherry on the top by improving the friendliness between the couple, being the friendship the most strong “glue” that hold couples together and that people ALWAYS forgets to improve.

But let’s take that you’re looking for a new relationship. Then you should call on Sallos for sure, so he can improve the chances of finding you a partner that really wants to be in a long lasting relationship, but you also can call on Sitri so he can give you a lustful and sexual aura that improves the chance of being noticed by others. Zepar can do the same, and you should call on Dantalion to change YOUR mind and make you see yourself as a valuable partner and an alpha male/female/whatever.

The tip here is to sit down and write the traits that you’ll probably want in order to get what you want. This won’t work only for love, but for any other kind of magick you do, especially money magick.

So the final answer is that there’s nothing like the best demon for a thing, since all of them are specialists in a specific area of actuation, but there’s always the best spell plan that you can make. So, to make a thing work, is better that you know the demon you’re conjuring, combine his powers among others by making a spell plan that covers everything needed to be covered and then doing it precisely as the method you use to work says. Sometimes you need to call only one demon and you’re good to go. Sometimes you need to call 5, 6, 7, 10 demons in order to cover every each aspect that you need to change. So know about the flaws you want to fix, study about the demons that can help you on that specific area, and call on them. That’s all.


basically your saying be like a chef with these demons. mix and combine usage depending on circumstance, situation, timing and goal at that present moment. Rotate them demons to personalize to one’s current situation.

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Hiya OP! Something about that list/website feels off to me, but, like previously mentioned there’s no real best love demon due to the variant interpretations of love. Technically you can work with the primordial force Love, but if you’re looking for your sole/soulmate, I’d actually recommend turning inwards. If you can identify love-consciousness or the Love self within you, you can use that to startling effect to find these people, since these deeper selves work together and resonate even in manifestation. It’s an individual process to identify them though, but once the Love self is identified it’s really powerful, in its own right but more so for these kinds of things. :slight_smile:


Not like a “cheff” lol, but yes, I meaning that not only with demons, but with any entities, or any other kind of magick you does, this is the best approach.

lillith isn’t one of the 72 demons. I think the list is base on the goetia

Hi, so, i know you have worked with a few of them, can i ask if you know if Sallos and Beleth would be okay working together? Since i pretty much wanna ask them for one and the same thing but they cover different aspects of it so? I usually do something like a petition, can i do the petition with both at the same time, with their sigils of course, or should i do it with one, and then the other? I’m sorry and thank you in advance.

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They will work together and you can call at the same time as well just make sure your. Ok with calling two at a time

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Thank you!

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Not a problem…