Adhd and astral parasites

I’ve been living with my roomate for a while, and I’ve noticed that just being around him and his house can be draining at times. the lbrp helps, but I think he unknowingly attracts and/or creates astral parasites due to his adhd, which he admitted to being diagnosed with as a kid. I also think he is either super gullible or deliberately regurgitates bullshit for approval, or perhaps both. he can’t just have a normal conversation, he’s always either one-upping everything you talk about, or quickly changing the subject to something he supposedly knows about. most of what he says is so fucking retarded, like one time he said katanas are actually a one time use sword because they get so damaged from just one duel. when I refuted his little factoid with logic he just claimed he read that in a book. he’s always saying dumb stuff to sound intelligent but just comes off as an approval seeking douche bag. he likes to use his “I read books” shtick to seem intellectually superior, when all you gotta do is listen to him for longer that five minutes and you’ll see that he’s mostly full of shit. I hate fake ass people like that, especially when others aren’t able to see through his bullshit because he come off as a nice and responsible guy. he’s really not though, I can feel him giving me the evil eye when I’m out in the garage working on something that makes him feel inferior, which doesn’t take much to do. everything I do he always has some dumb or weird thing to say about it, like that’s his passive aggressive way of talking shit without sounding like he’s talking shit. I think that’s just him getting triggered over something so small, like me working on my bike or whatever. all he does is play video games, he has no real hobbies outside of that and even then he doesn’t seem to enjoy it, so him seeing me actually enjoying my hobbies probably gets under his skin. I think his adhd, and his bullshit envy over me doing what I do attracts and/or creates astral parasites. I could get rid of them but they’ll just keep coming back because of him. since I live with him a banishing spell might result in him kicking me out, so I’m wondering if a strong binding spell would be appropriate. what do you guys think? am I just being an ass hole?

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Ah, if I am guessing right, your biggest problem is probably on the level of understanding a nutty person. It does attract some nasty energy though. If he is intimidated by you or feels inferior, and has any power over you, you have a problem UNLESS he is a good person. If he isn’t working on himself, then he probably isn’t. It is safe to assume that he will use what power he has over you to keep you under him. One-uppers seem to do this when they can get away with it anyway. Do not try to ingratiate yourself or make yourself useful to him. Do not call him out. Do not make excuses for him. If he insults you, cold stare and silence. Hard shell mirror shield. The LBRP done at least once a day should keep your aura closed off. Laugh if you want, but I think the zero point energy discs help balance the energy around you too, you might try that. The magicks you might want to consider doing would be of the kind that would give you control over your home life, over him if necessary. He doesn’t sound like he is friend material. You haven’t said if he is also a practitioner. If not, please don’t let on that you practice. Please don’t let on if you do anything in the way of magic to defend yourself or keep control in your relationship with him. People get weirded out over that. Also, if you get any hint that anything is being said or done against you behind your back, come down hard and fast, don’t waste time. Don’t give him a chance to spin the narrative with other people. I am an old woman. If I sound harsh, it’s because I have been nice for a long time and have learned some hard things about other people. This guy sounds like a classic poophead.


This is what wards are for. It’s like throwing a drunk out of a bar only for him to stagger back in. They can’t come back if you put up a barrier, like a fence around a house so they don’t just waltz right back up to the open front door. Close the door of this metaphorical house and lock it. You can have several “fences” if you like, as well as repellent talismans etc.

Btw re the diagnosis, I’d reading more “dark triad” traits in this, like Narcissism for example. Narcs are known to be very draining and their goals are control and “narcissistic supply”. There’s tons of good info on this in yt so I won’t go on about it here. Adhd just makes you scattered and easily bored but not inherently attractive to parasites. It’s negative emotions that brings the negative entities to feed on them. Narcs don’t feel that much, so I would try to make sure you release and relax about him instead of doing all this hating, you yourself could be attracting more of these things either with or without this guy doing it.


Can these negative entities do anything like make someone feel worse to feed off?

Absolutely, and for the stronger ones it’s part of the game. So you get bad luck, you might get weirdness from strangers, family and friends can be affected, relationships get tense, people get sick, you get intrusive thoughts or want to do things that aren’t in our interests or you get emotional and lose it too easily, insects show up in the house mostly to piss you off, shit breaks, anything and everything to get you feeling the way it wants for it’s preferred flavour, which is usually some kind of anguish.

Getting rid of parasites improves your life across the board. A good way to keep them away is also just to be shill and not sweat the small stuff. Being unmovable and steady is not fun or fruitful for most them.

You can get some really embedded ones that are hard to separate out, and you can choose how you deal with some… Like a parasite created yourself out of childhood trauma that you identify with going “I am inherently bad” can be treated as a parasite draining you of your vitality and making you feel shitty when you have nothing to reproach yourself with, you can exorcise it or you can get therapy or heal over time with good people around you.

Or you can get the mind virus kind where you get committed to collecting a given product or identify with a cult or groupthink and the organisation that comes through is the parasite.

To an extent it’s part of knowing yourself, noticing your reactions and when something is moving you or you it, knowing what is wanted energy for your goals and what does not serve you and shedding the unnecessary and unwanted, within, without. That changes what gets attracted to you and you rach a point where parasites have nothing to be interested in.

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Could cleansing your space be a way to get rid of these parasites? I’ve noticed sometimes when I’m feeling very emotional I like to sometimes use incense to cleanse my space and soon after I feel much more relaxed and happy.

It’s a good idea to do that, yes. It may not be enough if the parasite is not in the space as much as attached to you directly.

thanks, I really needed to hear that. I’ve been doing the lbrp on a more consistent basis, and reflecting on why I’ve been getting these jealous/energy vampire vibes from him, and I don’t think it’s him being malicious, it’s just that he desperately wants attention. years ago I had a close friend turn out to be a pathological liar, so from being friends with him for so long I learned to tell when people are full of shit, so whenever my roommate comes at me with his bullshit it’s easy to get triggered. to him telling lies for attention is no big deal, but to me that kind of mentality is just a symptom of a much larger problem with society.

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That sounds pretty vampiric. People can do this when they need energy but don’t know it or how to fix it. It’s also a feature of Narcissists when looking for “narcissistic supply” ie your energy. I call it “wanting to drink your milkshake” after Spartan Life Coach (Richard Grannon) on yt called it that once and I curled up laughing and kept it. :smiley: But yeah he also agrees with you this seems to be a thing very much on the rise due to current society issues, lack of support for the family erosion of parental authority by power mongering organizations and good role models being a major factor.

A common technique to deal with this is called “grey rock”, the main idea being if you don’t give them the reactions that feed them, they’ll go looking for someone else to bother.

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