Actual History Of Angels?

Are what we consider to be angels the sole preserve of Jewish, Biblical and later, Islamic teachings and concepts of “god”? Or is there more to them?

This is a stub to move some dicussion of that topic into.


I’ve personally never heard of there being something an angel could do that a demon couldn’t do equally well, if not better.

Plus, many/most angels are chummy with a certain dogmatic turd-goblin of a “deity”

Black light’s all I need, baby :sunglasses::+1:

They are actually not, that’s Christian rewriting.
Michael is in charge and Angels are pretty indifferent, from what I’ve read, to Christian dogma.
They are just a different vibration onto Daemons.


Are u saying the 72 of the shem ha-mephorash, yhvh, and the sefiroth all have nothing to do with each other? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also, my point about being able to rely solely on demons/the infernal for all matters still stands, so …


Just saying from those who work with them, they have no allegence to Yahwah or Christian dogma. :woman_shrugging:
The rest I’d have to look at further.


U saying the turd-god of the tanakh wasn’t dogmatic? And not a turd? And not a commander of many angels? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yahwah has actually been pieced apart and most likely comes from a Storm God in that region so no, he doesn’t control Angels who are older than he is.


Bill Duvendack puts up some nice research on the subject but I don’t remember which YouTube it was in :confused:

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We must be reading some very different literature… Can u cite a source for that?

But like, all your arguments are off-topic… If you’re looking to argue, let’s take it to pm maybe?

I’d have to go over the interviews but it’s also here as well :slight_smile:
Would have to search as well; it’s hard to remember every discussion on this site that were very useful and informative.

Umm, no its not and discussion isn’t argument.

The idea of the Infernal and the Celestial being polar opposites is part of the discussion. Most Draconian seem to be considered Infernal but I feel there are Celestial examples as well, hence the right and left wings of the dragon.

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Fastos And Meton reveal secret Tongues of Demonology/Angelology
There are many magicians that have been having experiences that prove literary sources wrong. If an angel tells you he doesn’t work for any god found in literature, would you ask him to cite you a source or would you believe him?

Also look into Enochian magic. Michael created a whole system of spiritual ascent that has nothing to do with any JCI deity.


The definition of “argument” I’m using doesn’t necessarily imply something bad. You were asserting points contrary to mine (Which is per definition an argument, but again, not with negative attitude per se) and I was offering counter-points. That’s literally an argument… Discussion? Argument? Po-tay-to, po-tah-to :woman_shrugging:

My contribution to the discussion was that I feel no need to work with angels because demons can do everything the angels can (and arguably more)…

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Why is everyone nit-picking the thing that wasn’t even my point???
To make it abundantly clear, one last time, my point is: demons do it all, therefore I feel no need to work with angels/white light/sefiroth/whateverthefuck

First of all, don’t be ridiculous, entities will lie through their teeth to your face if they feel they have reason to
Secondly, I don’t talk to angels for personal reasons
Furthermore, are you implying Alita is an angel??? :thinking:

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Nothing wrong with that.
Atm I only work with Infernal and Celtics Spirits. The vibration of Celestials is so different that it will take a little practice if I want to work with any of them.
Not everyone sees balance as light and dark. Nothing wrong with that.

Lol okay that’s just stupid. :rofl:
@veneficus is talking about what people have said on this forum. There are many that speak directly to Angels and Angels have told them Christian Dogma is BS.
That’s all.

:upside_down_face: :fu:

veneficus literally asked me if i would ask angels to cite sources if they told me something contrary to my beliefs, which was immediately after i asked u to cite sources supporting yours…

i saw a parallel between what you and he said and i tried to lighten the mood that yall keep trying to shit on, but fuck me, im just an idiot right?

later, geniuses

For the record @calix_osseus, I agree that we can rely solely on the infernal. I was only responding to what you said about the relationship between the angels and the gods of religion. Wasn’t trying to make you feel ganged up on. :hugs:


I’m too tired to try to figure out how an academic conversation became someone being an idiot. :woman_shrugging:

I find this path (Draconian) to really be a roller coaster like some others have said here lol.

I never really thought about this, well in that way. It really does fit.