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History Of Angels.

Okay so I saw this thread which Lady Eva posted. Which is titled the ‘History Of Angels’. Okay the thread got different views, different beliefs etc.

So I wanted to share my interesting experience with learning the nature and origins of the angelic races.

So one point in my spiritual development, I had been getting a call from something i knew was odd to me. A energy which didn’t seem to go well with my demonic dark ass at the time.

However curiosity is a motherfucker, so I went to my local mountain ritual site.
I sat there and began to focus my intent on tapping into that energy and pulling the source of it to me.

So I began pulling on it and a spirit came to me, as a pure white blinding light.
Celestial trumpets blew in its presence, a voice spoke and introduced itself as my guardian angel.

I was shocked like “Ah really me, have a guardian angel ah okay” :joy:. Anyway I was a little off with this whole angelic thing at first until my curiosity urged me to grab my pen and journal.

I asked one simple question,

“ What are angels ? “.

Here’s what I discovered.

Angels are very complicated beings like demons and even like Djinns. I came to understand, there are various races of angels.

These are the list of angelic races.

  1. Planetary Angels
  2. Elemental Angels
  3. Angels of the emerald light
  4. The Protectors
  5. The Warriors
  6. The Teachers
  7. The Informers
  8. The Healers
  9. The Guiding ones
  10. Angels of time
  11. The Angelic Order Of Life
  12. The Angelic Order Of Death
  13. Angels Of Purity and Light
  14. Fallen Angels
  15. Angels Of Love
  16. Angels Of Heaven
  17. Angels Of Universal Sound

The list went on and on, angels seem to be embodiments of all different things, however they all do possess one thing in common. A certain radiance when you feel they light radiate on you, no matter which race of angels the light feels the same.

They cannot be tied down to one particular source, just like demons.
We have demons which are planetary, Infernal, linked to darkness, war, lust, some even are linked to positive things.

I see angels as the embodiment of profound consciousness and light which condense themselves into another energy source whether it’s love, war, elemental etc.

They have different ranks, they exist in different realms, different heavens, some are lone roamers. Others are in hierarchy’s, angels just like demons are complex beings. JCI has taken these ancient beings and turned them into the servants of god within their own religious mythos. Some angels are indeed egregores which serves the JCI bastard god. Some angels are great for your ascent and some we must actually fight against depending on your practice.

Just like in the ahrimanic path of smoke, there are the spentas the angels of Ahura Mazda, which are aspects of the false lights spectrum which the Zanda must actually battle to defeat his own limitations.

So this is my gnosis and understanding of angels, they are very much like demons in some aspects and in some aspects they differ.

Hope this helps


Connor Kendall.


Mate, fantastic post (loved it) and this bit…spot on!

It’s like when someone you’re close to stands behind you and you know who it is without turning round.
When that light touchs you…you know it’s an angel!

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Good post

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@C.Kendall You can say the name of a Angel of the emerald light??

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A lot of this resonates with my own personal experiences. Can confirm that most of this is accurate. The only thing I’m not able to confirm is the ‘list of angelic races’, although it feels mostly right.

Which angels would you recommend working with that don’t serve the JCI bastard god?

I’ve had my fair share of skepticism regarding the Archangels and Shem angels but they seem to be fine

I don’t think there’s much public info on the JCI egregore angels, I’ve heard a lot about Metatron and the Metatronic cube being the daisy of death etc. not sure how accurate that is but just to be safe I don’t work with Metatron

But yeah, Yahweh being a boastful and entitled God, he definitely asserted himself above the angels as their divine father and the only God

You can just tell the difference, the angels are more like the buddhas in terms of consciousness while Yahweh is more like old racist white folk vibe

Though I’d like to share that I’ve had a strange experience with Archangel Michael where he seemed a little narcissistic and had the same facial expressions as Jehova, but I’m not sure how accurate that is because it may have been an imposter as well so not sure but it is something that’s caught my attention and contemplate from time to time considering there are a lot of people that claim arch-angels actually stands for Archon Angels but I haven’t taken the time to verify that so it’s up in the air

But overall the archangels have been pretty okay in my experience, It’s always been a peaceful experience with angels so far