Activating a seal

I’m new to this and Im trying to activate dantalion’s seal, when you activate it can it be seen very clearly when you close your eyes?

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Here is a bunch of getting started with magick stuff in case that helps :slight_smile:

Within that lot, you will find many free tutorials: try this one to perform sigil work:

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Sorry this is off topic but I just tried to envoke Dantalion before to make a request and I feel extremely weird after that what is that a sign of??

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Without knowing you yet, or what you mean by “weird”, the most likely answer is running new energy is just something you’re not used to. You need to practice a bit more to start building a picture of what is normal for you.

I’ll get around to doing that I been learning this stuff for 2 months now but I would still classify myself to be a beginner today was my first time trying to envoke and feels like my personality has changed or something like that I can’t really describe it, I won’t say I feel possessed because I’ll probably sound stupid but I definitely feel really weird

You might need to ground. Magick involves running energy and it’s not something most people are used to, especially if you’ve never done yoga or qigong or martial arts… Just get your bare feet on the ground to make sure you’re grounded, grass in a park is fine. :slight_smile: